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  1. Boats and Tackle For Sale
    Downrigger Weight Brand New. 15 Lbs with stabilizing fin (keeps from spinning and twisting your cable)
    $46 USD
  2. 🎣 Ifish Fishing
    Hello everyone. Has anyone heard if and what days they will be opening sturgeon fishing in astoria this year? I know usually its around may... im just hoping it won't interfere with halibut like it did last year
  3. 🎣 Ifish Fishing
    I'm looking for recommendations for a once in a lifetime type halibut trip to Alaska. I'm taking my Dad up there. About 30 years ago we went fishing on the Kenai, an overnight halibut out of homer etc. Motels and camping and it was amazing. Looking for a more "comfortable" type trip that is...
  4. Open Seats!
    Just moved to Waldport a week ago(will be here until December). Took my 16' Arima out to Johnson rock pile today and got my ass handed to me on the way. Had a hard time keeping the boat from drifting too fast. Hoping to go out with someone more familiar with the area/methods and with a more...
  5. 🎣 Ifish Fishing
    Anyone used the RiverTec blinking smart beads yet?
  6. Halibut

    Halibut with Etcheverrys
  7. Halibut

    Halibut with Etcheverrys
  8. Halibut

    Halibut with Etcheverrys
  9. Halibut

    Halibut with Etcheverrys
  10. Halibut

    Halibut with Etcheverrys
  11. Halibut

    Habilut wtih AZ friends Aug 2019
  12. Halibut

    Habilut wtih AZ friends Aug 2019
1-18 of 94 Results