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King Salmon
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Default Dogfish, I mean fish dogs.

The Duckbomber rolled at 5pm today.

Me and Alex and Ginger decided to run to our chosen tributary and see if we might be lucky enough to hunt a fish, since I am a decent hunter, but a lousy fisherman.
That being the case, I am not ever going to go fishing again, I will only hunt them.

I was able to drop the Bomber into the river and the dogs jumped aboard.

These pups are good dogs to ride in a boat with, They like the motion and the feel of the wind. It is good to have a pup Port and one Starboard.

There were 5 or 6 other boats at the chosen location, 2 on Anchor and the balance were trolling.

I decided to troll my way down to the mainstem of the Big river and thought that it might be worth a try.

After getting tangled around my ankle, and sticking my thumb, Alex decided to get in on the fun and walked through a giant loop in the main line and then sat down (as he sat down the line pulled the hook deeper into my thumb.

I begged him to remain seated… Much to my relief, he did..

I was already hooking things, I’ll try not to “break the skunk” with my thumb again (I was really glad that I had pinched the barbs on the treble hook…

I dropped the line over the side and started a zig zag troll and in about 40 seconds, I had on a nice fish.

It jumped and I couldn’t tell if it was a Steelhead or a Silver, but it was bright and about 7 or 8 lbs, so I was pretty excited about having a fish on.

As I got it closer to the boat, I saw That Hooked nose of a buck Silver. And just the right number of fins.

This fish was much easier to land than the the steelhead I got last week…This fish just slid right on into the net like It wanted to be there.

Alex wanted to dive in and put the squeeze on that fish, but I told him to chill out. That fish was on Ice in minutes of being caught.

My first silver on the Columbia river in my entire life… Only took me 38 years to do it, but I got it in the box!
Alex really did chill out too, He was flat out comatose.
Really enjoyed the day out there, I can not believe I actually caught a fish, I am still in shock.

Sure glad I had my dogfish, I mean, Fish Dogs.

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Default Re: Dogfish, I mean fish dogs.

Nice fish!!!

Every child is gifted, some just open their packages earlier than others.
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Default Re: Dogfish, I mean fish dogs.

Dude, your on a roll!!! Great post, and thanks for sharing. Looking forward to your next outing!!

Nice to see a silver in the tribs too...looks like my vacation will be fruitfull after all.

Oregon Yellowtail 2010

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Default Re: Dogfish, I mean fish dogs.

"Duckboy, the mighty fish hunter"! Has a nice ring to it. Congratulations on the fish and the dogs... I finally got a good boat dog a couple of years ago and am lovin' it.
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Default Re: Dogfish, I mean fish dogs.

So are those bottle of ice in that cooler or doggie libations? Which would explain picture #3.
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that so many of the concerns of men
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King Salmon
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Default Re: Dogfish, I mean fish dogs.

Nice post DB You seem to be doing a good job getting into the fish, thats great.

Here is my fish dog kickin back ......

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Ifish Nate
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Default Re: Dogfish, I mean fish dogs.

Aww but they look like they are having so much fun! I would reconsider and take them out again : )

And this is a cool pic too : )

I take Senna fishing when I go for bass n stuff on the Columbia from the bank. She does well now at almost 5 years of age. I think hopping the rocks is tough for her shorter legs but once we get to the chosen spot she is mellow.

Matthew Clark

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Livin the Dream
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Default Re: Dogfish, I mean fish dogs.

Here is the Tuna Dog posing with our catch a couple weeks ago.....70 miles round trip in the salt.....the girl sure was tired but ready to do it again the next day!!

Coll post..... nice fish!

Allen Mulanax
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Default Re: Dogfish, I mean fish dogs.

You know you have the eat the heart of every first kind of fish you catch!
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