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Default This forum is now closed!


The Fish & Game Management Forum is a place to discuss local fishing and hunting management news, events, and laws. All of our AUP rules still apply and you can review them here.

The rules of this forum are:

- Post about local events and issues related to Fish & Game Management in this forum.

- Post updates on regulation changes in this forum.

- The former Wolves and Gill Net sub forums have been moved here along with the Sea Lion thread so post those discussions here.

- You can debate the issues, but you can't break the rules of ifish which include treating other members with respect and being tolerant of others opinions.

- Name calling & personal attacks will quickly get you removed from this forum. Please alert us to violations and know that some people are very talented at getting you to lose your temper without violating the AUP, just to see you violate it in response, then alert you to get you to leave the group. Don't be that victim!

- IN THIS FORUM ONLY, you will not get a note when something is removed. You will get one warning before you lose the privilege of posting in the F&GM forum altogether.

Please do not assume the moderators read every post or that ifish management supports or agrees with something questionable that you've read many cases it just hasn't been alerted yet. We have the ability to exclude individuals from posting in this forum and we aren't afraid to use it! Members who have had their posting privileges revoked from one of the previous sub forums (wolves, gill nets, etc) will not be able to post in the new F&GM forum.

Be nice & have fun!

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