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Default Windshield wiper only likes sunshine

A strange and annoying issue that my windshield wiper motor has developed, is that it refuses to work in the mornings, until the sun comes up for a while. By that time, the condensation that had obscured the windshield has either evaporated or been wiped away with a towel.

Anyone experience this before? I’ve checked the connectors and everything looks okay. I’m guessing the motor is giving out?

Mr. Google hasn’t provided any useful information.

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Default Re: Windshield wiper only likes sunshine

Try running a ground wire direct to the wiper motor chassis. Most of the wiper motors rely on getting ground from your hull (total baloney- wrong, poorly designed 'marine' wiper motors). I recommend everyone run a ground directly from their ground bus bar to the wiper motors anyhow - otherwise your wiper motors can become a source of electrolysis (if you use them very often).
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