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goose hunting
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  1. Little Sparky, Big Goose

    I wasn't sure how this small YLF would work out on big Geese? Turns out, even though they're almost as big as she, there's NO Problem!
  2. Dancer's Final Goose Hunt

    A picture of my previous BLF, Dancer, after recovering from serious surgery, hunting on her final Goose hunt.
  3. Bill C. w-4 Limits of Honkers

    A picture of your's truly with 4 limits (back when 3 birds/day were a limit) of Honkers in eastern Oregon, near Boardman.
  4. Small boat hunt for Geese on water

    A view of where my boat was hidden (behind a net screen) against some trees with floating Goose Decoys out.
  5. Hunnting out of a small boat for Geese

    Photo of hunting out of my small Grumman Sportcanoe w/my Lab Dancer. Pic shows 3 Honkers (of 4) that were taken with just 2 shots out of a single flock that came in!
1-5 of 5 Results