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King Salmon
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Default San Juan Crabbing Question

So I downloaded the Washington Shellfish regs. In the regs, for the area around the San Juans (Area 7), it states:

For all Shellfish Species, see Marine Area
maps and the map on next page for closures
pertaining to the following areas: San Juan
Islands Marine Preserve (Area 7);
Yet, there is no definition of the Marine Preserve. I see this map. Is the shaded are the preserve?

Also, I couldn't believe the regs - buoys must be red and white; some biodegradable string needs to be used to tie the trap shut (in case the trap get lost the crab can get out I guess). And I'm not even sure if the Danielson traps are legal there. Does anyone have a clue about this?



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Default Re: San Juan Crabbing Question

You have to be really careful where you put your pots up there because you will have a 10-20kt tide rips around each island during the peak periods between high and low tide.

If you want to see the most amazing thing go through Deception Pass when the tide is running hard. There are hydraulic waves 30 inches high just like whitewater on the big rivers. We had to go around 25 mph just to make walking speed headway if you are going against the current.

As far as crabbing I honestly dont know because I do all of mine around Camano Island. I do however know that a lot of crab traps go for rides up there and never come back because it is rock bottoms and everything in the world gets hung up.
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Chetco River
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Default Re: San Juan Crabbing Question

The crabbing was great when I used to fish their just use about 10 lb min in your pot if the pot is in a channel.The top 50 ft of your 150 ft pot line need to have weighted rope with red/white bouy yellow for shrimp.Any of the shelterd bays will have crab.Check out some of the camping/morrage in the bays.
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get hooked
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Default Re: San Juan Crabbing Question

I usually go up to Anacortes once a year to crab. Each section has it own season. You just need to be sure the area your going to crab in is open. It's true you are supposed to have red and white floats, but I've never been questioned with my white and yellow bouys. You will need to put a weight or something on your line to make it sink. We usually crab out by Hat Island. There is a shelf between the islands that gets shallow at low tide. Good luck.
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Default Re: San Juan Crabbing Question

The Danielson pots come with a legal escape hatch tied with biodegradable string. I think the marine preserves map is on the back page of the regs (the paper copy). If you're not sure if you're in a preserve (they're not marked), use common sense. If it looks like good crab territory, but there are no other pots around, it's probably unwise to crab there. Do read the regs and know what part of area 7 you are in, and what the seasons are. Don't worry too much about it. If you're trying to follow the rules, you probably are. If you're crabbing where others are, you're probably legal.

And yeah, you need a red and white buoy marked with your name and address (I actually use my name and cell number), and your line needs to be rigged so that it doesn't float and foul anybody's prop. The really good news is that there are plenty of crabs up there, and if you're in a good spot you should eat well.

Remember, it's closed Sunday through Tuesday, and the limit is down to 5 crab per person. Good luck.
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