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Charlton Charters

Email Captain Mark!


Email Captain Mark!
Phone: (503) 861-2429
Boat phone:

Limits daily!
We consistently land 70 to 80 pound halibut!

Halibut Fishing At Its Best!
Mark Charlton Halibut Fishing!
...on the 50 Foot Ruby Sea 14 passenger,
maximum, on halibut trips.
Please call for prices!
Why go to Alaska?

Sturgeon, bottom fishing and halibut!
Capt. Mark Charlton,
Warrenton, Oregon
20+ years experience on the Columbia river and Pacific Ocean

Fishing Report sent in by David King

13 July 2004 - The fishers on the Ruby Sea happened to be three dads and an uncle with five young fishers in tow.
5:30 AM start from the Warrenton harbor, a mild bar and good sea conditions.
Captain Mark headed farther out than most and located a productive seam.
20 fish for 10 fishers were caught in about an 75 minutes.
20 or so more fish were returned safely to the sea due to that adipose fin.
All Coho with Jarad's fish weighing in at 12 pounds.
I remain impressed with the Ruby Sea's capability to find fish and, most importantly,
their ability to keep a gang of fishers safe and happy throughout the adventure.

Jarad with Captain Mark
Bailey and First Salmon:
Jarad and Avery with First Mate Mark Jr:
First fish and largest of the day!

All kids were in life jackets while on the water!

Avery out-fished his dad!

Get reservations in now!
Capt. Mark Charlton
Please call for prices!

(503) 861-2429
Boat phone: 503-338-0569

Email Captain Mark!

The Ruby Sea


  • Coast Guard Inspected
  • 50 ft Ruby Sea
  • Sturgeon, salmon, bottom fishing, tuna fishing
  • 12+ passengers

Please call for prices!

  • Corporate prices available! Call us!
Charlton Charters Happy Client

Deep sea fishing is my business!

Don't hesitate, make your reservations NOW to insure a chance to catch the big one onboard the 50 foot comfortable charter boat THE RUBY SEA!
Owned and Operated by Captain Mark Charlton, A 20+ year veteran of all fishing!
The Ruby Sea is Coast Guard Inspected and Approved annually. Go fishing with a Licensed Captain and a safe, large, comfortable vessel.

Phone: (503) 861-2429
Boat phone: 503-338-0569

Charlton Trophy Sturgeon!
Fishing: 2002!

Buy the Boat packages!

Please call for prices!

Fishing in 2003!


A letter from a happy fisher!
Dear Ifish readers,
I have fished with Mark Charlton for twenty years.
He's the best captain on the river.
Finally, after landing more than 200 sturgeon and 500 salmon over those years, on 6/28/02 I hooked into the largest legal sturgeon ever caught!
It measured EXACTLY 60" or 5 feet, and weighed 62 pounds.
Mark Jr. is helping me hold it because after thirty minutes to bring it it I was tired but happy!
I smoked 27 pounds of fillets and at $20 a pound for smoked sturgeon that was a $500.00 fish.
Not bad for an $80.00 trip. One 42" keeper fish pays for your trip and you have fun doing it. The 'Ruby Sea' and 'Captain Mark' = damn good fishing!!
A 40 LB Chinook last week also helped my spirits.
Dick Parkin
Here's another letter!
Dear Mark,
Our trip with you last Sunday was without a doubt the finest one day fishing trip I have ever had, and I want you to know how much I appreciate the thought and effort you and your son put into it to make it the success that it was.
I have fished the river, the bar, and outside for more than 40 years, but I have never had a more pleasant day. The bar was flat going out and coming in: the ocean was flat: you knew where to find the fish: your son knew how to bait the lines, keep the lines in the water and net the fish. We had young people who had never fished before, and when we finished, everyone came home happy with their limit.
You have a fine young son. I was impressed with his work ethic, and with your guidance and encouragement, I would expect him to be a success at his chosen field, whatever it is.
Thanks again for your personal contribution to a wonderful and happy day!
Warmest personal regards,
...and another Letter!!
I see you that you did a web site for mark, we have been fishing with him for about 6 years. We come camping on memorial day weekend and go sturgeon fishing with him. He is the best!! We have a ball with him. The first year we went with him the fishing started out slow and he asked me if we wanted to have some fun, sure. We pulled anchor and went down the river. The fish finder showed no fish, he dropped anchor and had everyone throw their bait out. Within 20 minuets there were about 20 boats around us. We pulled anchor and bugged out with mark laughing all the way. You know you picked the right captain when that many boats follow you around. If you see him tell him "Excursion Dude" said to go back and hide in his cabin. Those 2 had fun going back and forth. Your site is fun to check out every morning while
I'm drinking my coffee before work.

Click here for Jennie's trip with Charlton Charters!

Sleepy Passengers!
Hey, this is comfort fishing!
We have toilets, heaters, and all of the comfort of home on the water!
This is the perfect way to introduce fishing to women and children to make sure they get a good first impression.
You don't want to take someone fishing for the first time, and have them sit out in the rain or not have bathroom accommodations. With Charlton Charters we make sure that you have a good time!

Charlton Charters hosing off the deck
Charlton 2002 limit!
Pictures of Fishing are sent in by David King, a regular client, and happy fishing family!!
First trip for Coho/Chinook for the Ruby Sea.
Limits for all with a mix of 80% Coho, 20% Chinook.
Lots of shakers and a few natives to release.
Fishing off Cape Disappointment mostly.
But no one was disappointed.
The man in the OSU hat is First Mate Mark Charlton Jr.

FROM ASTORIA Go to Young's Bay Bridge, and go across until you come to the light by Shilo, turn right and go until you come to a small bridge, go across and you will come to a 4-way stop, turn right and stay on road and follow signs to Charlton Deep Sea Charters.
FROM SEASIDE Stay on Highway 101 North until you come to Fred Meyers 3 way light. Proceed to next 3 way light and turn left by Shilo and go until you come to a small bridge, cross and stop at 4-way stop, turn right and stay on road and follow signs to Charlton Deep Sea Charters.

Fish with Charlton Charters and mention this ad for Five dollars off per person!
Thank you!

$$$$$ Ifish.net $$$$$

Phone: (503) 861-2429
Boat phone: 503-338-0569

Email Captain Mark!

Contact www.ifish.net