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  1. Ifish Flyfishers
    Here’s what we decided. We’re going to do a trifecta field trip idea: 1. Fish Tanner Creek for a couple hours, then 2. hike up and see Wahclella Falls at the top of Tanner Creek, and then 3. get back in our cars and go throw some spinning lures at the base of horsetail Falls. Some might pull...
  2. Ifish Flyfishers
    Annual Campout time! Crooked River Sat-Sun, July 17-18! Sunday breakfast provided by your instructors w/devotionals to start each day. Please RSVP to Gmail, [email protected], so we don’t leave you behind, we do purchase food for you, and I get the right amount of instructors! All...
  3. Fly fishing Rainbow trout

    5 lb Rainbow trout
  4. Chinook

    Chinook on the fly...Lake Creek Alaska June 2008
1-6 of 9 Results