Team eyeFISH Jr League 2008 Buoy 10 Report - Day 3 (PICS) -
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Default Team eyeFISH Jr League 2008 Buoy 10 Report - Day 3 (PICS)

Last Day... Tue Aug 26.

Woke up at 6:30 am and packed up everything from the cabin into the boat and truck. Stopped to pick up our reserved anchovies, and ChiefGillRipper skillfully backed the boat down the Chinook ramp. When she got back from parking the truck/trailer, I turned the helm over to her to put us on the productive trolling grounds.

It was a slow uphill troll from Chinook to the bridge.... in more ways than one. We had only one bite to our credit heading into the high slack. Oh if only I had my big motor running, I would have run out to the Buoy 10 line to work the incoming tide for the massive schools of coho that all the other boats were hammering.


Well as the tide turned, so too did our good fortune. Worked the area above the bridge to score three nice coho. Here's LMWS with the first dink caught on her personal custom flasher as well as a spinner of her own design!

Before long it was Sleeper's turn to do battle with a little chunkier specimen that fell to another anchovy spinner.

Turned around to make another pass thru that zone....

And we were rewarded with another one for Sleeper. Old Blue Eyes and a plug-cut herring came thru once again. It was definitely the HOT flasher of the trip over three days of fishing!

Trudged our way back down below the bridge where we picked up two more jack coho on anchovy spinners.

Before we knew it we were right back across from Chinook and it was time to head into port.

Finished the trip with 15 fish for 28 rod-downs... nothing stellar, but respectable nonetheless. Especially so when you consider we accomplished that feat virtually without the ability to re-run any of the good spots except right at high slack.

Thank God for reliable little Yami's!

Buoy 10 is over for the 2008 season, but you can bet Team eyeFISH Jr League will be back in 2009!


Long Live the Kings!
eyeFISH.... The Keen Eye MD
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