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Default Thank you! Fish and Game management news!

This forum is now closed.
Thank you for giving the fish and game management forum a go!

However, we have listened to the membership who feel that some of the important threads are being hidden from the larger crowds.

We have also had some news from people who liked the board, because it made the community less volatile.

Fact is, no one likes to have their thread moved from where they put it. So we are going to try closing this forum, and allowing members to have controversial management discussions in the forum of their choosing.

I started ifish to bring fishermen and women together to share ways to be a stronger force for the fish and for better fishing.

Let's see if we can get back to this vision without killing the moderators in the process. This is a chance for all of us to stay educated with each other on the challenges, opportunities and threats for fish and for better fishing.

We aim to do this while maintaining a less work intensive environment for the moderators, who come here to volunteer their help in their free time.

In order to do this, please argue the point and not insult, or attempt to beat down the person that you disagree with. These types of behaviors overwork the mods and will push those important discussions off of the front page and back into a fish and game management forum again. And again, we cannot anonymously stab people or organizations. Any complaints MUST be signed.

Partisan issues MUST be banned. We can and must be able to speak factually about candidates of either party, what a candidate did or is doing, etc., but no name calling like "dems are dumb dumbs" or "r's are greedy". No R Vs. D hate, please.

So, let's give this a go! I'm going to go move threads back to the individual forums as best I can, and we'll get started!

From this moment forward, you can post what is allowed in the forum of your choice.

Let's get some things done!


PS... I am in the midst of trying to move all these topics to their appropriate forum so we don't lose any info. I think, though, that instead, we are going to just close the forum to posting, and leave it open for your reading pleasure. Trying to move all those topics is driving me bonkers, and I'm running low on caffeine.
We are going to move only the last month's topics to their appropriate forum, except for sticky threads like the wolves, sea lion, and gill net threads.
Please know we are going back to the old rules that you have to post in the appropriate thread for hot topics such as these.

If by chance you see an important thread that needs moving for discussion, just alert it to us. If you can't, while it's closed, (just occurred to me!) just write to a mod to ask.


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