Jim Sez

a mostly unedited column
by Jim Erickson

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A weekly column of mostly truth by Jim Erickson
life along the North Fork Nehalem river in Nehalem Oregon.
Jim has an extensive knowledge of the North Fork, and fishing in general. He has run a fishing/training camp, and has tons of patience teaching people fishing tactics. Believe me.... He taught me to cast a bait casting reel!



August 23rd 2000

Fished with Jim on The Nehalem day before yesterday. What a pleasant day! We didn't run into any fish, but I learned a few things and thought I'd share this tip!

Jim's tip of the week:
Tiller handles, they get all gooed up from handling bait, right? Get an old sock and slip it over the handle. No more slip and slide! When you get home, simply rinse it out and slip it back on! Presto! Dry and ready to handle your next trip! Made me think of hand knitting tiller muffs for Christmas!

August 5th 2000

Jim came over last night and shared with us a neat new "Jim Sez" trick for weedless herring fishing in our bays and estuaries.
You have probably had problems with weeds clogging your bead chanined swivels that you have carefully placed half way between your spreader and herring hooks. Jim has come up with a rather unique solution using old clickable ball point pens. (You know, the type that is usually given out by businesses, etc)
Unscrew the pen and reserve the tip section. Shorten the tip section with a knife (Be very careful) so that the lower loop of your bead chain swivel will not quite touch the pen section when the swivel is inserted into the pen. Slide the pen section onto the upper section of your leader so that the swivel is neatly encased in the pen tip, but still swiveling free. The one on which this was demonstrated was clipped to 1 5/8 inches which neatly fit a 4 bead chain.

Guide line with bead chain thru pen tip
Tuck swivel in! Wallah!


July 12th 2000

It Aint Friday yet!

The big thing is Crabbing out in the Ocean. Nehalem bay has been excellent for some people. Those that know what they are doing have done excellent. Out of Wheeler Marina. But the good big crabs are out in the ocean. The best place to get bait is the Wheeler Marina. Then we put some pots in the bay and headed out into the ocean with the rest of the pots. Bay crabs theres probably 60% soft shelled. In the ocean, reversed, 60% hard... The ocean the best place to go! Anywhere's between 20 -40 feet deep.

Tip of the day!
Hang on to all of your crab bait, turkey legs, chicken legs, outdated chicken, simply because the ground fishing industry is being curtailed to the point there is very little bait on the market, and what there is is going to be expensive. The crabbing is getting started for the season! Let's go!

Jim Sez that he is very fortunate that God gave him the gift to catch fish and see fish where nobody else can!

July 4th 2000

Sage rat hunting is fantastic! As the farmer has just mowed the field, the fields is short and the sage rats are abundant. Over to Christmas Valley I went! We shot up about 3,000 rounds in two days. Wore out the auto loaders so we came home.

Summer Steelhead fishing is fantastic on the Wilson. Eight to ten fish a day, 90% neutered. Going down the Wilson you will see pods of 10 or 15 steelhead in every tailout. Go down to 4 and 6 lb line with small, small spinners about as big as your fingernail. No more than two people in my boat, spinner fishing.

Haven't fished the Nehalem yet, intend to go this week and will report.

Brighton Marina is under new ownership. Will have more info on that later too. Look like it may be the new party place on the coast.

Tip of the day:
Now while the fishing is slow, is the time to replace all the line on your reels. The one thing I found most abused by fishermen coming to me using there own gear was bad line or not enough line on the reel. If you don't have enough line you have to cast twice as hard and reel twice as fast to retrieve your gear. This whole thing can be eliminated by getting a full spool of new line which only costs two or three dollars. Do it now before the season hits and finds you with broken off fish or one that spools you!


June 19th 2000

Sturgeon fishing on the Columbia with a real good friend of mine, a favorite fishing partner, Connie Landrow.
Two days of fishing, beautiful weather, a total of one shaker. So, where did the sturgeon go? Not in our boat. It is very aggravating and embarrassing to sit in a group of boats and watch Len Self pull in one right after another. What is my problem with this? Len wouldn't share his secret bait with us! So off we went into the sunset with no fish, but things should improve.

Anchovies was the bait of choice which are easily obtained at Tackle Time if you call ahead and have them save them for you. We went over to Chinook to Tillamook Baits new place and got some shrimp too. Having being totally embarrassed due to lack of fish, we left town.

Tip of the day:

Go to your garage sales and get all the old reels you can, even small bait casting reels. Figure out what size leaders you want. Usually all you need is 6 lb., 12 lb. and 25. Lb test leaders in anybody's tackle box. Instead of paying 3 dollars for a little spool of 25 yards of leader material that come unraveled in your tackle box, take the old reels to your favorite tackle store and have them fill each spool with the desired weight of line for about $2.50. Presto~! You have enough leader to last a couple years and also if you break off the line and your main reel has run short of line you can refill it with a leader spool. The best part is the lack of bird nests from cheapo line spools.

It works, try it!