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Old 05-15-2019, 11:46 AM   #1
King Salmon
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Default 1999 19' North River Sportster $19,000

This has been a great boat for me but I just don't fish the kind of water this boat excels in. This is a southern Oregon, low gradient river boat. Washington just doesn't have enough of the kind of water this boat needs. It has seen the Cowlitz and Chehalis but these are not my favorite rivers. I'm going for a bay boat. I need a v hull and though the Sportster isn't a flat bottom, it's a tough ride in chop.

As many of you know, this boat has seen many modifications in its past. I had a thread on the floor, interior paint and wrap a few years ago. I'll include a bunch of those pictures to remind newer members of the rebuild.

175 sportjet; 372 hours
9.9 yama kicker MAYBE 50 hours.
If you won't be trolling, I'll keep it and put it on my next boat. ( changing price accordingly )
TR-1 auto pilot ( same thing )

New floor, Thermalite.
New dog house; Thermalite

Interior paint is basically truck bed liner. Not sure the name of the stuff.

Wrapped by Green Butt Skunk. AKA Brad. Coho Design.

It has an AM/FM radio/CD player
older Lowrence 337 fish finder

Lee Lock anchor system for Columbia or Can for plug anchors.
I have 2 Mantus anchors and a Columbia rocking horse.
2 slugs, a 25# and a 40#.

Wired for down riggers but you probably won't need those on the Willamette or Wilson.

Here are the pictures;

Before the rebuild, On the Cowlitz

After the rebuild. At Brads shop

Disregard the Honda, sold it years ago. I replaced it with the Yami....
This shows the nice, clean dog house and floor. Will NEVER rot.

Here's the Yami with custom built kicker bracket. Whodat towers in Olympia built this for me.

OK, I cleaned out my photo gallery a while back. Now I can't seem to upload more pics. The browse button is gone. If someone knows the secret handshake for uploading new pics to the gallery, PM me. I have tons more pics.


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Ifish Nate
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Default Re: 1999 19' North River Sportster $19,000

Of all the boats I have owned, this was my favorite...Mine was the same year as yours...and I sold it for the same as you are asking back in 2005. These really hold their value well.

Mine had been up and down the clackamas, the willamette, Columbia, Tilly, Nehalem, buoy 10 and even the CR buoy and points south.

Wish I still had that boat.

Good luck with the sale.
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King Salmon
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Default Re: 1999 19' North River Sportster $19,000


The Bailey Too has fished Bouy 10 ( all the way to 10 )
Willapa and Grays Harbor as well as 3 Tree Point, south to Eld inlet in Olympia.
I've trolled for coho above the Toutle in the Cowlitz and run it from Castle Rock to the barrier dam. It's seen many parts of the Chehalis system and several lakes in the area. This boat fits me like a glove as far as maneuvering. My problem is the ride I get in "big water". My back can't take the pounding any more. I need a v hull since 90 percent of my fishing is in other than a shallow river. Why use a pump when a prop makes more sense. I will miss this boat but for a time my garage will be more spacious and I can get the boat that best suits my fishing spots.
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Default Re: 1999 19' North River Sportster $19,000

Thats a lot of boat for the money. Clean too. If I did not have my perfect boat, this would be in my garage. Somebody is going to get a great deal. Bump.
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