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  1. Boats and Tackle For Sale
    Left handed. Two have 20# power pro high vis braid. All have been used for less than a year as recreational kokanee trolling reels. Pictures reveal condition- some minor boat rash, but work as they should. One had the counter balance pop off the handle (as shown). I only found three of the...
    $425 USD
  2. 20180830_173307

  3. kokanee

  4. kokanee

  5. GP Kokanee Sat. 8-8-10

    Saturday fishing with my Wife Sherry and Friend Tom.
  6. kokanee

    my first kokanee
  7. Wickiup Kokanee

    Wickiup Koke's and one Brown
  8. Wickiup fish

    A 48 quart cooler with Kokanee
  9. 1st Koke

1-11 of 12 Results