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I am so pleased that people enjoy this site.
I am even more pleased when I receive E mail telling me so!
This project has brought more smiles to my soul than you can imagine.
It has also made me fish more and worry about life less!
Thank you!

A few examples of things that make Jennie smile.

IFISH featured in Bill Monroe's "Outdoors Online"

In The Spring Fishing Guide,
The Daily Oregonian
"IFISH, a Web site created by Jennie Logsdon Martin of Astoria, is rich in information, especially for anglers with heavy lines. Martin, 39, a concert pianist and piano teacher who has played for presidents, now lives from one fishing trip to the next. She prefers to fish for salmon, steelhead and an occasional sturgeon. That doesn't mean, however, that she has ignored the basics. Her web site is an excellent link with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife's home page, trout stocking schedules and the weekly fishing report. She also connects to the department's fish research division, hatchery information, river levels, and a fascinating Web site about sturgeon by Don Larson."

Readers Comments:

Jennie ,
I hope all is well with you . Are you ok(I pray to God
that you are). I miss reading your journal . I always get a big
lift from reading about your life . I know you sure have a heavy
cross to carry but you touch so many lives . I know God has a
wonderful place picked out for you ,but I am selfish , I hope
you are allowed to stay alot longer here on earth . Although I
don't fish as much as I would like , reading your journal I
experiance so much , I feel I am there with you . May God Bless
and watch over you and your loved ones . I'll keep all of you
in my prayers .

Name: Sally Kirchoff

Once again my Christmas Angels flew in with an enormous bunch of
toys and money to provide a wonderful Christmas for our Children
here at Legacy Emanuel Children's Hospital. It was so special
that Jennie pushed herself that extra mile, that we all know she
didn't have, to come to the hospital with the toys. I am still
smiling today at the warmth and love that those toys reflect.
Some of you had to go to work early this morning, and yet made
time to come and deliver these treasures. I pray that God
blesses the ifish.net family with all He has. Have a wonderful
New Year, and may you all get more fish than you have ever seen


Name: Wardendog

I absolutly love your writings on the home page. Your
description of your days experiences on the Kilchis is
magnificent. I look forward to each and every new column. As a
matter of fact I wake each day thinking about what you might
have to say this particular morning. I have not sent you any
money, but you certainly deserve to be rewarded in the way that
nice woman did you earlier this month.
I find strength in your writings because I have shared similar
experiences as you have; in music, and in the Pacific NW on
small salmon and steelhead streams in the Mt. Hood National
Forest. I miss those days very much. I was born in Portland in
1967 and lived there until I was 22 years. My music took me
abroad. I do not regret that, but I did miss my kind of
Thank you for being so thoughtful with your writings and for
being able to put me "there" on the Kilchis as a Dipper on a
rock just a few feet from you looking at it all from a different
angle, or on your shoulders; I like to see and remember
everything from all vantage points. I miss the Dippers and
spawners too.
Thanx again,


Name: Chad
Jennie, Just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your web page
and appreciate your great enthusiasm for fishing. I am currently
stationed in Taji Iraq with the Oregon National Guard. Ive been
a salmon and steelhead fisherman all my life and miss it very
much, but your stories and all the great pictures are a good
reminder of what makes America so great. Also, people like
yourself who have such a great attitude about life despite any
diversities they may have. Those kind of things are inspiring
and help being away from my family and fishing, the two things I
love most more bearable. So keep up the good work. Wish I could
make it too your pizza fund raiser for the kids, Maybe next
year. Ill be finishing up my year tour in March, hope to see you
on the river bank. Maybe you can give me the latest on where the
fish are. Take Care and maybe the next fish you catch you can
dedicate to the troops. Chad Erb PS Ohyeah, one of my most
memorable trips was a float down the Nehalem with Jim Ericson. I
was bank fishing that day and he offered to take me down the
river. We caught several chinook. What a great guy.


Just read your latest, I come from a generation where men were not allowed to
cry but the time you had with those boys made me choke a little. This is the
kind of thing I love to do.

You asked about an article for ifish, and before I get started I just want to
say how flattered I am and to tell you that you have my permission to use
anything I write to you at any time anywhere.

One of the many joys of fishing is working ( or playing ) with all the tackle
on the market today.You can spend thousands of dollars for some of the
fanciest modern sophisticated equipment in the world and have hours and days
of fun with it, but, I would like to tell you a story.

Once upon a time, ( all good storys start that way, don't they ?) during world
war 2. I was 15 and, because there were not very many men around, I was able
to get a job in the forest service. I was stationed at Thomas creek, just out
of Lyons Oregon. On my birthday in July, my parents came to see me and dad
brought me his old cane fly rod. By todays standards it would have been a salt
water rod but in those days of rayon line and gut leaders It was the best
thing a16 year old boy could get his hands on.

My dad had brought me three flies, although neither of us was a fly fisherman
and I soon learned to use them and caught a lot of trout in Thomas creek. In
the morning , we would go out to work and i would take a piece of line,
leader, and a fly tied on the end, all about 6 feet long and take it with me
wrapped around a stick in my back pocket.

At the noonbreak, I would walk down to the creek, cut a willow switch about
7-8 feet long, tie the line on the end of it , and I caught as many fish that
way as I ever have with my balanced #6 flyrod outfit that I use today.

The moral of this story is that the old days of the kid with a willow stick, a
bobber and a hook with an old coffee can full of worms should still be with us
because that boy caught some great fish and those of us who cannot afford to
pay thousands of dollars , need not stay away from the greatest sport in the

I am not a professional fishing guide or teacher but I have taught a number of
youngsters to fish and none of them ever got into drugs or alcohol and today
are good honest members of the community, so fishing and teaching young people
to fish must be worth something. Keep up the good work, Jenny !!




Name: George Almond
Email: [email protected]

Hi Jennie,
I stumbled upon your website quite by accident a few months
ago, and I wanted you to know how much enjoyment I get from it,I
look forword to reading your journal everyday. Having spent much
time on the north coast when my kids were younger, I know what
the area looks like so the words you write are real pictures in
my mind and bring back many very fond memories,thank you for
that.I hope your phycial problems are solved soon, you seem to
be a very strong woman so I am sure you will beat the problems.I
am waiting to see the photo of that 50 + lb. fall chinook you
catch in the bay this month.
thanks again, and good luck, George

Name: Rich

Hi Jennie,

Today is the first time I have been to your site. All I can say is Thank you !!
I just finnished reading about your special friend Milton. I`m having great difficulty seeing the keyboard through the tears.
I read some funny, and some sad, but all good memories of yours.
Very thought provoking too.

Please keep doing your thing, your good at it.
I wish you well.........



It's Ok to be bad for salmon. Glad you went the to the church you enjoy. I was telling my wife about that church and she reminded me that someone we know/knew from years gone by was a pastor (senior or associate I can't say) many years ago. His name is Stan and has quite a past. We played guitars and sang together about 19+ years ago here in Vancouver. I worked for him when I was a youth activities coordinator. Anyway, sounds like you're doing well, and I'm glad to hear it. I'll try to give you a call tomorrow sometime. My week has been a zoo at work, and I stayed home sick today.

God teaches us that as we prove ourselves worthy with a little then we are entrusted with more--stand by.




You wrote:
> It's not always been easy, but thank you!
> I've sure had my doubts at times that I would continue.

There's a bunch of us (oh, 2,000 or so) that are sure glad that you have.



Dear Jennie; Heres a bit of information for you about shooting stars. Shooting stars are a very rare occurrence. They are a pleasure to spot, and when one is seen it will always be remembered. They go at great speed, never slowing down. They are always on a direct mission. They are always a welcome site when they arrive but are always missed when they disappear. People always look forward to see a shooting star again, and nobody ever dislikes seeing one. People spend many of thousands of dollars to observe these delights of nature, but sometimes to no avail not all are seen. There is however a common household item to help one take delight in seeing these precious stars. And to their delight and to the delight of others it makes viewing shooting stars a much more common occurrence. Jen... this common viewing tool....is a mirror.
For all that you do Thank You
Sincerely Yours
AKA Seefood Man


I took my inflatable to Newport Friday for the Halibut opener. I got to tell you... The Salty Dogs is one Fine group of people. I do a lot of stuff all by myself. I go places all the time all by my self. Usually nothing but strangers. When I was younger I always had the Nelsons and the Kolers to hang with but my family has shrunk and I am kinda on my own. For the first time in a long time I enjoyed hanging with some Bro's. Puffin has a very warm voice on the radio and Is always helpful. It feels good to have some folks around to share such a great day with. The past weekend will go down on my list as one of the best.

Thank You for IFISH. You are the greatest and you should be proud of yourself.

Love Ya..

Abalone ( Tony )

I have written you before to Thank you and give praise to your writing skills. You are a very good writer and comunicate well. But the reason I write today is to just say thank you for being you, So much of what makes ifish great is because your the administrator and have set down guide lines to make it a fun place to visit and learn.
I read your piece today, July 31st. And loved your revelation inspired by Ps 23:1. I loove it when scripture hits home and we get "refocused". We live in such a busy and materialy focused culture it is very easy to forget what really matters and what we really have in Him.
aka Letfish


Jeff in Albany.... just reading your post today. I've been reading your Ifish
page for years, going way back before all the hoopla and massive hits it now demands. I have to confess, I still think some of the best stuff comes from your
column and it is refreshing to read. God has blessed your with a creative mind and
one that records things that are important - not just a good day fishing, but an
observant eye for His creation.

Thanks for keeping up the writing - it is very enjoyable to read.

Glad to hear that your eye operation went well. You are very young to not have
good vision and it is a blessing to hear you are getting a second chance.
Give thanks
to the Giver of Life!

Take care,



I did not know I was sitting next to a celebrity last Sat night at the
banquet. Just a quick note
to tell you I enjoued meeting and talking with you and Bill.

Say the article in the Oregonian this morning.

You seem like a person that has lifes priorities figured out and working
well for you.

I hope at some point to see you on the river, hopefully with a fishing
story to tell.

Catch lots, but let some spawn



I saw that you had added some midis to you site.........and this came to mind........it is the text from the page that had softer vision on it ......... thought you might like to have it

Our world has taken much of her sight
This she accepted and did not fight
In return for her acceptance
she was given visions
of things others cannot see
How do I know this to be true?
If I cannot see what she sees
Listen to her words
Hear her music
They paint the pictures
of other worlds for us
so we may also see



Hi Jennie,
You wouldn't remember me (I am probably about 13 years older than you are), but I'm sure you remember my mother, Leone Johnson. She was one of your mother's best friends. Your dad was my high school basketball coach. I live now in Prescott Valley, Arizona, and saw an article about you by Polly Cambell in the American Profile Sunday magazine. You may be getting a lot of email from people like me who knew something of you in past years, but I just wanted to contact you to let you know I had remembered you - I remember hearing from my mom many years ago about how concerned they were over your disease and what a wonderfully talented young woman you were. I am glad to hear that you are doing well.

It was a nice article. I can see that you are, indeed, quite a special person. You've built a great web-site, too! I enjoyed reading your journal entries. It sounds like you have a very nice life and I hope and pray that the Lord blesses you with many happy years yet.

God's best to you, Jennie,


Alright Jennie that's it I'm going to typing school.Oh buy the way your stories on the home page are bringing tears to my eyes.The one today was totally awesome I actually felt that I was there.Your the greatest keep up the good work meanwhile I'm going to work on my typing.Maybe one of those point and speak huh?



In today's journal, you say, "The quest is best." My late Mom's life mantra was "The joy is in the journey." I think that it fits the way you live also.

She raised four boys (five if you count my Dad) but always looked for the next achievement, not dwelling on how things had been.
She knew that we all change and grow every day; life is a journey with each new phase better than the last (sometimes you have to look for the positive changes; as the parent of two kids on the throws of leaving the nest, I must celebrate their young adulthood, not the loss of my little kids).
She did her boating, with passion, in a cruising boat that only made 8 knots; she enjoyed getting there, not being there.
She was a wonderful seamstress but was always searching for new techniques once the current one was mastered; then she showed others how.
She was married to my Dad for a month short of 60 years, enjoying every minute and always striving to make their union better.

The joy is in the journey.




I don't get to fish or surf the net very much these days thanks to conditions at work, but I just got a look at the IFish site for the first time in quite a while.

I just wanted to say thank you for all your support of the Northwest Steelheaders. We continue to work hard for all our angler friends on every front, from the headwaters of streams with habitat rehabilitation, to the capital with support for our hatcheries and responsible regulations, and everything in between.

Support such as I see on your site regenerates my resolve & energy to stay in the fight for our fish & fisheries.

Thanks again.

Norman E. Ritchie, President



I wanted to share with you;a few words that I passed on to;the KATU Management in appreciation of Grant's McOmie and his efforts
KATU Station Management / Mike Rausch
I wanted to pass on Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife’s heart-felt appreciation for the time, effort and fine workmanship that Grant McOmie and his camera crew have accomplished not only for KATU, but also for our enforcement staff as well as the image of our agency. Grant’s coverage as well as the cooperation of the folks at IFISH.NET has brought not only the much needed attention to the issue, but a sense of community ownership that has been instilled toward addressing a problem that would continue to spiral out of control. Grant’s coverage has given our local enforcement staff a renewed feeling of worth and accomplishment to see our efforts displayed before the public on your channel to learn that we are not alone in our dedication to protecting our resources.We hear from our public everyday that they have watched the stories on KATU news.Grant’s persistence and dedication to getting the best story possible was evident in his many trips out with our officers, many during late hours, some of which were without substance.He stuck with it until he could be in the middle of the action.That’s much the story of our jobs as Fish and Wildlife Officers, that tireless persistence.We’ll take Grant on board any day to become one of our Game Wardens.We all realized he has exactly what it takes.His coverage certainly confirms that.Thank you for letting him share his time with us and for recognizing that our resource issues rise to a level that is newsworthy to your viewers.


Hi Jennie-

I talked to Sally yesterday and she told me about the AMAZING contribution the IFish group made to Emanuel Children's Hospital! I am truly touched by the support and dedication you and your group have shown towards our kids.
Thank you for helping to make Christmas a special times for those who are unable to be home for the holidays! Please pass my thanks on to all the members of IFish.

Best wishes this holiday season,

I wanted to send a thank you for hooking me up with one of your top guides, Len Self. My wife wanted to do something nice for me on our anniversary back on August 21st, she is not much for fishing but knows my passion, so she said that she would pay for a guided fishing trip with the guide of my choice. I contacted three of your recommended guides and Len called me back within two hours of me e-mailing him. We set a date for September on the Columbia and the bite dropped off before the trip, so Len suggested we change the date to October 5th for the Tillamook area. Saturday was the best day fishing in my life. I hooked a 15lb silver off the Oyster House in the top of the bay on a spinner, boy was that a fun fight. Len gave me tips and suggestions that I can use in the future in my own boat, and let me know some areas that I would be able to navigate with my limited boating experience. I am hope that Len continues to be one of your top guides, he certainly knows how to run a boat with guests, and is concerned about everyone's enjoyment. I also wanted you to know that IFISH has been a great resource for me to learn the challenging details of salmon and steelhead fishing on the Oregon coast.

Thank you for all your hard work on IFISH it is greatly appreciated.


Dear Jennie,

You are kinda like my Voice in the wilderness. Every day I look to see if you have updated the center column on the front ifish page. I enjoy these writings very much.

I was hoping to see you at the sportsman show to thank you in person for helping to restart the fire in my heart for fishing and the great outdoors. Because of you and your ifish (which is wonderfully moderated) I enjoy our sport more than when I was young. For that I am very thankful.

Your center column today was very important to me. I too want to never measure my fishing outings by my harvest tag. (good thing) I too am worried about the state of affairs the world and our great country finds itself in. I too worry about my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren and the scary world we live in. I too enjoy being on the river bank to explore and observe both my surroundings and my inner self to be sure that I have said all that is necessary and done all that is right by myself and ALL who I love. My family and friends.

Your center column today helped calm my heart and put in perception what is truly important. Yours is a voice in my wilderness. thanks
So to close I want to say Thank You from my heart and may God keep you and yours safe.



Congratulations are in order, Jennie, as ifish.net tops 7,000 members!

It's the premier 'hangout' for those of us with the fishin' addiction!



I was hopeing that you would come back from your fishing trip with a tale of
a big one that did not get away.
You have such a flare in your writings. You should write a beginners fishing
book for woman only.
Waiting to hear from you that the chinookies are in at buey 10. Have a great
day and fish on.


I just stumbled across your website ** and wanted to say I enjoyed reading it , Your description of the river and country around you brought a cozy feeling of Morning and that feeling only one gets from being there fishing on an early morning outing ********* thanks ralph


You have managed to put into words what many of us are feeling.

Many of us have very mixed emotions about what is happening and don't know how to approach it. While we may not agree with the policy of pushing toward war and all the damage and heartache it brings, we also have served and understand that the individuals who serve are not policy makers.

When I see the protesters in Portland, I am glad that I have fought for their right to express their views. However, I also remember the reactions that I received coming back from Viet Nam that were directed at me personally.

Thank you for publishing your thoughts. They express the views of many more than you know.........



I have been fishing for 50 years so I started at 3, I have fished all over the Us and in the Pacific, south I have seen other fishing cites and the one you have started is tops in my book, THANK YOU.
I uaually dont post to much but when I do it's gods truth, my feelings and knolage of some subjects and the years I have enjoyed this sport. I have seen it all from the low life snaggers, to record fish caught.
I have been blessed with the teachings from Jim Conway to Larry shroderburg, and just life in general, and haveing been all over the place to fish, I know I have met you some where down on the coastal rivers, but witch one I cant remember.
Now I or have been teaching Valerie Akerson my little one (26) the art of fishing she go'es buy fisherlady, and she has turned me on to this Great place to read up on the coastal rivers as years ago I lived on them, fishing from 6am to time to work and than from 5pm tell dark and do it all over the next day.
I wish I could spend more time over there as I mess it and all the people I have met over the years. The info I get from ifish is top notch and you keep this web site clean and a real joy to go to ever day again thank you, and hope to see you and your husband on the river befor the year is out.
I have talked to alot of people who use the site for info and they tell me it saves time with all our bussie lifes styles, I e-mail Marylin at the guid shop and get the latest reports so I can plan on weekends over there and to see Val and spend a day on one of the rivers and most of all catch fish.
Thank you again Ifish and most of all to you Jennie.
Merry Christmas and Happy Safe New Year.
Leif (the swede)



As I think I mentioned, the idea is the tough part. The words will come for you if you've got the idea to run with. The writing talent is there, a little rough in spots perhaps but any good editor can remedy that. But what idea? Shoot, Jennie, I don't know. But I hope you will think about.

Why would you want to take on such a project? Because you have the ability to do so. God doesn't give that kind of gift to everyone. If you don't want to do it now, I'd bet you my best G. Loomis fly rod one day you will and you'll wind up wishing you had!



Just writing to say "Hi" and hope all is well down there.How are you? Everything is good up here. O've been very busy.
You still are my hero and I think you have truly the BEST fishing website in the country. It's accurate, helpful, interesting and although it helps a lot of commercial businesses it is really not overly commercial in content. I tend to get way to graphic and over do it on the eye candy and I take shortcuts and don;t pay attention to right coding and I end up with something that is more lie a "dumb blonde" in that it may look good from a dsitance but the closer you get the less you like it. I don't mean to do that and I don't set out to accomplish that but it is too often where I end up.You are my fiushing website hero! Have a good summer!


Thank you so much for everything that you do! You are truly an angel on earth. Did you hear the news about Gary going to California for treatment thanks to Lauren Parks! I am sure you have. What a blessing! I will still forward this on to our list and we will all be praying for Gary and his family.
Thank you for the picture too! We can never have enough pictures.
Love ya, Shana


Your efforts do show. Good luck on the rest of the world. I was thinking earlier that you might make a great President, but then it'd be a shame to ruin you. ;)



No, silly, you're name isn't coming off, because:

You're one of two women on the cover...
You have a hell of a web site...
Your fan base is huge...
You're a great writer...(and we need to talk more about that in the future; books? magazines? syndication? I may be able to help/represent you)

And most importantly...





First of I want to say thank You. Thank you for starting ifish. I have been basically one of the founding members, member #5 :-) and I believe in what you're doing and I support you in every way. Always have...always will. I'm at the annual ifish functions donating my jigs, doing the Ready-Set giveaways and doing so because I want to.

I also have enjoyed helping you and Bill learn how to fish jigs and that is a big reason why I started doing my business. Ifish and First Bite™Jigs LLC are a perfect match and both Cindy and I really appreciate what you said and it means a lot to us.

Thank you Jennie for all that you do.

Mark & Cindy


Sorry I didnt get around to sending you my suggestion on what to do with the thread, but I agree it needs closed down.

You had a vision for ifish that I thought was unattainable. Their were to many people that ran multiple monikers, bashed each other and it was kind of an 1880's wild west type of attitude on ifish in the early days. You have managed to clean up the board and ran those off that wouldnt follow rule and order. It is a far better place to be and I am glad you got to where you did.

Have a good weekend, I am off to fish the wind tonight for the first time.


And that's the way it works for me. In two senses -

When I am passionate, I say what I feel clearly.

When I understand something hard, I say what I think clearly.

At Stanford, Professor Calfee used to say, "Writing identifies the magnitude of my ignorance." and he was right.

Here's another writer bit. At IDC we're under pressure to write less for less. Our clients - technology companies - are struggling financially. So they ask us to shorten a 20 page paper to 10 pages for half the fee. The problem was summarized 200 years ago by Thomas Jefferson, who wrote to a friend, "Please excuse this long letter, I didn't have time to write a short one."


Thanks again for a super story of fishing on foot, catching and releasing, making yourself distant from your own resources, and applauding Mr. Hedland for rescuing his damsel in distress.

I wonder how much knowing you (a little) and Bill (a little more) makes these stories more vivid? Not much, I suspect.
But a little.

Kind regards,


You know what's really nice to do in the rain?? Give ya one guess.........
Give up? No, not that.....well maybe that too. Anchor fishing silly. Put the top up, heater on, warm food/drink, converse, read a book, snooze.....just relax and unwind. AAaaaaaaah, doesn't that feel nice.
Starting to enjoy the peace and relaxation of life on the boat at anchor.
Then when that big chrome Chinook hits, look out.....all heck breaks loose.......jump up, spill the coffee, you grab the rod, I cast the anchor line........start the trolling motor....the pursuit is on. Downriver we go, steadily you gain some line, the boat slides up next to the fish.....the fish screams away at a heart stopping pace...oh slow down....turn around...the line is UNDER THE BOAT!! Dropping the rod tip in the water, you keep the line tight........the boat maneuvers against the current, circles....ahhh, the fish is near the boat again, the rod is back up, still the fish surges on....diving deep......you pull at the rod, your arms are burning as the rod is sternly lowered and raised...bringing the fish closer....inch by inch....the line, almost vertical.......alerts us to the fish presence, we strain to catch a glimpse of the magnificent one, the one in our dreams, could this be THE fish. Maybe, maybe this is THE fish. As you continue to pull hard on the pole, your knuckles white, back aching......the fish reluctantly releases it's hold on the bottom. You know the time is near.......you keep telling yourself to be patient, keep the tip up, the rod out, watch the line.......and there...you see him, or was that a her.....you don't care because now you see the chrome sides and dark back.........YES, it's a chromer you shout, get the net ready........you pull the fish closer, take a step back........no DON'T thrash as you lower the rod a bit, keeping the head in the water. Gently, you pull the fish towards the waiting net, almost there.....one more down and back, lift the head......swusshhh........the net in one clean swoop envelopes the fish, your fish, your chrome bright LARGE Chinook, the ones dreams are made of.
Yes, this was your day, your dream come true. As you watch the struggling fish try to get free, to continue it's life long journey, a tear creeps into the corner of your eye. For you know this is your fish, and to claim it, you must end it's journey. You are saddened by the reality, the struggle between life and death. You reflect for a moment, make your peace and accept the value of life. That life gives life and therefore, will be welcomed. Then you smile, for you know this fish will consume your heart as well as your pallet. Yes, your are truly blessed, to live in the land of freedom, where you can choose to take part in the time honored pastime of fishing.

As you admire your catch, you wonder if another fish followed this one. Oh, lets' get back, there maybe more. And so it goes, life on anchor, were the good times abound, all comfortable and warm, where we dream of silent fish invading our life. Are we really fishing? Oh yes, we are fishing as you cast a glance towards the fish box. Fishing never felt so good.

Now you wonder aloud, can we fish tomorrow??




I am very glad that I came accross your web site. My name is Pete
, and the North Fork of the Nehalem is part of my soul. My Dad
taught me to flyfish on the upper river (upstream from the hatchery) when I
was very young. I have spent the ensuing years camping at the A-Frame,
fishing the good holes, swimming, bike riding, and tree farming throughout
the area.

My father, Paul, has fished on numerous occasions with both Jim E. and Milt
F., although I have never been fortunate enough to do so. However, I have
caught many fish in the waters throughout the entire system.

I spend a great deal of time each day thinking about the tree farm.
Unfotunately, with four kids and very busy soccer, swimming, boy scout
schedules, there are spells certain times each year when it seems like an
eternity since I have been there. This is one of those times.

I read through dozens of your daily journal entries, and you were able to
transform me to the edge of the river. I can smell the earth, hear the
water and the forest, feel the chill in the morning air, bust best of all
feel the peace that that place brings me.

I have done a lot of traveling through my work. I continue to profess that
the North Fork, and land it drains into, is the most beautiful in the
world. I look forward to reading your journal on a regular basis to help me
through my dry spells.



Jen You don't have to answer this email. I am just wanting to rave a little about the new format.

In the previous format I was never able to post a picture through the procedure that was set up at that time in the picture uploads screen. I suspected it was because my computer is so old and slow and because it's capacity for picture downloading has always been poor. I once wrote Pete about my attempts to post a picture along with my posts. He wrote back and told me that it was probably a system problem. End of story. Forget posting pictures.

But... now in tis new format, I have finally been able to do it.
I posted my first picture on the Bass & Panfish forum! I was and am very happy that now even my slow brokendown piece of garbbage coumpter can post pictures under the new format. So I say thank you Jen. I no longer feel excluded. Kudos to you and your team for making it so user friendly. My thanks again.




I'm new to your web page and am already "hooked".. Thank-you for your cheerful, frank attitude. Just reading your journal makes me smile, and I feel like your an old friend.; I will pray that your recovery; time is short and with less pain each and every day, not to mention clear vision.  Sincerely ~ Judy


Hi, Jennie-

I marvel at how beautiful the new discussion board is every time I visit it, and thought I should tell you. Sweet!

Also, the June 4th installment of 'Jennie's Life' was a good read. Nicely textured combination of fishing, dogs and kids. I really enjoyed it.

'Sall for now.




Nice carbs! Or should I say, "SWE-E-E-E-T!!"

Anybody who goes to that much trouble for "home consumption" is mildly disturbed (in a positive, favorable [flavorable?] kind of way, of course -- and I KNOW you don't have a possession limit of spare time.)

I especially enjoyed your January 21 notes, regarding your sons' talents and inclinations. I have a nephew who can perform concert-caliber piano work. He's never taken a lesson, can't read music and creates his own, on the fly. Huh? I get lost on my harmonica!

Of course, your boys must come by it genetically, though I've never seen it published in any medical journals that there's a "music gene." Go figure. Got a better explanation?

I call myself a "word mechanic." I've sold every magazine article I've ever written (not many) but I have no fantasies of being the next great American novelist. My focus is on small pieces: limericks, magazine articles, horrible puns, etc.

The result of that is that I pay attention to the small details of writing. Creating the single perfect phrase is akin to capturing a 15-lb. native steelhead -- well, almost.

My own kids have their own assortment of talents and non-talents, and I recently acquired grandfather status with fraternal twins who aren't remotely the same personalities. Fascinating.

Anyway, as far as I'm concerned, please continue to include your familial asides regarding your boys, your cooking, your medical frustrations, and so on.

It's not fishing-related in the "Me and Joe killed a mess o' fish" sense, but it makes you (and your readers) more human.

And that's one of the things that, in my mind, separated Roderick Haig-Brown from the standard "outdoor writers."

Keep up your good work.

Paddle on, dude.


Jennie you are such a great gal I all most think I know you ar at leased have met you some where on the river or bay, I know you have talked to my dtr, as she is the one who said Dad get into Ifish, I know you know alot of these people.
Well I moved from the sw portland aera 13 years ago, and I realy don't like it over here in Bend Or, but as you would say life go'es on, I try to get over there at leased 1's a mounth and hit the rivers with Val my dtr, she is fisherlady, anyway jennie I hope to get back there a.s.a.p as I mess the wilson trask ect, Top Hats Off to you and God bless Thank you to you and Hats off to IFISH.




Jim and Bill did a great deal of home work. Very nice and

very informative. Keep it up!!



I went to Krispy Kreme's the other day. I was fortunate, and got a parking spot up front. As I neared the front door, I could smell the sweet, sweet frosting as it melted over the hot doughnuts. I knew what I wanted, and I knew that I was going to have a Krispy Kreme with the rainbow sprinkles. The smell of the fresh doughnuts made me decide to have not just one, or two, but 3 doughnuts. I waited with baited breath (yes, an ifish pun) as the line of folks in front of me grew shorter and shorter.

Finally, I gave the kind cashier my order. 3 rainbow sprinkles, 2 glazed, and one chocolate bar. Yes, the order had grown with my appetite. The angel, oops, I mean cashier, gathered my order and smiled as she knew she was about to make me so happy. Each pastry was gently placed in a box specially designed for Krispy Kremes. There are no pink boxes at Krispy Kremes, no crushed doughnuts because each dougnut gets a special place in a large white box.

I went outside to sit on the patio overlooking the sunset. My timing was perfect! I could see the American river and about 3 drift boats fishing for steelhead. I slowly opened the box, and found myself faced with a tough decision. Which one should I eat first? I had 3 with sprinkles, so I knew I could start and stop my ceremony with what I had originally intended. The chocolate on the bar shaped doughnut was still fluid from contact with the hot doughnut. The glazed doughnuts are what made Krispy Kremes famous, and for a reason. One bite and you are hooked.

I picked up the chocolate bar, and could feel the warmth that kept the chocolate from setting up. As I bit into the pastry, the crust was flakey and warm. To my dismay, I could not feel the center of the doughnut. It was like biting into a doughnut that someone had hollowed out. Then, as I started to chew, I could suddenly taste and feel the center part of the doughnut. It melted in my mouth, why was I chewing this heavenly delight? Why did I not get 5 chocolate bars?

I moved on to the rainbow sprinkled doughnut, a favorite of mine as long as I can remember. I carefully picked up the largest of the 3, being careful not to lose any sprinkles. Each bite was carefully timed after the previous, so my palate would not have even a moment between bliss.

Finally, it was time for a glazed doughnut. These look like any other glazed doughnut, but then, all coffee looks the same before you drink it. When my now sticky fingers picked up the doughnut, I could then see that this was not just a regular glazed doughnut. The glazing is on both sides. I had earlier dripped some chocolate, and a few rainbow sprinkles had found their way onto my precious gem. I thought about removing the vagrants, but did not. My first bite was carefully placed to not get any chocolate or sprinkles. Oh my! That is better than Winchells or Dunkin Doughnuts! My true surprise had not even began. When I got to the parts with chocholate and sprinkles, everything came together. I had all of the flavors, all at once. It was like everything came together special for me. I could taste the sprinkles, that reminded me of the first sprinkled doughnut I ever ate. The chocolate was chocolatey, but not too much, just enough. The famous Krispy Kreme glazed doughnut was made even better. A tear fell from my eye. That doughnut, Jen, was for you. Alan


Jen, your writing is good. Has anyone ever written a piece on the N Fork? I mean photos and all? I think it would be worth your time. You might sell one, to me!

The N Fork is not for the weak of heart! The last time I was there, a doe followed us through the 'falls'. I just have not had the luck that others have had there

Have a good day!

Lou :)


Regarding your post "Jennies state of the forum address"....
I know you know that you can't please everyone all the time...I often feel "distanced" from ifish aswell...it's a large community and at times I can't relate to the topics or opinions at hand. But remember you've created, from scratch, from nothing at all, a community that has broughten so many people together, for better (99%) and for worse (1%). While I'm often dismayed at people's comments which I just know I'll never share, I always recognize this as the free-speech, rightfully "modified" by the moderators at some times, that makes this world we share an open forum.
I can't imagine the psychologically (sp?) trauma it must bring it's creator(s) at times, to see people's snide remarks and bitter comments, but in the end, I'm always warmed by the positive aspects of this community. It has brought me un-quantifiable rewards at the cost of some minor frustration, but in the end, I'm glad I'm here. And I'm indebted to your creation.

aka Boo


Dear Ms Martin

I'm deeply concerned.

I heard rumors today that you're secretly building an ark out there in the timber near the Kilchis River. My informant said you had received information the water would soon get high enough to float the ark on down to the Pacific. My informant was uncertain as to the exact source of your information.

Your recent Internet activities reveal you've been spending a lot of time lately discussing weather with higher powers. Is there any truth to these reports? My sources tell me you've even contacted area veterinarians with regard to mates for a dog and cat that were among the first animals to be placed on board the boat you're building.

It's particularly disturbing to me because I'm certain you'll recall my recent pleas that you refrain from seeking the help of the Almighty in blanketing the entire region with snow and ice. I'm totally ware of your success in this regard. Are you secretly doing the same thing where rain and melting snow are concerned?

An early reply would be appreciated. In event it's not forthcoming, I plan to report your recent activities to the proper authorities.

Respectfully yours.

Idont Floatsogood


Hi Jennie,
I hope all is good for you. ' Just stopped by your site and read your tribute to Marty and his dog. And now I am sitting here crying like a baby! I sent it to a friend down in Cal. that recently went through the same thing. I guess all of us that know the love that our animals can give to our lives have been through this. Thanks for such a special story.
take care,
Scott McKnight

p.s. I still haven't fished with the winner of the steelhead trip I gave away on your site. We are in contact with each other though. Eric is also interested in learning to fish the Willamette for springers with his boat, so I may take him out there.


Hi Jennie,
just went to ifish.net and read the story about you (plus all you've written about your fishing adventures!) You're pretty amazing!!! I'm glad I got to meet you.

There are a couple things:
1) our AnglerNet, which I mentioned to you as the listserv for anglers who are interested in global warming. I'll add you to the list, if you'd like. I can also give you a list of the angling organizations that have signed up for the network--many in Oregon.

2) Our Northwestern Women's Environmental Network is a network of women, about 275 of us, who are connected by listserv--hopefully at some time we'll raise enought to do some regional workshops. We post a weekly events digest, job announcements, plus we keep people up-to-date on how they can help move important items in Congress.

Hope you traveled safely home!
Best regards,



No need to reply to this.

Just wanted you to know that, while it can be and probably is overwhelming at times, your efforts have a big impact on the lives of many. Most Mom's get stressed making sure their family is properly cared for. Some add a job / career to the mix and start to overload. Few, like you, add running a business to rearing a family and go completely off the deep end. You and your group are my nomination for sainthood. You are unique among the few because you chose to carve out a piece of the world where you share much of your life and soul with all us jaded fisher-person-types. What a tough group selected. But be assured that I look forward to your journal each morning. It is a bright spot in my day. Keep your head high for your efforts are appreciated and worthwhile.

And remember, if you need ANY sort of support while you are at St. Vincent's Hospital, just give us a call. It could be for a bed, a meal, a crying towel, transportation, or just a place to put your feet up for a moment away from the smell and stress of medicine. Coffee? For your or your family. We are two miles from the Hospital and would love to help in any way we can.

Too bad we don't have a stream in our back yard...



Jen, You just HAVE to publish!! I'm serious....have thought of this for
time, but your last several columns have convinced me you can and should put
out a book! Think about it, gal.....you help others feel what you feel, and
visualize what you see.....People in other places need to read these
wonderful and poetic columns.(We're lucky: We read em for free------but, I
WOULD purchase a book!!) Hugs from PB, Ginny
(PB=Portland Buddy)


Portland, Oregon

I actually came across the Ifish community by accident, I subscribe to "the guides forecast" web page for weekly fishing reports and local information regarding the local fishing. I went into their newly developed message board and it somehow sent me to the Ifish board, As they say "luck happens" since discovering this community I have been an avid "lurker" for the last few months. The information that I have gathered from the message boards has been fantastic. One reason I'm anxious to become a member is to have the ability to draw on the wealth of knowledge within the community to continue my education regarding fishing in the Northwest. I've only lived in Portland for the past few years and am still clearly a "rookie" when it comes to fishing knowledge, and becoming a member will allow me to ask specific questions of the group to help my learning. The other reason that draws me to this community is just that, it's a community, the people on the boards really seem to care about each other and also the issues that effect our state regarding rivers etc. (posts on snagging, posts on river dredging, etc) These issues are brought up and addressed, but rather then simply complain, this group is actually taking quantifiable steps to change and help situations, outstanding! Most importantly these folks really have fun with both the board, and the fishing in this area. I see it as a great opportunity to garner new friendships and fishing partners in the future.
Bottom line is, you have a wonderful thing going and I would love to have an active part in both learning and contributing to this community.
I appreciate you taking the time to screen applicants and keep this community a fun, interactive place to be a part of.



we visited with you at the show in portland were impressed with the # of people that came looking for you. We were wondering if we might advertise on your website. We were fortunate to have your kind of people around us. The show was much more enjoyable watching you and the people visiting with you. Our son fishes the Alsea river adn would consider it an honor to take you for a boat ride [fishing has been hot as you no doubt know.


Just a regular reader of your site. I enjoy your reports and links to other
sites. Before I head to the coast, I always check your report. I live in
Forest Grove, so I usually travel to Tillamook and Wheeler to fish. I
enjoyed the poem that Stan wrote. I forwarded it to friends across the
country that enjoy fishing for the Big Bad Bass. I hope someday to meet you
on the river. I do fish the Kilchis, usually at the logging bridge as I
foot problems that do not allow me access to areas that I have to crawl up
and down banks. Problems with being an old 58.

Keep up the site and throw in your feelings. They make it more down to

Best of luck,




Wow...that's a great story. I read every word and was actually bummed when
I got to the bottom of the page and there wasn't more. You are a very interesting
and inspirational person. We are taking a break from taping shows for a while
(with the exception of an occasional local guide) and concentrating on the "business end" of the show.

Next time we are going down to Oregon, I'd like to talk to you about
possibly being a guest on the show. Any chance that you and Mike could do a "piano
and accoustic guitar" jam session that I could enjoy if we did something like
that? No promises....who knows what the future of FH holds in this goofy TV business
where the shows with the biggest sponsors are literally buying their way on the
air...but I do think it would make a neat show.

Sometimes it gets so crazy around here that I forget my own name so if
you see (or hear) that we're headed to Oregon for a show, would you please e-mail me
and touch base?




Name: Greg Meyer

Just found your site and was bummed out that i havent found it sooner.I think it is great what you are doing here,and dont give up by any means because you are right if all the anglers grouped together we would be a force to be reconned with for sure.I live in Aloha OR and love to fish,doesnt matter what it is for just the simple fact of getting out of the house and having quiet time away from the hussel and bussel of the city and all the people and just sitting,and if nothing else drowning some worms with my son.He was born with a cleft-lip and palate and has many surgeries done even before he was a year old ,and fishing seemed to help me re-group and calm myself and just simply gather myself.Now i have gotten him hooked on fishing also and hes already buggen me when were going fishing,cause we usually go for bass,crappie,catfish,sturgeon which he loved on sauvies island.Cause were stuck to the bank cause lack of a boat.But just wanted to drop you a line and say KEEP UP THE WORK!!!!! and im not very local but me and Eli would love to help any way we can,so drop us a line.Thanks Greg


Name: Tom

Comment: Just wanted to say you're great Jennie. I love to read your journal. I'd rather be living on the coast and fishing than doing the rat race any day. I live vicariously through you! Keep up the fantastic work, and make a hat perch for Molly. Tom


Name: Gary

Comment: I just wanted to say that I really enjoy reading your little column on Ifish. I also enjoy all the great information that this site has to offer. A friend at work turned me onto this site a few months back and I usually check a few times a week when I get a chance at work. I'm not a member since I don't get out and fish that often and don't have that much experience.


Name: Dusty

Comment: Jennie,,,,, Dec. 11th msg........ Will stated!!!! Thank you for the remenders of the world we live in. Thank you, Dusty


Name: Mike Sheller

Comment: Sweet Jesus, that was the most gut wrenching thing I've read in years. I thought I was alone at I-fish in my radical views of the destruction of our beautiful, blue-green planet. Jennie, your, and David's words drove me to tears.
Thank you for speaking up for God's earth. Your words carry a lot of weight here!


Name: Sharon Hilke
Email: [email protected]
Comment: There was an article on Jennie in our Sunday paper insert "hometown Hero". It was of great intrest to me because our grandson has Marfan syndrome too. He is just starting his life and I would like to get ANY pointers from her that would help him and his parents. I have been fishing since I was 3 years old and somehow have gotten away form it. You inspire me to get back into fishing and much more. Thanks, Sharon


Name: SteelheadSteve

Comment: WOW Jennie that Pic of you with that King is HOT. You look great and the Fish is very nice too. That is the happiest shot of you I have ever seen. I would guess that fish was caught just above the 101 take out. But you don't have to tell. Glad to see you looking so healthy.Oh yeah you can stop loosing weight too.Now when those Chickens do go to whereever Chickens go you should auction off the hides or give them to me and I will ty you some KILLER Searun Cutt Flies with them.A word of Caution on the Cutts. We are just now starting to see the results of banning bait and short seasons for trout on the Coast. My suggestion would be to down play the improving Cutt Fishery for a few more years. In the days of my missspent youth I watched from the shore as more than 100 boats would troll spinner and worms in Nestucca Bay for Sea runs.Befor I discovered Fly Fishing I would use bobber and bait at the mouth of the Kilchis with awesome results. Please hang on with the Searun p!
raise for a while untill we see what kind of fishery we can possibbly have in the future.Hope you chickens live a long life. It has always been my dream to have a place where I could have chickens.For now I will enjoy your experience with them.


I first wrote to you in January 1999 and I must say you have evolved into the best, most informative site on the internet, bar none, . I realize that you are more for the northwest but the rest of the nation could take a clue from you.

I sent your site to my grandson, some time ago and he just informed me that you are number one for him ( an avid fisherman ) and he looks you up every chance he gets.

I know you will recognize him, his e-mail address is --- and he was so pleased with all of the other fishermen he has met and corresponds with, and all the good information he is always getting. He said yours was the only site he goes to now.

God bless you and thank you. The young man has been my fishing buddy for almost thirty years and I have enjoyed your site since 1999 so I really appreciate what you have done for my grandson.

Thanks again


Dear Jennie:

Great article in the Oregonian today! You are amazing!

I hope the coverage does a lot for your businesses. I know it is great
for Marfan awareness (according to my 2000 media books, the circulation
of the Oregonian is about 350,000 - and that doesn't count on-line

Thank you again, and good luck with everything, including your upcoming

Eileen Masciale / NMF


i hope im doing this wright,,, this is only my second e-mail. just wanted
to write, and let u know how much ur web page has ment to me.. i lived in
oregon for eight yrs., after i got out of the navy,, oh why did i ever
leave.. after living back in oklahoma for the past seven yrs. im more than
ready to come home,at least my childerns home , they were both born
there.. but low and behold, abad back injury. sets plans back,,. but
when im down,and feeling sorry for my self, ur web site is always a pick me
up since my surgery ive often came to ur page for a real spirt lift... so
thank you. p.s. ill be on the chat line as the Okiedrifter and my wife
is the elkpacker,,, u two got to meet so say hello....godbless and



Hope all is well, and once again I am telling you thanks for another great Ifish prize. I feel like I earned the photo contest prizes over the last couple years, but this one I just got lucky. Anyhow the Okuma reel from eggscars and this Lamiglass rod should make a great combo, I am really looking foreward to using it. I cant express what a great thing I think Ifish has become, you have done a fabulous job with it.

So many people know me and my little ugly green boat these days, there are times I feel like a minor celebrity. People I have no clue about sometimes honk and wave going down the road when Im towing the boat. Or people I have never met have come up to me in a store or at a game and said "nice picture" or "congradulations on the springer, I saw it on Ifish". Its kinda fun. I have met a buncha people who have become good friends thru ifish. Some will be lifelong friends I am very sure.

Ifish has saved a life in a very real way. My wifes oldest son and his girlfriend managed to get pregnant recently. They are both very young, and were planning an abortion at about 4 months along. This was tearing our family apart with heartache. To my wife, the thought of losing a grandchild to an abortion was really tearing her heart out. Someone whom I met thru ifish and his wife are now adpoting the child who is due in June.
They cant have any more kids and wanted a new baby for the last couple years. Everybody is really happy. I will spare you the details, but the child was 2 days away from the scheduled abortion when all this happened, and the adoption was agreed to. Were it not for Ifish, I would never have met Charlie. In a very real way, Ifish has played a part in saving that babys life.

Just an example I thought I might share of how Ifish has played a bigger role in peoples lives than you might imagine when your feeling "overworked and underpaid", Im sure there are lots of other examples out there. Stuff like that is much more important than winning prizes or arguing the finer points of broodstock management policy. But winning prizes and having opinions is fun as well.

Thank you.




I saw Grant McOmie's write-up about your new book on KATU.com and it reminded me that I wanted to thank you for being the top referrer of reciprocal links to my site, www.NWLunker.com.

More people come to my Northwest Lunker from iFish.net than from any single other site, even Google! Thanks!!!

Good luck on your book and I wish you all the best in fishing and life in general.

Keep up the great work!

Best regards,


I just wanted to tell you how wonderful your stories are. I just read the one about the saving of the fry and digging, watching the otters. You tell it so well I can see it. It is like magic.

Thank you so much.


Dear Jennie,

As an avid reader of your words, I say thank you so very much for your daily

words of wisdom & adventure. I love your enthusiasm for the things in life
that matter most. So often it is the little things that matter most and so
often we take these things for granted. Most mornings I start my day by
reading your column. Your writings have opened up your life (very personal) to so many readers.

I was sorry to hear that there was some mud slinging during the "chat." I
hope that your skin doesn't get too thick so you will hold back on your
thoughts and wisdom.

Please say Hi to the new mayor in town!

May God continue to bless you and those you come into contact with.

Doug Anderson


I just read your journal for today and felt I had to respond --
Your feelings of confusion about peace versus war are not new -- many of us have felt that -- In 1968 when the first draft lottery was taking place I was "confused' -- I believed in my country, but I felt we were wrong in Vietnam. If I was drafted would I go --- Fortunately, I did not have to answer that question ( I was number 320 - they drafted up to the 200's somewhere).

As an active student, I read, listened and thought much about the US role in SE Asia. The question I had -- and still do -- How can we bring democracy to a people that cannot comprehend the concept. They had neither the experience nor the education to fathom "democracy". And really -- what makes us think that it is any of our business. But I do/did love my country -- was I being blasphemous questioning our leaders?

Some recent events have caused many of us to reevaluate our view points. Certainly 9/11 was a loss of innocence for us -- We had not been attacked on our own soil in over 200 years. But was that event enough to lash out and kill others -- simply because we were mad? I forget the chapter and verse but 'Vengeance is Mine says the Lord" -- not ours.

And then there is, for me, yet another reason to be in heart rending, knee blistering prayer for peace -- My son graduates from high school on May 20 in Hollister, Mo. He leaves May 23 for Marine boot camp.

So I don't know that "confused' is the right word -- Conflicted perhaps is more appropriate -- we love our country -- but we love peace -- Especially that Peace that surpasses all understanding.

Jennie, I don't know that I have ever had the blessing of being called to prayer as you were -- But how incredibly special it must have been -- I do believe beyond a doubt that you touched some ones life during that time of prayer --
I felt the need to share my confusion with you -- know that there are many of us out there -- Praying for peace for the world, the politician, the Muslim, the soldier but really -- praying that every one would experience the peace of the Holy Spirit that we have come to rely upon.



Name: Sally Kirchoff
Email: [email protected]



Our site, amatobooks.com, will be up and running next week. It includes
STS magazine.

I really enjoyed checking out your webpage.

Nick Amato

Dear Jennie,

I would like to thank you for all the work you have done to create and maintain the Ifish discussion board. I enjoy reading the dB, the stories on the main Ifish page, and not to mention the wealth of information that would have taken me a lot longer to learn had it not been for your efforts
David (dogfishboy) & Piri Popma



Jennie – I have been a daily browser of IFISH for some time now. I can’t find the words to tell you just how great I think this site is. While browsing the site I came across the name of a manufacturer from a used boat that was advertised. I liked the look of the boat although it was a jet boat which I was not interested in. I looked up the manufacturer and to make a long story short, In June I made the very long drive to Oregon City to by my Motion Marine 22’ Boat.
I felt you should know that IFISH does reach outside Oregon’s borders and that there is a Californian that is thankful for it as a resource. Currently my new boat has fished Lake Tahoe and Stampede Reservoir for Kokanee and Mackinaw. I’m proud to say she is a fish catching machine. I’m looking forward to fishing our SF Bay Delta’s and Sacramento River for Salmon.
IFISH is a wonderful accomplishment. I have not found a Calif. site that is as complete. I am a member of the Fishsniffer and Piscatorial Pursuits but their boards do not offer many of the features that yours does.
Your Bio and Home page Life Experiences closes the distance of miles and I feel you are a neighbor. This reader says great job and may the future hold many smiles and good health for you and your family.



March 19th

Dear Jennie,

I just stumbled across your website ** and wanted to say I enjoyed reading it , Your description of the river and country around you brought a cozy feeling of Morning and that feeling only one gets from being there fishing on an early morning outing ********* thanks Ralph Portland Ore

February 14th

Dear Jennie,

You are kinda like my Voice in the wilderness. Every day I look to see if you have updated the center column on the front ifish page. I enjoy these writings very much.

I was hoping to see you at the sportsman show to thank you in person for helping to restart the fire in my heart for fishing and the great outdoors. Because of you and your ifish (which is wonderfully moderated) I enjoy our sport more than when I was young. For that I am very thankful.

Your center column today was very important to me. I too want to never measure my fishing outings by my harvest tag. (good thing) I too am worried about the state of affairs the world and our great country finds itself in. I too worry about my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren and the scary world we live in. I too enjoy being on the river bank to explore and observe both my surroundings and my inner self to be sure that I have said all that is necessary and done all that is right by myself and ALL who I love. My family and friends.

Your center column today helped calm my heart and put in perception what is truly important. Yours is a voice in my wilderness. thanks

So to close I want to say Thank You from my heart and may God keep you and yours safe.


October 21

Just wanted to thank you again so much for the time to help me. I read a few more posts from you and was going to get back to you and ask you to forget it because of all the time you spend on the puter helping others but you beat me to the punch. You are very giving and I am sure this will be noticed by the fish gods...lol. I wish you much luck on your next fishing trip and thank you again. you are nice.

October 16th

Jen I would like to say that your site is awesome and that the people that write in are of the highest ethics and it is nice to know that their are good sportsman out there that we all call relate to.. Keep up the good work and thanks for a enjoyable time on your site.... Tom

September 26th

I'm new to your web page and am already "hooked". Thank-you for your cheerful, frank attitude. Just reading your journal makes me smile, and I feel like your an old friend. I will pray that your recovery time is short and with less pain each and every day, not to mention clear vision. Sincerely ~ Judy

April 9th 2002

Jen, At the sportsman show in PDX my son admired the IFISH sticker. You proceeded to give him one with out blinking an eye. A small gesture maybe, but not to my son. He proudly displays it on his ATV. Now the Special Instructions: Please do not send me a card or any other "Thank You". Please put the money into IFISH. You are the one that deserves the “Thank You” for hosting such a great community.


March 2002

Hi Jennie
I've been a member of ifish for some time now and wanted to say thanks for all your hard work and effort. I'm not much of a talker so I rarely ever post or say much when I do. The community that you have brought together is incredible. One of these days I'll probably become more active,sometimes I just need a little encouragement. You should be receiving my donation anytime I hope it helps, because your site has helped me so much in so many ways. Thanks again and keep up the great work. Sincerely Jeff Mayfield
P.S. I would love to see my name on the honor list.

February 2002

This is my 2nd E to you. I just wanted to say to you ,I don`t deep down like to communicate by E or letters. I like to hear how the words are enunciated, how facial expressions link up with me, and the reality of actually being with a person. Good people nurture me, my mother`s love imprinted me that way. YOU make ME smile!!! (Just so you don`t misunderstand this isn`t a man woman thing .) I appreciate your website. I send ALL my hopes for the the best for you.The best is yet to come.Know that people care .Tom

February 2002

Well Jennie, have you ever watched a grown man sit at his computer and cry. That is my problem at this moment. I just finished reading your article for today, and then read what Chris wrote. BOY! You know, being a retired Police Officer, (Dispatcher, Patrolman, and finally Detective) I often think I have seen it all, and I have seen quite a number of things in my 28 years on the force, good, bad and extremely funny. But different things affect me, things that I don't have to "put on a front" for and today's column was one of those things. You, your son & Chris will be in our prayers! Hang in there, Jerry

February 2002

Found your web site tonight and read most (reading still in progress).Was deeply touched by the things we wish not and (pause to wipe the tears) thankful you wrote about my love fishing. I was born & untill 43 yrs. lived in Wisconsin, on the Mississippi ,now I Live on the Columbia at Longview.Sturgen ,Steelhead, Salmon ,What a life.Thank You.Tom

January 2002

Jennie, Love to read your stuff! I have looked at your site for tech tips and the like but never have read your journals. I read one last night and like they say," Couldn't put the book down," and read a lot of them. I love your passion for what God has given us. From Kilchis to kids to chickadees, and of course STEELHEAD, you really love the outdoors! Thanks!!! I have fished for a long time, but never have had the time nor money to get in a good season of steelheading. This year I have gone out four times and have taken home three fish. Most guys would say,"Oh, nice. Ho hum." But I was ecstatic on each one. Nothing like feeling the fish when you first think he hits it. And to eat them? Oh MY! My kids love the BBQ'd ones with saltines. Again, thanks for an excellent website and the love of our wilds. Here is a picture of my friend Steve Park and I with two of our trophies. Not real large, but fun. I am on the right with the Linfield hat on.

January 2002

Jennie, your stories on the front page crack me up! I love the last one you wrote on 1/22/02 it makes me laugh! keep em coming!


January 2002

Morning Jennie, It is indeed a pleasure to receive an e-mail from you. I have enjoyed your site for some time now, and enjoy the way you run your site. Congrats on a job well done.

January 2002

Jennie, Just a short note to let you know I read your stories on the internet. Believe it or not, I have been in Oregon for most of my life, and fished and fished! I used to fish for steelies etc some years back, but due to a business/hobby I started for my retirement, I was unable to fish like I once did. (with the exception of trout.) Now, (due to an unexpected house fire,) I no longer have to worry about being tied up during the winter months, (Oct. - May) and my wife and I are trying to get back into steelhead fishing. In fact, we drove up the Kilches river last weekend and observed many, many fishermen. Believe it or not, this was our first time driving up to the park. We have spent approx. 30+ years staying at the Tillamook State Park, and have NEVER driven up the Kilches. Man, can you believe that? At any rate, we are trying to get back into steelhead fishing, and learn the new methods. I can't believe what has change over the last 30 years! You just keep writing those stories, and take care of yourself, your husband, and your beautiful pet. Hillsboro

January 2002

Great to see a gal who is so into fishing. I really enjoyed reading your fishing journals. I read where you lost a steelhead trying to net it.If you can see it is clipped and you plan to keep it,don't touch the net.Just drag him up the bank.I have drug 20lbs up the bank.Once he is a couple of feet out of the water,kneal down with a knee on each side of the fish with your back to the water and sit on your heels.Now he is trapped in the vee you made with your legs.Hope this helps. By the way,I started the year off right.A nice 8lb steely on 1/1/02. The guy next to me caught his very first steelhead ever.19 lbs.Not bad for a first fish!!

December, 2001

Hi Jennie, just a note to let you know that during the Holidays we were visited by my son and daughter in law, Tim and Shana Juarez. Tim told me of your terrific website and I've spent the last hour or so learning about you and your great service to all of us who enjoy fishing and the outdoors in general. Thank you, you're doing a heck of a job and I'm sure I will be a daily visitor to you site. Best of luck to you .... Jim Christison


September, 2001

Thank You Jen, I just love your Ifish webpage and all the great people you have invited to use it.
Thank you again, Kim (aka)springer4you

September, 2001

Regarding a picture I took of some lucky fishermen at Buoy 10:
Thank you so much for sending me a reply to my email. I have gone to the website and saved the picture. I had already saved it on my wallpaper but couldn't save it to my hard drive. My son was so excited to have this picture taken and then to have it on the web. He hasn't had many joys in his life lately, but you sure gave him one.
Thankx for doing that. Sincerely, Clarissa

September, 2001

thanks captain this is the best tool yet for fishing you guys are doing a great job

September, 2001

Got both of them Jen thanks so much for all your help. I know you get tired of hearing this but you are the greatest. I love what you have done for fisher girls and guys. I fish is the first if its kind that I have experienced and hope it continues with great success. Rodney Boast

September, 2001

Thanks for the greatest fishing resource ever.
Your hard work is definitely appreciated by all.


September, 2001

It has been many months since I last "tuned in" to Ifish, it had got to be daily habit . And then all of a sudden things took over and Ifish was no longer a habit.But as good as habit breaking can be, such a long period of seperation can be , well to long. And it was so neat to be greeted by your great gift of prose- expressing your heart, and stating so clearly, so beautifully.It has been to long.The prospect of salmon called and Ifish was where I turned .I always found it resourceful and informative.I won't stay away so long this time.
With Much Thanks, Jim Kennedy

September, 2001

Jen, I want to thank you for your efforts on the board. I feel like I really benefited from it yesterday by going fishing with one of the members. You're doing a great thing here by getting people who enjoy the sport and respect the resource together.

May 2001

That composition today of staying home was very special to me. Like you I love this land we live in for so many reasons. Your thoughts toward the great sesources and bountiful region we share are very much in line with how I love this life we have. I only wish that I had a fraction of your talent for expressing it and bringing others to see it!

May 2001

I was told about this by my brother.......what a great source of information and a good place to exchange ideas and knowledge. Also wanted to let you know that this is a very nice designed page.....Tip-o-the hat to Jennie............From St. Helens Oregon....

May 2001

Hi Jen. I just wanted to personally thank you for running the Ifish webpage. I've only been a member for a few months, but I've gained lots of valuable information and have had a chance to contribute to some fun topics. I think it's great that someone has gone to the trouble to create this site and puts so much time and energy into maintaining it. Thanks again, and keep up the great work!

March 2001

I just want to thank you for your great website! I really appreciate all the hard work you put into this. I wish you and your family the best of health. Good luck fishing! Hopefully we'll get some rain.

November 2000

Jennie: I have been enjoying your IFISH creation for the past 3 months. I am addicted to the bulletin board. I am a frustrated fisherman - whose work does not allow enough time to chase salmon and steelhead. As a result, at least I can talk about fishing with others who love to talk fishing as well.

Oct 2000

Jennie, My husband & I stumbled upon your site, and I must say that after reading
your adventures and seeing your pictures, I have had a renewed need to fish
(my husband is hard core fisherman). Yesterday he came home with a present for
me (and I got excited - a new necklace? a braclet?..) my very own waders. After
trying them on & modeling them for my husband I thought - Great - now he expects
me to use them. Then a few hours later as I was reading your site, I started
to get excited about our trip to Rockaway this weekend. Hey - maybe I can catch
one of those monsters, although I still have reservations about "combat fishing"
as I call it, I am ready & willing to give my new gift a try... I wanted to
tell you how great I find your website & will be checking it daily for news,
and your way with words has me looking forward to your next entry!
Nona Bowling.

Feb 17th 00
Everyone knows there is not enough pats on the back these days, so I
would like to thank you for the fishing reports. They are fun and
provide some useful information. Keep up the good work and I look
forward to reading them.

Bryan Hornbeak
Nov 17th
I get a kick out of reading your fishing (and nonfishing) journal
pages. You definitely have THE FEVER and seem to appreciate the SILVERY
ONES for all the right reasons. Best of luck to you and yours this
winter season...and may you catch many, many large bright fish!

Dana Ross from Corvallis
Nov 11th
Hello Jennie - I stumbled accross your web page, and just thought I would
write you and tell you that I have been enjoying it! Nice to listen to the
fish tales of someone who is passionate and enjoys the anticipation of
fishing as much as I do. There was a fair bite in the ghost hole on friday
the 5th, maybe about 20 fish caught, and happily one mint bright 20 lb'er
found its way into my boat. Unfortunately we awoke to 40 knot winds on
Saturday, which kept the "Ripple" and her anxious crew sadly landlocked.
Anyway, sorry to ramble on - keep up the good work - falling rivers and
tight lines to you.
Enjoy the information you are providing us with. Got my fingers crossed
for this Sat. as I will head your way to either float the Willson or try
tide water. Thats the plan for now. Thanks again for the information.

November 8th 1999
Hi , my name is Allen Gollyhorn, I read your web sight religiously, It is
the first thing I do every day, and I usually always plan my fishing
adventures around your report . Sure would
like to hook into a big Chinook!!! And relying on your report to bring me to
them. Great job, and I just love your web sight , by far the best fishing
sight around!!! "Fish-on"

Allen Gollyhorn

November 8th 1999
You have such a flair with words. My English writing in High school
was average. My papers bled with red ink. Your descriptions just flow
together. You could be an author.
Clark D.

November 8th 1999

Just discovered your web site. Is great! Have enjoyed fishing on the
Nehalem this fall and managed to do pretty well. Sounds like this might be a
good fishing week with the rain. Thanks, Jack
October 14th 1999
Jennie, you have a great fishing site with a lot of information to look at. However, I mainly fish the Siletz River in the gorge area. Maybe you
could expand a little to the central coast and cover the Siletz too. Even though we are suffering with low water conditions, there are nice
summer run steelhead available. We just need some rain to bring the river up which will really improve the fishing. October is the best month
for summer steelhead, and the chinook fishing is very good up river too. Keep up the great work! Corby Chappell from Independence, OR

Sept 13th 1999

Hi Jennie,

I have been lurking around your page for some time now. I very much enjoy
your columns/reports/stories. I have yet to catch a fall hog in T-bay this
year (and I have put in some time). I caught a 45lb buck on the 6th of Sept
last year and two in the 30's around the 22nd of Sept. I did a drift on the
Deschutes this last weekend and had the time of my life fishing steelhead -
Again. A lot of natives this year!!! which is good. We did not land one
hatchery fish in the three day's of fishing with six guy's and three drift
boats from Max canyon to the mouth. Another buddy put in Thursday at beaver
tail. Met up with them at the take out - they had a couple in the cooler and
released over 20 natives in four days. Good Fishen!
I'll keep an eye out for you in T-Bay this weekend - You will be the one
yellen Fish-on WHOOOO-HOOO! Right?

Just Another Fishen Fool

August 4th 1999
You have a great name, my wife name is Jennie too. You have a great Web
page. I look forward to reading it every day at work. I have never fished
out of Warrenton. Would like to fish that area soon. I work for the Oregon
national Guard so I have a place I can stay when I go over there. Camp Rilea
is not far from Warrenton. Keep up the good work and fish on!


July 29th 1999

Some of my fondest memories are of fishing - haven't done it for years, but your site is inspiring and SO MUCH FUN! I remember almost every detail of my first fishing trip over the Columbia bar w/my dad when I was about 12 - that would be almost 40 years ago! The boat was my dad's uncle's and called the MarlaKay, it had the most awful diesel smell, and BARELY putt-putted along, but my mom, sister & I all caught BIG Chinook - from about 26 to 32 lbs each! My dad and uncle caught nil! The bar was so nasty that when we went down into a trough, we couldn't see any boats around us, but when we were on top of the waves, we could see all those other idiots out there with us! Anyway, that
trip was the only one I took salmon fishing until I moved to Astoria in 1969, and married a local commercial fisherman - I was fortunate enough to be able to take my work vacations w/him to Alaska for a couple of years (Cook Inlet, including one year when we transported a boat up the inside passage - a trip that was exciting, scarey, and just plain glorious! At each of our stops, we fished for anything that was fishable off the docks, off the boat, anywhere we could put a rod over the water!) The biggest fish I ever caught was in a gillnet - a 79 lb King just north of the Kenai River. Okay, so I know that's cheating, and not really fishing, and, the next year my son went up and broke my record by about 20 lbs, but the memories I have of up there, on the Columbia River, out in the ocean, and ANY time I listen to my dad's, boss's, or novice's stories about fishing allow me to smell the water again, see the conditions again, and hear the water lap against the side of the boat! Back then, my eyes were so good, that I could see fish jumping for miles! And, that sight I will take w/me forever!
My favorite fish story, though, is one my dad has told me time and again when he was a kid - this was in Naselle, and there was a new principal at the grade school - the principal's son was sitting on the steps of the school w/the line from his pole dangling into a little streak of mud - my dad and his older brother came by (they lived next-door to the school) - had never seen the kid before, and sarcastically asked the kid if he'd had any bites. He said he'd had a few, but nothing that would stay on the hook! That poor kid was then in for hell the WHOLE time he lived there! Poor city kid didn't have a lick of sense, according to all the locals! Well, last Thursday, when my dad came into Chinook after his first day this year fishing in the ocean (he and his partner fish at least 3, 4 days a week - usually sturgeon, usually on the Naselle, sometimes the Willapa), and having gotten their limit by 9:00 a.m. - who was on the dock to greet them, but THAT SAME KID! Of course, he's no kid anymore, but he and Dad had a great laugh again over the way they first met!
And, to me, that's what makes fishing SO great! The stories, the comraderie, the the tales, the tails! Thanks for the great site! And, please keep it up! Makes me feel like I'm home!


Hi Jen!

Finally back on line!!! Got your message this morning. Thought it was a
great time to check out your work. Not only does Tackle Times page look
great, But everything on there is just Fantastic!!! Just loved all those
Fish Pics. Makes me want to go fishing! I'll just have to be happy
selling bait to all those fisherman. Somebody's got to do it. Anyway,
I hear some real fun stories from these guys, and it makes me feel like
I've been fishing. Guess that will have to do it for me.
The last two days of sturgeon fishing has been great. Happy people
everywhere. Of course there's
a few who didn't have such a great week-end, but that's just fishing.
Some days you get 'em and other days you don't. Over all, great
week-end. Nice way to wrap things up before the Salmon opener!
It's taken me all day just to drop you a line. Busy girl. Gota run Jen.
Hope your trip tomorrow is fun and full of fight! Go Jen,
Go.........!!!!!! Let me know how you do, I mean How big your fish are!
You do a great job on your web site. Keep up the the great stories and
pictures. Everybody loves them!
Keep on Fishing,

May 7th 1999

Dear Jennie,

Thanks for the great web site! I love it and have shared it with all my
Lady Angler friends.
I try to read your web site every day. I love all the side connections
such as the ODFW weekly fishing report and the Fishing in Oregon web site
by Scott Richmond. I still have more to learn on how to get around your
website. I wish I could fish as much as you, but motherhood and work
takes most of my time. Janet Coughlin

April 29th 1999

Hi Jennie, my name is Jeff Hamel from Albany, OR. Your page is
absolutely GREAT! I have never met a woman who likes to fish like you.
We'll anyway, I couldn't resist but to drop you a line and say your page
looks great!

Tight lines,
Jeff Hamel
[email protected]



Discovered your web site after mention in the Oregonian. Congratulations.
Enjoy your site very much. You are so fortunate to live in the Astoria area,
I love that place and spend a lot of time fishing for sturgeon and salmon in
the area. Actually I enjoy just going for a ride to Astoria on a beautiful
day, so many beautiful sights to see. Have you been to the Eagle overlook
off Hwy 30? from there I can see some of the best sturgeon spots !!!!!.
Saw your request for info on Youngs Bay fishing. Just to let you know the
latest Salmon, Trout, Steelheader magazine has a dandy article on this
"Terminal" fishery as the DFW calls it. The article is very informative.
Keep up the good work.


April 22nd 1999

Hello Jennie:

I have been in Oregon since 1969 and over the last ten
or so years have made many trips to the Nestucca and
Little Nestucca rivers and bay.

Your site has a lot of information and positiveness. I
have been making it a regular stop recently in my daily
browsing and I must say that the personal column that
you are writing is a great highlight for the page.

I am sure that we have crossed paths on the Nestucca.
My trips there have gotten to be fewer and fewer these
days because I no longer live in the valley but maybe
we will meet again. I hope we do.

Well anyway, enough rambling. I just wanted to tell you
that your website is a real treat for "cyber junkies"
and "fishermen"


April 21st 1999
Hi just a word on your Web site . I Enjoyed a lot. Lots of information on the things I enjoy doing. I love the north coast. And the great Things
to do.
Happy Fishing
Gerard Davis


March24th 1999
I'm going to get your website into the paper here in the next week or two and look forward to
meeting you the next time over the hill.
Bill Monroe
The Daily Oregonian

Hi Jennie,
First and foremost, I'm glad there are happy people out there who like
to fish. Also, I want to thank you for writing down the words I have
been thinking of for years. I too believe that we are fishing persons
from the very beginning of our lives. I hope you have a great season and
best of luck always.

Del Clark
Eugene, OR

March 13th 1999

I want to let you know how much I've enjoyed your web site. Good
information and nice pictures as well. Seeing those pics really made my day, and brought back memories of
drifting the Trask, Wilson, Nestucca, etc.

I used to just love to float the Nestucca from 6th bridge to 4th. Ray
Hammer told me a few years ago that they were going to stop planting
hatchery fish that high in the river to protect the native spawners and that
we wouldn't see the same quality fishing upriver as a result. I guess the
hatchery programs have their plus's and minus's; I sure miss that float and
the great fishing on that stretch of water.

Hope your spring fishing is enjoyable and productive.

best of luck.....


February 24th
This is an awesome web site, I do a lot of fishing north coast and find
everything i need before i pack the jeep right here. thank you.
I wanted to write and say what a great page this is for the locals of
Lower Columbia River.
As the weather allows for more river fishing, I look forward to seeing
information about the"sturgeon bite". Maybe you could get info on wherever
the bite is, what tides to fish and what baits are working the best.
Also with smelt being scarce, can you list alternate bait that work well
for sturgeon.
Thanks, keep up the good work.
Great web page!
Hi Jennie, Have a week off from work this week, was planning to fish today but
the weather is not cooperating, so I was browsing the net when I found your
page, I really enjoyed it and thought I would let you know. I did drift the
siletz yesterday, moonshine to twin, and hooked a couple fish.
Take care,
Coastal River Fishing...
When I was just a pup, growing up in Beaverton, my dad used to drag me
out at unholy hours to drive to the coast and fish the Trask, Wilson,
and others. I didn't see the attraction then, but now that enough years
have passed for me to forget the misery, I LOVE fishing! Seattle is now
home, and I have to learn a whole new set of river systems (I feel like
everyone else here has had a huge head start), but I still think it's
worth the effort. Hooking silvers and kings from the beach is also a
treat here. I just wanted to say thanks for the writing, it brought
back some great memories of hard charging steelhead on the Trask. Also,
I wanted to encourage you to keep at it with your sons. I have a
similar experience with my daughters (2), but I know they'll appreciate
it someday. Again, thanks.

Bob Card

February 9th 1999 (Wow! a letter form Nick Amato from Salmon Trout and Steelhead Magazine!)


Our site, amatobooks.com, will be up and running next week. It includes
STS magazine.

I really enjoyed checking out your webpage.

Nick Amato

Jan 25, 1999
Dear Jennie,

Just read your latest, I come from a generation where men were not allowed to
cry but the time you had with those boys made me choke a little. This is the
kind of thing I love to do.

You asked about an article for ifish, and before I get started I just want to
say how flattered I am and to tell you that you have my permission to use
anything I write to you at any time anywhere.

One of the many joys of fishing is working ( or playing ) with all the tackle
on the market today.You can spend thousands of dollars for some of the
fanciest modern sophisticated equipment in the world and have hours and days
of fun with it, but, I would like to tell you a story.

Once upon a time, ( all good stories start that way, don't they ?) during world
war 2. I was 15 and, because there were not very many men around, I was able
to get a job in the forest service. I was stationed at Thomas creek, just out
of Lyons Oregon. On my birthday in July, my parents came to see me and dad
brought me his old cane fly rod. By todays standards it would have been a salt
water rod but in those days of rayon line and gut leaders It was the best
thing a16 year old boy could get his hands on.

My dad had brought me three flies, although neither of us was a fly fisherman
and I soon learned to use them and caught a lot of trout in Thomas creek. In
the morning , we would go out to work and i would take a piece of line,
leader, and a fly tied on the end, all about 6 feet long and take it with me
wrapped around a stick in my back pocket.

At the noonbreak, I would walk down to the creek, cut a willow switch about
7-8 feet long, tie the line on the end of it , and I caught as many fish that
way as I ever have with my balanced #6 fly rod outfit that I use today.

The moral of this story is that the old days of the kid with a willow stick, a
bobber and a hook with an old coffee can full of worms should still be with us
because that boy caught some great fish and those of us who cannot afford to
pay thousands of dollars , need not stay away from the greatest sport in the

I am not a professional fishing guide or teacher but I have taught a number of
youngsters to fish and none of them ever got into drugs or alcohol and today
are good honest members of the community, so fishing and teaching young people
to fish must be worth something. Keep up the good work, Jenny !!





Oh by the way, Ive not fished for steelhead in over 5 years. But because
of your web page and down to earth articles, I now have the bug to again
fish like I use to. I'm also having the time of my life thanks to you.
Thanks again.



Hi there captain. I have just discovered your web page in the last couple
of weeks. Since than I have been to your site every day. There are about three
web sites that I cant get to fast enough after work, and yours is now one of
the three on my list !!! I am just like you, I think that fishing is one of
the greatest things in life. I don't fish because I like it, I fish because I
am addicted to it. Fishing is something I have to do or I will go nuts !!!!!
Anyway I just wanted to say thanx for the great info on your web page, it is
entertaining & informative all at the same time. good luck on your next
fishing trip.

its a small world......
I'd feel great about doing links together.....
Guess what,,,,just yesterday I saw your site and liked it so much and
wanted others to see it incase they go fishing.....that I put a link on
my site on the charters page....for your site....
Let me know what else we can do together.......maybe fishing some day