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  1. Boat and Motor Tech
    Hey everyone, I have a old smokercraft pro Alaskan . I bought a few years ago . It’s a great boat except for some blemishes and the transom. It has a bunch of holes in the transom that were caulked by the dealership I bought it from. I want to fix the transom by just getting a thin piece of...
  2. Ifish Community
    Hi, not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I was walking on a beach in Florida, on the Gulf of Mexico this morning, and found these bones. Does anyone have any idea what they might've belonged to? The one is about 4.5 inches tip to tip, and the other about 2.
  3. Ifish Flyfishers
    What's the best way of disinfecting and drying waders, boots and equipment after fishing? I'm new to the US from England and have heard reports about zebra mussels, clams, mud snails and quaggas and i don't want to spread them further
  4. What?

    The last summer-- RUN
1-4 of 5 Results