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Default EZ Load Electrical Issue


While heading out to go fishing the other morning, I noticed my right taillight and the rear marker lights were not working. I checked the turn light and brake light and they worked fine. Also, all other marker lights were working.....
Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions on where to go from here?....I really don't want to start pulling wires through the trailer....

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated...


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Check the light bulb and holder. If LED check to see if there is power at the light.
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Default Re: EZ Load Electrical Issue

If you remove the right taillight bulb, you will see two contact points. Use a problem light or a voltmeter, hooking up the ground to the side of the light receptacle. Obviously one is working (brake, turn), and the other could either be the bulb or the plug. If you have juice to both contact points, then it is the bulb which is bad. If you don't have juice to one of the points, then you need to work upstream on that line to find out where it is shorting out. It sounds and reads a whole lot tougher than it really is.
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Default Re: EZ Load Electrical Issue

Does the front marker work? If not it’s either a fuse, plug or a wire.

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