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  1. Ifish Community
    I have been fishin the tillamook bay rivers. But I was wondering if the tributaries that go into the Columbia near the mouth get any fish, or good numbers. probably just some catch and release.
  2. Ifish Community
    Hey All, Wife and I bought our own rods to do some salmon fishing. Went plunking around Ringgold near Pasco, WA on the Columbia. But haven’t caught anything. We usually go around 1pm and stay till about 6pm. The problem for us, we’re plunking near the boat launch but our weights get snagged...
  3. Ifish Community
    Hey has anybody been down to the mouth of the Umatilla yet with all the rain? im wondering if all the bloom has blown put yet
  4. Ifish Community
    Hi there, As the title says, I'm curious if there are carp in Gnat creek or nearby. I know they are in the Columbia and presumably they would be in and near Gnat creek but if anyone has any experience to share I would be thankful for it.
  5. Ifish Community
    I've been kicking around the idea of compiling and publishing a collection of stories of salmon fishing on the Columbia River. I grew up in Columbia County and have golden memories of hog lines, double takes, and lights on the river. Before I get too invested, I wanted to send out feelers. Who...
  6. Columbia

  7. 2010 Springer

    first 2010 springer on the Columbia
  8. My first Sturgeon

    My first sturgeon
1-8 of 9 Results