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bank fishing

  1. Bank Fishing

    Bank Fishing

    Bobber fishing paraphenalia.
  2. April 15th, last day

    April 15th, last day

    Last day of Columbia River Springer fishing
  3. Fishin Fotos

    Fishin Fotos

    Catching a few spring Salmon off the bank. A good day for me and my buddies.
  4. Fishin Fotos

    Fishin Fotos

    Another day, another fish. (was good for 5 in 7 days of fishing)
  5. Fishin Fotos

    Fishin Fotos

    What some bank guy (me) use to catch 'em.
  6. Spring Chinook 28.9 #

    Spring Chinook 28.9 #

    1995 or so--My old fishing buddy Shaan Hurley with his FIRST-ever salmon, a 28.9 pound 44.5 inch long springer,weighed on a certified scale. This was the longest springer I have ever seen. I was teaching him how to fish lures when this was taken,and on our third trip, he landed this beauty using a l