Fishing The Coast, Oregon and Washington

September 2009

Our teenage barred rock chickens and Anna Nicole (The white one)

September 1st

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Finally! September Freesia!
Out of 40 bulbs I have one flowering!

Whoo hooo! It's September!
I guess, since I can do nothing about the fact that summer is gone, that I might as well embrace Fall!
Fall brings the migration of big, beautiful salmon to my backyard.
I adore watching them! I mean, it's awesome to think that now there is a real possibility that when I go out in my canoe, I may see one of those monsters! Whoo hooo! Right in my back yard! And... there will be a real storm this week! Up those chances! Awesome!
I think I'm almost over fishing for them, here. (almost!) What I get a kick out of, is fly fishing for cutts when they come up. For some reason, they seem to hang out where the salmon do!
I like fishing for salmon- Don't get me wrong. But, I like fishing for them in the salt and the lower bays, most of all.
Sometimes I feel that once they get this far upriver, they should be left to do their work, you know? I mean, what majestic creatures they are! What is more fun than to simply watch!
The board gets so busy during Fall salmon and people tend to get a little grouchy when Fall comes. I don't look forward to that at all.
Thing is, it's legal to fish for salmon in the river, and it's fun! I'll probably do it a couple times, and then go about my trout fishing in earnest. I just don't get that revved up about it, either way.
People will do what they want, and as long as it's legal, I have no problem with it. I just want to stay out of the fray. (Pretty please!?!)
There is nothing more precious than to see Father and Daughter fishing for salmon together on the banks of our rivers. I did that with my Dad, and that's why I'm so passionate about fish, today. Both to watch and to angle!
Oh! I am helping to get a friend of mine into fishing this Fall and I'm going to be writing about it. Her Mom is an avid fishing nut, and it will be so much fun to know she'll be joining her down on the river. She has two awesome children and they'll probably be joining them, watching Mom and Grandma, and learning the art of fishing, too! I can't wait!
Alrighty, it's off to my e mail, off to getting Stan's column up, and off to reading the boards.
Have an awesome September! Embrace Fall! We have no choice!
Oh, goodee! I get to make a new page for September, and mark off another month of life. I'm still around! (I think that's why I'm not so passionate about things that really don't matter. I'm still alive! YAY!)
OK! Stan's column is up! It's the rest of the wacky fishing information. Good stuff! I'll post it to the bass forum for your comments, too.

September 5th

It feels like winter out. The rain is pounding on the lawn, forming wide, low puddles. You'd think the ground would soak it right up. I think the ground it too hard. It's been sealed tight by the heat of the sun. If you look straight up to the sky all you see is gray. If you went to the ocean, I'd bet ya' anything you'd think it was winter!
Since I can see land and how green it is, it's kind of strange! My flowers are in stark contrast to the sky and stand out like a green (and pink and red and orange) thumb!
I need to pick berries today before they sog up and fall off the vine. Blackberries are just thick this year! Pies every couple days! Piece by piece, they disappear as fast as I can make them. That's what three men do around here! Eat pie!
I'm in the mood to put on a pair of rain boots and go splash in the puddles. I can't wait to see if we get enough rain to bring in a couple salmon. That makes my heart beat faster!
When it calms, I'm going to take the canoe, put on my life jacket and go downstream to the deep pool at the corner.
Molly has been going with me, lately, and loves to gaze into the watery depths. Oh, yeah! That's another favorite term of mine... Watery depths! Close your eyes and see what I mean! Say it! I see logs and sticks and structure, ten feet deep and clear!
I think that's because I went into tide water the other day with Bill. Fishing? Hah! Who wants to fish! I just want to gaze into those... (you got it!) watery depths!
The river was more clear than I think I'd ever seen it. There was tree debris all over the top of the water, hiding us from our decent toward the ocean. I could see everything! I saw little smolt and cutthroat 15 inches long! Three of them, swimming together! They were spooked, though.
We came upon an older gentlemen who had quit fishing, due to the C and R rules, but had gone out and caught his dinner, today.
I just can't get used to that... that you can now catch and kill those magnificent creatures. But, God put them there and the law says you can, so, by golly, my friend, enjoy your dinner!
Funny, because as we approached him, Bill said, "I bet this is a man who hasn't fished for cutthroat in ages, and since they opened it up for retention, he's fishing for dinner." Sure enough! Bill was right!
He was a bit grouchy at first, seeing us, but after a nice conversation, he opened up to us, and now I have a new friend on the river.
He quoted Bible verses and spoke of the coming of the end of the world. It was interesting to listen to him. He was really well read, as far as the Bible goes, and had a definite political perspective on things.
Funny, because my rule of thumb is to not discuss politics with friends in the boat. I guess I wasn't in his boat, though!
He plays music at Garibaldi on Thursday nights, and I think I'll go see him, sometime. I love things like that. Small community events. He says people dance and come to watch. I really enjoy older people. The wisdom, the insight of 80 years here on this earth, no matter what their political interests and such, they fascinate me. You can learn a lot from someone who has been here that long. Brings about my favorite of all favorite words:
Just close your eyes today... and listen.
Speak less.
Listen to the rain on the roof, listen to people speak, listen to what they have to say. Listen to the river, the plants grow....

September 5th Later...

I just feel so blessed, today!
I read on ifish member Newbs signature that "When the Lord gives you a clear sunrise, a familiar rod, the right fly and a willing trout...He means to refresh your soul."
I just love that!
I have the most refreshed soul, today!
I went out in the canoe and Molly came with me. It was so fun! I mean, how many people get a cat in their canoe?!
And then... The hilarious bird came out to serenade me! Because of Newbs signature, I realized it and thanked Him!
And then, I picked a bucket of blueberries! That was God, too! Thank you!
And then, I went to my garden and lookee! Isn't this supposed to be Spring?

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They are gorgeous! Pie again, tonight! This time, blueberry, raspberry and blackberry all mixed together!

I didn't realize I had a camera in my pocket early enough to get the real bunch of raspberries on camera that I saw. I picked them already! But, man! It was the heaviest branch of fruit! I couldn't believe it! And the berries are HUGE! What a gift! Thank you!
And then... Look here! What's this? A bounty!

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Yum! Dinner! Nothing I like better than crookneck squash, butter and salt! YUM!

I don't know what I did right, but God thought I deserved a refresher, today! Thank you!

September 8th

"Do one thing a day that scares you!" I love that! That's what it states on the Lululemon website.
I don't know if I'm thrilled or frightened that they are opening a new location! Ach!
Lululemon is coming to Lake Oswego! Look out!
It helps me, honestly, to have them only downtown as I don't venture downtown Portland, (in the Pearl) very often. That way, I can still afford to eat! But, to have them in Lake Oswego? Where some of my family lives? Where I go fairly often? Yikes! Will I be reduced to Top Ramen? But, man, I'll look and feel good!
I do a little yoga.. yeah. I do! I wake up in the morning and do my stretches. But, am I a full time yoga advocate? Not really. Lululemon is really a yoga clothing store, but I am a fishing gal and I wear their "yoga" clothes for nearly everything!
I'm in pain a bunch of the time, and these are remarkable! They don't pinch or bind, and they keep my joints warm!
You know how I like to wake up and fish in my pajamas, here on the Kilchis River? Yup. I'm into comfort.
What I'd like even more, is to fish in my Lululemons! They are warmer than jammies but feel just the same! There really is nothing better! Both to lounge in, and to fish in! And frankly... to go to church, to dinner, to garden, to play, to go to fishing shows! Everything!
They are trendy, but I don't wear them for that.
You know how you can logo your clothes for your business? These are the ones to logo!
Their signature fabric "Luon" is great under waders! Luon is moisture wicking and pre-shrunk. It provides great coverage and shape retention and has four-way stretch for freedom of movement. This makes it great for fishing and great for me! When I accidentally take a dunk, or my waders leak, my luon keeps me warm and dry! Plus, I can wear my life jacket over these clothes and I'm warm, but not too bulky.
On a day to day basis, I could wear Lululemon and nothing else. Seriously! I adore their sweatshirts, and especially the Remix. Try one on. No matter your shape, they fit close and nicely.

Remix Lulu Hoodie

This sweatshirt is made out of the most awesome, thick cotton fleece. Cotton fleece like you can't find very often. I have washed and worn mine for months, now. It has longer sleeves, great for me, and not only me! They are longer to keep you warmer, even for those without long arms!
It is a great choice for men's and women's hoodies. (Got that? Men's too!) It's pre-shrunk for a perfect fit, and they sew the zipper on after we pre-shrink the garment so there will be no buckling. It's funny. I read about the "zipper garage" and thought, "What is that?" It's so cool! Get one and see! We all need zipper garages! LOL- The only bummer is that these clothes never wear out! I am serious!

Full Time Hoody
I couldn't find the Remix, but this is close and gorgeous!

I think I know what all the men in my household are getting for Christmas! Lulu jackets of some kind! Take a gander at all men's jackets, here.
But, mostly... it's always been important to me that gals find something comfortable to fish in and so few companies hit the mark! It's so nice that they make warm, comfortable, affordable clothes that fit the tall gals.
I adore the fact that some of the jackets have those cuffs with thumbholes. Over those, I put my Kenai fingerless gloves from Glacier, and then over that, a pair of surgical gloves, if I'm doing something really wet and cold. I'm toasty warm! But, if it's just a light day out, the thumbhole idea serves the purpose, all by itself!
It's a real pleasure to roll out of bed on a crisp steelhead morning, pull on my Lululemon Wunder Unders and my Remix sweatshirt, go downstairs and pour some coffee while I slip on my dry waders (Lulu, where are your dry waders for women? LOL) and I'm off to the river!
I really think, honest to God, that I could get rid of ALL of my clothes, except for my Lulus! Ebay, I'm done! Look for tall clothes there, soon, because I'm selling out for Lululemon! Besides, I need to gather up some funds for a shopping spree! Whee!
And Chip Wilson? The founder of this great company? To you, I give thanks! You have made a huge difference in my life!
Lululemon was founded in 1998 in Vancouver Canada and that's when I first discovered them. It's so nice that we have them in Oregon, now!
Walking into the new Lululemon store in Lake Oswego on their Grand Opening on the 18th of September... that my one thing that I'll do that day that scares me!
Please, please, take my wallet from me!
By the way, Lululemon is not a sponsor of ifish. I just adore them! That's all! Please join me in adoring them! I love to share great products that I find.
As the summer fades, and you feel that winter cool coming on (like this morning! Brrr!) You'd best be getting yourself a Remix sweatshirt!
So-- See you on the 18th in Lake Oswego! If you won't be attending, they have locations all over! Look in the store finder!
"Do one thing a day that scares you!"
What is your "thing" going to be?
I'm going to canoe down to the deep hole in the higher water, this morning, and check for chinook, there. The water is faster and deeper. It won't be that scary... but a little!

September 9th

Just HAD to show you my formerly sick orchid!
I have never seen one this full of flowers!
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September 10th

What a gorgeous morning for a canoe ride! Think there are any chinooks down in the deep hole? I'm going to find out!
I'm finally getting over this pneumonia.. I think! I hope! I pray!
There is a bug dance going on down on the river bank. Bugs and frogs and spiders, oh my!
Those pollywogs I was watching all summer have finally exploded into a frog population like I've never seen! And you can almost not see them, they are so tiny! But, they are everywhere! Don't step or you'll squish one! They are on the rocks, in the brambles along the river, under the canoe! Everywhere!
I had the worst experience, yesterday. Why am I such a mean little school boy, sometimes? I felt so badly after the following story, and I knew I would, so why did I do it?
Here's what happened.
I bent down and gently picked up one of those delicate little frogs to adore it. In my mind, I thought, "Do trout eat little frogs like this!?"
No, don't Jennie!
But I did! Even as I was telling myself not to!
Quickly, before I talked myself out of it, I threw it into the river! I threw it to see if a fish would suck it down like a bass! Whatever it was that makes me squeal with glee when a bass takes a top bait, THAT made me do it!
You know, cutthroat do that in the Fall. They take big exotic dry flies and it's just a hoot to see! In fact, in my past, I have been surprised when they attack a K15 Kwikfish meant for a salmon!
I just couldn't help myself, and even as I flung that poor little helpless frog through the sky, I knew I would do intense guilt. I did! I am still!
Thank GOD that little frog swam to shore, and all the way, he was shaking his finger at me!
Now, I feel too guilty to go back down there, in case I meet up with that frog.
There really IS something in me that thinks that all creatures have souls and what you do to one, will come back to you, somehow! So, how do I get rid of that feeling? How do I make it up to that frog?
Don't laugh at me! I'm serious!
Perhaps I'll take a plunge in my canoe. Perhaps I'll lose a fish that I really want to land. Something... but whatever happens to me that this cute little frog bestows upon me, I will take my punishment! I deserve it!
I learned my lesson, though. From now on, no frogs will fly through the sky on my watch.

September 12th

I don't know why, but I feel a storm in the air. Perhaps it's just the coming of Fall, the shortened shadows, the wind out of the East.
I picked some fine chanterelles at the top of the coast range with my son, yesterday. They were the most gorgeous mushrooms I have hit upon at any certain time. They weren't too big, nor were they too little. They weren't rotten around the edge, nor too dry. Absolutely perfectly trumpeted, delicately scented, some in great bouquets of bursting flames on the forest floor in the sunshine! Like golden treasure! Yum!
Now, they will make a soup with an all day cooked chicken stock and celery root. Add a little fennel and a lotta cream and voila! Magic in a bowl!
A little garlic on homemade bread and you have a storm on any day!
I went down to sit on the river, today. I can't quite convince myself, yet, (but almost!) that summer is over. It's sad to me. I don't want to admit it, this year. Does this make me old?
I've always wanted Fall, loved Fall, but this year? I don't know what's up!
Something. Something is up.
Up until last week, I kept saying to myself when looking at my [lack of] success in the garden, "Well, it's early, yet!"
And about my now admitted bumper crop of raspberries? "No!" I had stated. "That's not a bumper crop! They just keep coming!" But, ladies and gents, yes. That's a durned bumper crop! They are big, but lack the summer flavor and sweetness. They are beautiful, but they are a ghost of summer's sunshine.
There is an autumnal haze to the sky. The daylight is milky and if you look straight up, you don't see that true deep blue as when you hear the lawn mowers and kids screaming in the sprinklers.
It's quiet, out.
The kids have gone to school.
You can hear the wind whistle through the trees, and at night time, there is a snap to the temperature.
This morning, while I had my coffee, early, I heard an elk bugle really, really close by.
So, if it's Fall and all, where are my squash?
They hang in little clumps on flowers, about the size of grapes. I just don't get it! Come on! If we are going to bring on Fall, give me a harvest, already!
In order to have Fall, we must have pumkins and squash and potatoes and pie!
Soon, we will see those large, engaging harvest moons set over the city. I can't wait for those! They always make me gaze in wonder! You know... when they are huge and take over the entire back side of a city scape? Wow.
I think about folks that move to the desert when Fall or winter comes. But, can you really escape it? I don't think so. I mean, it's Fall, no matter where you go. It may be a sunny Fall, but Fall follows you, no matter how South!
It's just there, in the air, all over the place. It's a feeling in addition to a season. A feel of a hint of the magic of Christmas in the back of your mind. The Holiday lights. Where are they? Which box? I start to go through in my mind, where to find them, when the time comes.
I think, as long as it has to be Fall, that I like it here, where it's really Fall, and where Fall falls from the trees in beautiful colors, the salmon come swimming up river.
Fall is just plain fact in Oregon. No denying.
Palm Springs and Florida and such, the places that call to those who don't want to put on sweaters, they try to lie about it a bit.
We, in Oregon, we tell the truth! It's Fall, here and by golly we are going to celebrate it, no matter if we like its coming, or not!
We dance in the leaves, and make pumpkin pies and wintery soups. We pick chanterelles, and fish for salmon and make great feasts on a cold deck on the Traeger.... even if it's dark out!
We drink deep red wines warm in our hands, and laugh as the smoke comes rolling off a full days smoked salmon. Mmmm... Nothing better than warm smoked salmon off the smoker!
I think I feel better about it already. I feel a storm coming.
It's the storm of the season's change.
It's Fall.

September 14th

When do I get to put my snow up? I love to decorate the page every winter. It's a tradition! Not quite yet, I suppose!

Oh! I know! I can put up my ducks! I'll do that! See? On the ifish discussion board link? That's good enough for now! We are progressing into the seasons! Man, they go fast!
Giggle... wouldn't it be neato if I could get back to the part of that I adore? That made me passionate about it? The reason I started ifish?
I remember telling Bill Monroe during an interview one day, that if I ever woke up and thought ifish wasn't fun anymore, that ifish would cease to be.
But-- I didn't even consider that one day I might wake up and find another way to make it more fun, again!
I'm hopeful. That's today for me! Full of hope!
HOPE. I love that word!
That, and listen!
Some exciting things are brewing at ifish and it's got me giggling!
I have hope that soon, sometime very soon, I will have the time and energy to do what I used to love at! Things like getting to actually read the boards, rather than always be moderating! Maybe even post. Maybe even post a fishing report! Ya ha! And contests again! Remember "Ready, Set" contests? Remember the rain gage contests? The bobber contests? Whoo hooo!
And hey! Remember FISHING? I used to get to fish! Maybe I will get to fish, soon, too! Bill would love that!
And how about not worrying about the business side of things? Wouldn't that be groovy? I would soo adore that, too!
And... instead of being a stress puppy all the time, glued to a machine, I can be free!
I'm sure you don't know what the heck I'm talking about but it could be good! It could be very, very good!
I am hoping my health will improve, too! Just by having less to do and by bringing back what I love!
I have a meeting in Portland to find out more about this HOPE thing, and I just can't wait!
Stay tuned... for HOPE!
In the meantime, please pray!
Hope without prayer is an illusion!

September 17th

Hey honey... I'm home!
I was in Portland for a couple days. I have to get Francis' next chapter out! I'm late! I'm late!
I have to catch up on a whole bunch of things, including getting myself well. I cannot seem to kick whatever I have and if I don't get better soon, I'm going to check myself into the darn hospital.
I'm not very good at being sick, which is partially why it takes me so long to get better, I bet. If I'd only rest.
It's David's Birthday tomorrow, so tonight we are having T-bone steaks and the works. I can't wait! I also bought some cupcakes from Cupcake Jones. I've heard so much about those, and finally caved and walked there.
Imagine sitting in a hotel room with a dozen cupcakes and not eating one. It was tough!
I went to a Disability Work Seminar yesterday.
I met some great people and it was really interesting.
I just think it would be so neat if ifish could employ disabled people. Wouldn't that be cool? But, first things first... first, I have to pay to employ me! LOL.
It was such beautiful weather in Portland, but somehow, and this is so strange, but Fall smells and feels like surgery to me! It's not an entirely bad feeling, because there are two parts to it. The anticipation before, and the getting well, after.
Everything about it reminds me of hotel rooms and recovering... and eye surgeries and Andrew recovering, and heart surgeries and CT exams for us both!
Echoes and CTs and surgery, oh my!
I was walking down 5th Ave. and clear as a bell, I had memories of my retinal detachment. I was there when I first realized it was happening. The air was the same, and the wind, the same.
I remember trying to convince myself it was alright and that nothing was really wrong. Just mascara in my eye. Right? Argh.
And, I'll never forget sitting at the computer one morning, with the cool Fall air blowing through the window. It was then that I realized my sewn in lens in my eye had come loose. It was Fall, and it "Falled" right out!
I remember one morning Pete dropping me off on the Fifth floor of Casey Eye Institute. It was sunny and cold out. It was late Autumn. I was all by myself, checking in for surgery on my eye.
There is something quiet and scary, a 'nervous unknown' feeling of checking in for a CT exam that reminds me of Fall, too.
I usually have those tests in Fall and in the Spring. Andrew and I kind of live on six month passes. Bill, too, I guess, since his lung cancer surgery. We all get checked in and checked out! Thank God that so far, we have all checked out!
I love the feeling of finding out I'm alright again, the sigh of relief, the realization that there is life after tests! The wonderful warmth of the afternoon air warming my soul, finding out that I'm OK to get out there and live again... to catch fish and to play on the river.
Freedom like falling leaves.
One Fall, I recall that after surgery, I had this awesome feeling of "nothing to do but to get better". It was the laziest, most relaxing, wonderful feeling!
Bill picked me up from the hospital, and after a beautiful drive over the coast mountains where the trees were dressed in bright colors, I went out to the river and sat myself down in the warm sand. In addition, I had a blanket around me. It felt so great! Maybe it was that I was full of some narcotic drug, but this wonderful feeling of gladness and relief swept over me.
Kilchis played by my side, and I must have sat there for hours. I can still feel that air, that stillness, that golden feeling of Fall.
I have so much to do to get caught up, and here I am daydreaming about Fall and surgeries! I have dinner to cook, bills to get out, Francis' column to get posted, and so much more. I'd better go.
I had the most frightening experience, yesterday, and I'll write about that, tomorrow.
For now, I'm home, and it's Fall. I'm off to check into the kitchen and I have presents to wrap, too! I am living.
What more can a person ask for? Really?

September 19th

Ugh. I was getting ready for dinner for David's Birthday and it hit me like a 2x4. SICK.
I was darn sick, too.
I just had to drop everything (including myself) and crawl up on the bed.
Anyhow, I'm back from the hospital with antibiotics (again) and some kind of cough syrup that makes me sleepy.
And so I flunked David's 21st Birthday!
We still had fun and I think David still had fun. At least I had my shopping done.
I finally got Francis' column up! It's Chapter 13 and full to the brim of everything I love!
Drama! Romance! Fishing!
I love it! Read here!
I think I've had a borderline infection going for some time, now, and it's good to be on antibiotics to make sure I get better.
Last time I wrote, I was saying about the scary thing that happened to me. In short, here it is:
I was walking to a neato place to look at clothes in NW Portland. You know, "shopping". I can't buy right now, but I can shop! It's fun! I love to touch clothing. I'm a touch-shopper. I love things that feel nice against my skin.
Anyhow, I did fine on the way there. It was raining and it felt good to me. I must have been running a fever, because I was really hot and sweaty. Beginning to be uncomfortable, I took off my jacket. I wasn't planning on that. I had only a skimpy tank top underneath and it wasn't what I planned on wearing in public, especially in the rain. (Imagine nearly 50 year old woman in a wet tank top... OK, not good!)
I finally got there, but by the time I did, I just didn't feel good. I wasn't in that store for 5 minutes. I was exhausted, couldn't talk to the sales girl and I knew I must have looked piqued.
On the way back, I began to tire and I mean really tire! I was so hot, sweating in the rain and I just felt awful! I was getting chills and then getting hot and off and on my jacket went. I had a migraine on top of everything else, and I couldn't see a foot in front of me.
I get those visual migraines many times a week, but this one was particularly bad, visually. I couldn't see!
Here I was in downtown Portland in a not very nice area, weak, sweating, couldn't see and began to think I wasn't going to make it back! At all! That made me even more afraid, so my heart began to pound!
It's not over, yet!
To add insult to injury, sometimes my feet lose feeling. This time, mt foot went totally numb! It has happened ever since my surgery, and I can't figure out what triggers it.
Remember when I had no feeling to my legs when my dissection cut off the flow of blood to my lower extremities? I was in a wheelchair. They fixed it with stents so that I can walk, now, but I still go numb, sometimes. I guess that means the stent is getting blocked, sometimes?
So, my one foot went numb, and I was tripping and dragging it and nearly falling over.
I thought surely people thought I was on drugs, or worse.
I pulled out my iphone and was going to call for help and... It had run out of batteries!
Alright... who is testing me?! Lord? You there?! Thank God I don't need batteries to pray or to talk with Him!
There were men standing on the street and I realized I was in front of these strip bars and didn't even know it! Oh, Lordy!
It was getting dark. Not that it mattered! I couldn't see anyhow! I couldn't walk, and I couldn't feel either of my feet, now! Help!
I have never come so close to calling 911 in my life. I wanted Bill. I wanted my doggy. I wanted my kids! I wanted someone!
Here I was, those two days, Miss Independent!? Ha!
You know.. if I could have dialed 911, I would have! I really felt so awful that I thought I would'nt make it.
You know, there are some times when I don't feel a bit disabled. I am woman! I am strong!
And then, there are other times, when I don't feel fit to be out on my own. This was definitely one of those times!
I was so desperate, that I nearly asked one of the men on the street for help. I didn't, because I was worried what kind of help this little lady would have gotten! Yikes!
I found a table by a diner, and just helped myself to a chair for a while.
Long story short, eventually I made it back, all on my own. I just kept thinking, "I think I can, I think I can..." all the way back to my room.
I was never so glad to have made it somewhere safe in all my life!
Ah dang. How weird. Here I am even replaying it, and I'm getting a migraine, just thinking about it!
But-I did not leave my room for the rest of the trip. Teach me to go touch-shopping clothes!
I'm going to go with Andrew and Bill to get some chanterelles this morning. I'm so glad for their company!
I think I've had it with being "Miss Independent" for a while. Keep my family close to me for a while.
You know, it's funny. I had an ifish sticker with me and I nearly pulled it out and stuck it on my back, just incase someone from ifish would recognize me and help me. LOL!
Stranger things have happened!

September 20th

Ever read something on the ifish board from someone that doesn't have any use for commas and it just keeps going and they keep talking and keep typing about this and that and you don't breathe because you don't see a comma and pretty soon you feel like you are going to pass out because you keep waiting to breathe and waiting for a comma but it never comes and you finally just pass out due to lack of oxygen?
I take commas very seriously! In fact, I'm guilty of overuse. Every time I pause to think, or pause to breathe, I automatically insert a comma! I think that's almost as bad! I'm guilty of making people hyperventilate!
Yesterday I took my INR, as usual and the results of the test- well, I couldn't stop staring. I was in disbelief.
No way! 6.0???
"Nah, couldn't be right", I told Bill.
I checked it again.
I guess it was right! Bill? Heeeeeelp?
I did a little research. The other day in ER I was given a drug called Levaquin. I saw that it stated that you shouldn't take it with coumadin, or that the doc should be aware.
But he was aware. I gave him my med sheet when I was there.
I guess I won't be continuing that drug!
I was ushered upstairs by Bill, and told to stay put in bed.
"Don't move!" He ordered.
He made me a big bowl of broccoli and told me that he'd better not see me downstairs. Better yet, he said, you should be in the hospital. He knew I wouldn't be hot on that, so he gave me a day to get better. Bill's a good doctor. :)
Thank God that it's down, today to 3.1.
I didn't get to go mushrooming. Not that I felt good enough, anyhow. I wanted to go, but I didn't dare. Any slight bleed, inside or out, and I woulda been a mess.
It's funny though because last week I had chanterelles and couldn't find a celery root anywhere in town. I waited and waited and finally yesterday I found one! There is a problem, though. My kids ate all the chants!
So, now I have celery root and no chants for my famous chanterelle soup!
I slept from mid afternoon till 6 this morning. I guess I needed the rest.
I missed pizza for dinner! Wah.
Today Bill is decorating his blinds. The boys are going somewhere with their Dad.
I get the quiet of the day all to myself with Kilchis!
I adore these quiet, windless Fall days!
I am going to drink water all day long and get better! I must! I have to! I have been sick for months, it seems! I want OVER it!

September 21st

People are catching salmon, everywhere!
That's cool! But me? . I just can't wait for Steelies! And Springers! Whoo hooo!!
Am I a little ahead of myself?
I have beautiful berries on the vine, and each morning, I thank God as I pick blueberries or raspberries for my cereal. Can you believe that? Fresh berries in the Fall and I have a choice, even! As long as the sun shines, I'll have them!
That is, unless the chickens eat them all. They are so funny! Our little teenage barred rocks have learned to jump for them! They sit under the blueberries, staring at their target and jump and pluck one off the vine! They provide us with all kinds of entertainment, so the blueberries are worth every smile.
Let me tell you about the river.
As you know, I canoe every morning and I learn quite a bit about the river bottom, the fish, etc.
It's been a strange year, really. I usually see cutthroat as I paddle, but in all my trips, yesterday was the first day for me to see a cutthroat trout! Can you believe that?
I don't know if it's because of the depth of the water, this year, or what. But, the entire stretch that I paddle is very shallow, this year. Even our big, deep hole! It is all so changed!
It used to be deep over at our neighbor's place along the hiway, and spread out over the entire pool. That's where the very few springers that we have in the Kilchis, live deep down in the rocks for the summer. It is still very deep in one small area. It used to be deep for several yards out. Now, it is deep just along the rocks and no further! It shallows out really quickly and then gets deep again where it has never been deep, before! Alongside our bank! That would be nice for some bobber fishing, except that the current is usually too swirly to fish it, there.
Anyhow, it was there, yesterday, that I saw my first measurable cutthroat trout. It thrilled me as it swam past me!
Bill caught one on a fly just a couple days ago. His first, all summer! Can you believe that?
I think that we are really seeing a scary lack of cutthroat this year and it worries me. Bill and I even went down into tide water to try and find some. Usually, fishing for cutts is almost like taking candy from a baby, but this time we found none!
As I floated around in the breeze yesterday, several larger cutts broke water, feeding on the top. It was fun to be in the midst of that! There are fish!
I expect to see some chinook salmon, some day soon, and I can't wait! It reminds me of last year, when I took Bill for a sighting trip in the canoe. I paddled him around and showed him big schools of salmon. It was thrilling! I can't wait!
Whatever is happening to me, though? I used to love to catch them. Now, I just adore watching! It's thrilling!
I still love the feel of the fight and the fun of the hunt. I do! I think it's just that since I haven't been feeling well, this is the most I get to do so it's good! It's good!
In our backyard, what we refer to as the bedroom hole, it's so shallow I can't believe it! We used to have a deep slot that ran from one rock to another, oh, say a half city block long. Now? It's like 10 feet around! That's it! One deep little hole and then it shallows out so much that I can't even get the canoe through it, except for one little slot that allows passage. It's a foot deep! It's just bizarre! I mean, it was 10 feet deep in the summer time in one place, and now it's a foot deep! It's so weird how things change like that, in a river.
So, where have all the deep holes gone? It seems like there should be some exchange, and the deep places would be somewhere else, but darned if I know where they are! It's all looking shallow to me!
Even the neighbors awesome steelhead hole up above us is shallow!
Even our deep hole where the riffles pour in, is shallow!
I don't know. I just don't know. I've never seen such a drastic change. I was told, though, that usually it just takes another high water to dredge it all out again. I hope they are right!
I'm off on my morning trip and then I have to get to the doctors to straighten out my blood work. I have to get well. This has just been ridiculous. I've never been so sick for so long! It's got to end!

September 23rd

I love snappy comebacks.
When Andrew was in junior and high school, at six foot four, he often got asked if he played basketball or football. Of course, with his enlarged aorta, and having marfan syndrome, he was not able.
He got really tired of trying to answer that one.
He always came up with snappy comebacks, though, and this is a good one!
Stranger: Wow! You are tall! Do you play basketball?
Andrew: No. Do you play miniature golf?
He didn't have that particular snappy comeback handy, though at the time. I wish he had! I just read it on the marfan list. I guess it comes from the Tall Club. Funny!
He did, however, get by with many of his own that make me giggle, still.
I'll never forget when some bully kid sat at his table, and began to give him a hard time. Andrew very calmly looked up and said, "I notice that you have a nice white shirt on. You know, I have marfan syndrome and my heart could explode at any time. Do you really want to get your shirt all messy?"
The guy left him alone! Yikes! I would, too! How funny kids can be! Andrew was only in grade school, at the time! A teacher overheard him and told me about it. She was rather concerned. I just laughed. "Perfect!" I thought!
Andrew named himself "Krazzy Joe" and I never could understand that. One day I asked. He said, "Mom, that way I can make fun of me before anyone else does."
I just really like that spirit! I do!
It's beautiful and sunny out! I hope you enjoy your day! Make the most of it! Fall is very soon to come and soon we'll have way too many months of rain and gray skies.
Make hay while the sun shines!
I'm going out for a ride on my canoe, now. I'm feeling better, but I have to not overdo it. This time I'm going to get well!
Next week? It's fishing for me, if I'm better!

September 27th

Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets, so love the people who treat you right, forget about the ones who don't, and believe that everything happens for a reason.
If you get a chance, take it!
If it changes your life, let it!
I just read that this morning, and it's ever so true! I love it!
It's again a beautiful day! It's going to rain tomorrow, so it makes me appreciate this sunshine just that much more!
And when it rains, I'll look forward to sun. Funny how that works!
Yesterday I spent all day cooking pulled pork on the Traeger. It's fun. You baste it every 15 minutes all day long. After that long, you begin to take it on as a child! You become one with it! All day, you mop it and smell it and yearn for it!
It was lovely!
I'm taking some to my Dad's late Father's Day golf tournament this afternoon. We had to cancel the Father's Day tournament and put it off until today. It will be fun! Bill and I are taking a leisurely drive to Estacada to the golf course and then to a park, afterwards, for a picnic! What beautiful weather we have been blessed with!
I can't wait to see everyone!
Finally! I'm not too sick to go!
I feel blessed!
Now, it's out to canoe around before the wind hits! The other day I got mid river when the wind picked up like mad! It was blowing so hard that it blew me downstream to the big hole. I could do nothing but swirl around in circles! Couldn't get to shore! Yikes! Finally, I got to shore in between gusts and had to pull it all the way upstream! It wasn't so bad, really, except I wasn't dressed for wading! Now I know where the saying, "May the wind always be at your back" came from!

May the road rise to meet you
May the wind be always at your back
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
The rains fall soft upon your fields
And until we meet again
May God hold you in the hollow of His hand.

September 30th

Never have I been so piddly about writing! It seems that days are flying by!
It's partially due to not feeling well, but it's partially just because life is busy!
Whatever, what in the world ever happened to fishing? Why did I used to have time to fish and now I don't? It's like every day there is something to do! I have to make it a priority again, or else! You know what they say, if you don't use it, you'll lose it! I think that's about fishing, isn't it?!?
Well, I am losing it! Quick! Before it gets too far gone, I must use it! The boats are getting rusty, Bill!
I know what I have to do! I have to get in the garage and start cleaning reels and polishing rods. They are getting dusty and grimy, both!
My friend and I picked out her new rods and reels! We picked out a Lamiglas G1348-T. It's the "herring rod" that is what is now being used by Scott Amerman and Grant Scheele for bobber fishing. It's a tough rod and one that my
tough farm girl friend can't break!!!! LOL. And, it won't ever get rusty, if I know her! She'll be out there, every day!
We matched it up with an Okuma Chromer 250. I can't wait to get that in my hot little... Oh, wait. First, I don't have little hands by any means, and second, I can't wait to see her fish with it! I'm sure she'll let me try it, though!
I'm waiting on the specs for that, so that I can share more with you about the Chromer.
Until then, hang tight! Stan's column is coming, tomorrow!
I'm off to whip a fly around a little while. I wonder how many fish the rain has brought with it?