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  1. New Members Introductions
    So I've been fishing all my life but I got serious probably 4 months ago I don't have a boat I'm off the bank when I fish but I want to know What rigs set up to use while landing Salmon off the bank and where can I go I stay in the Portland area.I really want to fight a Salmon!! Thank you
  2. Bank Fishing

    Bobber fishing paraphenalia.
  3. April 15th, last day

    Last day of Columbia River Springer fishing
  4. Fishin Fotos

    Catching a few spring Salmon off the bank. A good day for me and my buddies.
  5. Fishin Fotos

    Another day, another fish. (was good for 5 in 7 days of fishing)
  6. Fishin Fotos

    What some bank guy (me) use to catch 'em.
  7. Spring Chinook 28.9 #

    1995 or so--My old fishing buddy Shaan Hurley with his FIRST-ever salmon, a 28.9 pound 44.5 inch long springer,weighed on a certified scale. This was the longest springer I have ever seen. I was teaching him how to fish lures when this was taken,and on our third trip, he landed this beauty using a l
1-7 of 7 Results