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Salmon Poem

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One fish
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red fish
blue fish

I once knew a salmon that penned a letter.
He penned the letter so the rivers would get better.

He sat and he pondered the letter he'd pen,
He'd pen it for children and women and men.

He penned it because he was worried and scared
He thought that the people had given up care.

The letter he penned for all fish; buck and hen.
He penned it for hatchery and wild and net pen.

"Dear People of the land, of the river and sea,
We have a bleak plight as too few of you see,

The water is warm and the sun it is hot
There is no place to rest, and no trees on the lot

You cut all the trees way too close to the shore
What once flowed a river is now plain dirt floor.

The dams all have channeled the river too much
What are these things you call ladders and such?

Our offspring are chewed up in turbines for power,
for houses, and buildings... another buck an hour!

We are crying with rage,
We are drowning with heat
The ocean is warming, from shallow to deep

The rivers are ruined, the dams they hold death
Through sewage and wastes we struggle each breath.

We know you are trying, we know that you care
Why, we are your favorite dinner table fare!

Our beauty and strength is a source of State pride
But, our numbers have dwindled and several thousand have died

How long will it take you?
How long till you care?

We are the salmon
and this just ain't fair!

We deserve our clean water, we have a right to our way!
We have journeys to complete, so what do you say?

How bout some money, thrown into the pot
to save us, your salmon?
Please give it a thought.

We need you to fight with all of your might
We salmon are dying, with each passing night.

So, with this, the letter, I penned on this day,
I'll send off to Liz
at the NSIA
I know that it will reach you,
I know it's your call
for you are the people I trust,
after all.