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Stan Fagerstrom
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Default New Idaho Lure Gets Attention Of Bass Anglers Part 2

New Idaho Lure Gets Attention Of Bass Anglers

By Stan Fagerstrom
Part 2

I've been showing outdoor show audiences around the country how to use their rods and reels for a long, long time.

It has been great to have been able to help anglers solve some of the problems they’ve encountered. These outdoor shows have also provided opportunity to get to know some really fine people.
Rick Lawrence, the owner of Fish-N-Fool lures, shows his friend Dave Lotze one of the soft plastic jerkbaits he's come up with. Both men are from the Sandpoint area of Idaho.

One such is Dave Lotze, the man I told about in my last column Dave had caught a whopper largemouth on a new bass bait now being made in Idaho. Dave is a pastor in the Sandpoint area. He is also the coordinator of the Outdoor Sports Expo that's presented annually at the Bonner County Fairgrounds in Sandpoint by the Men's Alliance of Christian Churches.

I had the good fortune to do some exhibition casting at that show earlier this year. I had actually met Dave 2008 when I was invited to speak and cast at outdoor shows in both Spokane and Coeur d' Alene. It was also at the Sandpoint show that I learned about the new Idaho bass bait that’s creating a good bit of interest among those who’ve tried it.

Most don’t regard Northern Idaho as bass country. Be that as it may, the new lure being made there has already caught fish of more than 10-pounds in some better known bass water in Texas as well as Mexico. It was the stories I heard about it from Idaho anglers who’d used it that first perked my interest.

If you read last month’s column you know Dave Lotze told me about hooking an 8-pound bass that busted his line and got away. I detailed how he then rigged up with a duplicate of the lure he’d lost and cast it back into the same hole. Wham! This time he landed the bass he hooked. When he finally got it to the bank his jaw dropped when he saw the lure he’d hooked the fish on originally still firmly pinned to its big mug. That lure---it’s called a Sink-N-Fool---is one of several new lures designed, made and now being marketed in Idaho.

Remember, now, the story I’ve shared took place in Northern Idaho, an area not known for its production of big largemouth bass. But the sort of thing Dave Lotze experienced doesn't happen all that often I don't care where you are fishing. Anytime I hear something like the tale I've just shared it tells me a lure capable of getting that kind of attention merits a spot in my own tackle box.

And that's why I’ve made it a point to learn something else. That “something else” is the details about the lure Dave used to hook and lose a whopper, but then turned right around to hook and catch the same fish on another lure just like the one he’d lost.

As I’ve pointed out, the lure that 8-pounder whacked twice was actually designed and is being made in Idaho. The company that makes it is called Fish-N-Fool Lures. It’s the creation of a likeable bass fishing specialist named Rick Lawrence.

Rick is also in the process of developing several other bass lures. If you’ve not already done so, I think you’ll find Rick’s website of interest. You’ll find it at

Here's proof the new soft plastic jerkbaits designed by Rick Lawrence do indeed catch bass. One of them was the lure all of the nice largemouth shown here couldn't resist.

If you’ve found my last two columns about these new lures of interest---stay tuned. I think you’re going to find that’s also true of the next one. Among other things my next column will detail how some of the bass anglers who are scoring with these new lures are fishing them.

My next column begins Aug. 1.

-To Be Continued-

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