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  1. Ifish Community
    My son and I are new to the driftboat world and looking to hit the Cowlitz this weekend. I was thinking of starting at Barrier Dam down to BlueCreek or Massey Bar, what would you recommend for a full day drift? Also is there any issues or water conditions we should be aware of? Thanks in advance
  2. Ifish Community
    My son and I recently purchased a drift boat and are trying to learn as many rivers locally as we can. We are looking for the best place to launch on the North side of the river to end at the golf course or island boat ramp. Can you launch from the hatchery or do you have to go all the way to...
  3. New Members First Cast
    I’m new here to posting on iFish, but not it’s advice! After a few years of getting more and more involved in fishing on my own with a boat rather than relying on friends I’ve joined the community. I’ve lived my entire life a mile or two from the Clackamas River and never fished it. I recently...
  4. IMG_5766

    1983 Koffler driftboat
  5. G db1

    Greg's drift boat 1
  6. 100_0355

    Drift Boat
  7. 100_0349

    Drift Boat
  8. 100_0348

    Drift Boat
  9. 10 Foot Mini Drifter (Don Hill)

    10 Foot Mini Drift Boat Built by Don Hill in 2000 Fiberglass - Green/tan Galvanized Spirit Trailer
1-15 of 18 Results