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Default National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame

I have highlighted our Oregon folks-


January 2, 2008

The National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame is proud to announce its new group of enshrinees and inductees into the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame for 2008.

One of our most primary missions is to recognize those men and women who have made significant and lasting contributions to the sport of fresh water fishing.

This year’s selections are a fine group that epitomize this mission. They are all extremely worthy and deserving honorees.

For more information about our Awards Recognition program and the Hall contact Emmett Brown, Executive Director at 715/634-4440/ [email protected] or go to our website at

Elected for 2008 Enshrinement

Considered are persons who have made a lasting National or World impact to the benefit of fresh water sportfishing.

Julio T. Buel - Vermont

Julio T. Buels is credited with the invention of the spoon lure.
One day while fishing, Buels pulled his lunch out and started eating. Somehow the spoon he was eating with fell overboard. As the spoon sunk into the water, it attracted a large bass, who attacked the spoon. When Buels finished fishing he went home and proceeded to start cutting his kitchen spoons up. He put a hole on each end of the spoon. A hook on one end and the other hole was used for attaching the line. The next day he went to his usual fishing spot, cast his line into the water and “lo and behold” he came up with a bass. For the next couple of years he made spoons for his friends. In 1852 he patented his first lure.

Ron Lindner – Minnesota

Over the past forty-five years, Ron Lindner has become a world-renowned sport fishing leader. He and his brother Al were co-founders of Lindy Tackle as well as In-Fisherman, Inc. The In-Fisherman magazine, In-Fisherman Television as well as radio shows, books, videos, calendars and the Professional Walleye Tournament circuit are all part of this organization. Ron’s new pursuit is Lindner’s Angling Edge and Lindner Media.
In pursuing his dream, Ron has worn many hats – professional guide, tackle and equipment designer, inventor (3 patents and 30 unique designs to his credit), tackle manufacturer, professional tournament angler, promoter, writer, publisher, author, television producer, radio host, professional tournament angler, Internet host, and perhaps most importantly, an indefatigably curious fisherman and consummate innovator.
Ron’s work in angling theory includes co-authorship of 10 books. He also has written hundreds of published articles; produced thousands of radio and TV scripts; developed a comprehensive lake, river and reservoir identification classification system and a fish response calendar and developed the famed F+L+P=S (Fish + Location + Presentation =
Success) formula, described as the algebra of angling. His early scientific approach to the sport (along with other pioneers) provided the foundation, framework and language for today’s modern sport fishing forum. Ron is currently completing his seminal work – The Probability Tables.
Ron was inducted into the National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame in 1988 for his contribution and dedication to the sport of fresh water angling as a Legendary Angler. He’s also listed in Who’s Who in America.

John Palensky – Oregon!!!

John was a natural leader who prepared for his career in Fisheries with a B.S. in Fisheries and Wildlife and a M.S. in Fisheries. His Master’s research developed and utilized ways and means of conducting Organoleptic Analyses of fish flesh, under a grant from the Environmental Protection Agency. Thus his early contributions included scientific methodology for investigating taste and odor problems resulting from pollution and his quantitative finding that even small amounts of pollution could taint fish flesh.
John then moved to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and reviewed hydro licensing applications for their impact to fish and wildlife. His testimony was considered authoritative and benefited fish across broad geographical lines. In 1976, John moved to the Bonneville Power Administration where he world to minimize power generation impacts to salmon and wildlife. In particular, he strived to improve survival of anadromous fish runs and to promote broader understanding of the highly complex interactions of salmon and hydropower in the Pacific Northwest.
In 1981, John was asked to develop a Fisheries and Wildlife Department in the Booneville Power Administration for the purpose of implementing the Columbia River Fisheries and Wildlife Program of the Northwest Power Planning Council.
Under John’s guidance, direction and ability to work with others, the Columbia River Fish and Wildlife Program grew enormously and has become the largest and most complex fish and wildlife rehabilitation effort undertaken anywhere in the world. Today, this Program consumes about $600,000,000 annually in direct and indirect costs, and since its inception in 1983, has consumed well over $4 billion dollars thus far.
The wild runs of salmon in the upper Columbia and Snake Basins are beginning to increase their numbers. An enormous amount of fish hatcheries have been constructed to support sport and commercial fishing and treaty obligations. The program has supported an equally large and complex research effort, especially in fish health and aquatic ecology.
John retired from BPA, after which he chaired the Anadromous Fish Committee of the Columbia Basin Fish and Wildlife Authority.
John’s proven leadership and acumen made him a natural choice for serving in his final capacity as the National Marine Fisheries Service’s liaison to various salmon management forums across the Pacific Northwest.
John was an avid, lifelong fisherman. His love for salmon and salmon fishing knew no bounds. He shared his knowledge by hosting his own website – <>
John also inspired and mentored a large cadre of Northwest fisherman.

Elected for 2008 Legendary Angler

Considered are persons who have had at least regional lasting impact benefiting fresh water sportfishing.

Bill Binkelman - Wisconsin

Bill Binkelman first became involved with the fishing public through his position as Sporting Goods Manager at the Boston Store in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
While in that capacity, Bill founded an in-house subscription based educational/promotional tool known as Fishing News.
“Fishing News” grew because of Bill’s sincerity and unique methods. Bill left the Boston Store, and together with George Pazik, they founded “Fishing Facts” magazine. “Fishing Facts” was the first, all fishing national publication of its kind. Through “Fishing Facts,” Bill continued to teach and refine his unique live bait methods.
Bill’s major literary effort came in 1965 when he authored “Nightcrawler Secrets.” This book was the basis for all of Bill’s live bait methods and concepts. As Ron Lindner has stated, “undoubtedly enabled more fisherman to catch more fish than any other single thing that has ever happened!”
In addition to “Nightcrawler Secrets,” Bill also authored: “Nightcrawler Magic,” “Minnow Methods,” “Catching Walleyes,” and co-authored: “Catching Fish” with Ron and Al Lindner.
Throughout this all, and much, much more not mentioned, the primary motivation of Bill Binkelman was to teach people how to catch fish.

Robert F. Ellis - Wisconsin

Bob served during WWII as a P-47 fighter pilot in the U.S. Army Air Corps. He was shot down over Sardinia, Italy in 1944 and spent the remainder of the war as a P.O.W.
After leaving military service, Bob went on to the University of Wisconsin – Madison. At the University of Wisconsin he was a champion boxer. During the early 1950’s he built a resort on Island Lake on the Manitowish Chain near Manitowish Waters, Wisconsin. Bob was a pioneer in the method of row trolling for suspended muskies over deep water. He plied his innovative and classic trade on his home waters near Boulder Junction and Manitowish Waters, beginning in the 1960’s. Tragically, Bob was killed in a boating accident in the fall of 1989.

Elected for 2008 Legendary Guide

Considered are persons who have gained by their expertise and professionalism, a status of credibility and immortality judged so by their customers, the region and/or their peers.

Milt Dieckman -Wisconsin

Milt is a true north woods fishing guide who combines professional fishing knowledge with a sort of “laid-back” attitude that allows his clients to enjoy a memorable experience. That so-called experience includes catching fish – but much more than that. Milt shares his many years of fishing the prime waters of northern Wisconsin with his clients. His stories are from first-hand experiences and are delightfully told. Included in his stories are lessons of why fish respond to a certain bait or method of fishing. Conservation of our resources is another favorite subject of Milt’s. All of these lessons are delivered in such a manner resulting in a day of enjoyment “on the water.” Additionally, Milt spent 30 years as a state of Wisconsin Game Warden!

Dick Grzywinski – Minnesota

Dick “The Griz” Grzywinski may well be Minnesota’s most famous fishing guide.
Known for his die-hard approach to fishing. The Griz looks at his live well rather than his wristwatch to decide when it’s time to call it a day. In fact, at the end of a long day on the water, Grzywinski has been known to give his clients caps that say, “I survived a Day with the Griz.”
Grzywinski is best-known for his rip-jigging technique, which accounts for an outstanding number of hundred-plus walleye days. When word of his phenomenal catches began to spread in the mid-1980’s, Grzywinski was invited to the Camp Fish Jamboree, a charity fishing event sponsored by In-Fisherman. It is attended by dozens of the Midwest’s top anglers. The Griz and his guests lapped the field with a catch of 97 walleyes and 54 northerns – in a 6-hour trip! A legend was made.
The Griz specializes in walleye fishing, but he is also an accomplished bass, pike, musky and panfish angler. And he’s not afraid of tackling new water, explaining the slogan on his business card, “Have Boat, Will Travel.”

Denny Hannah - Oregon

The name “Hannah Fishing” has been around Oregon’s south coastal rivers for a long time and his reputation was based on honesty, friendship, trust and good fishing etiquette. Denny was a full time guide for almost 40 years and member of the Oregon Guides and Packers Association. Denny pioneered the now famous smallmouth bass fishery both on the Umpqua and John Day Rivers. Denny developed and operated the Hannah’s Fishing Lodge. Denny developed and used specialty boats, gear or techniques and tackle for these dangerous waters. While Denny specialized in guiding for striped bass, sturgeon, steelhead and the various races of Pacific Salmon, he was also public spirited and shared his vast knowledge. In particular, Denny hosted a boy’s camp, mentoring many young guides in professional ethics and techniques and occasionally assisted area biologists.
As one result, his mentoring guides are a cut above the average. In short, Denny worked hard to improve his profession and make his clients’fishin!

Tony Rizzo – Wisconsin

Few, if any musky guides have done more for their sport than Tony Rizzo. He has certainly given more of his sport than he has received from it. Since the early 1960’s, his career has been filled with many achievements along with thousands of satisfied clients. Not only has he guided many of his personal clients to their largest fish he also, through his books, articles and seminars, has taught many fishermen to be more productive.
His clients have many thirty and forty pound fish. Tony is a patient and tireless worker who never has any predetermined quitting time. He is notorious for putting in extra hours to get his customer their first musky or to increase their personal best.
He has written several books that are unique in the musky fishing library. His initial book, “Secrets of a Musky Guide” takes the reader through the different seasons of the year and explains the most productive techniques to use in each of these periods. Much of this material had never been in print before. Another book, “The Summer Muskie” goes more into detail about suspended fish and how to fish for them. This book changed many fishermen’s minds on how they fished during this period. Many of the techniques he discusses in these or others of his books, he initiated or perfected them in some way. He has developed several successful lures that are favored by musky fisherman all over the United States. His Marabou Tails and The Whiz are excellent examples of this. The degree by which they are copied by other manufacturers say something of their popularity and fish catching ability.
The clients Tony has had over the years are in themselves a testimonial to him. For the last twenty years, they all knew they needed to get their “dates” early as Tony’s guide book was usually filled for the entire season before May 1. On his 70th birthday, over 120 of them from all over the United States, gave him a surprise party to thank him for the good times, the fish they caught, his friendship and for simply being Tony.

Elected for 2008 Legendary Communicator

Considered are persons who have developed a unique communication means or avenue which was instrumental in introducing fishing to the public or in maintaining public interest or awareness.

Clifford J. Paulin - Indiana

Cliff was born in Tell City, Indiana on March 12, 1939. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Technology and a master’s degree in Audio-Visual Communications, both from Indiana State University.
Cliff would have to be classified as one of the most outstanding, if not the foremost, fishing educator in the country today. For the past 12 years, Cliff has dedicated himself to a career of fishing education. In fact, Cliff has been responsible for formulating the
most comprehensive fishing education program in the world – The American Fishing Institute.
Over 26,000 students have received first-hand fishing knowledge from the greatest names in sportfishing thanks to the efforts of Cliff.
Because of Cliff’s efforts, the American Fishing Institute continues to grow and improve each year. Cliff, himself, is also an excellent bass angler and successful tournament fisherman.

Robert “Bob” Schmidt – Illinois

Bob holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Bob has authored the following books:
Boy Scouts of America – Cub Scout Sports – Fishing Guidebook 1988
National Bass Institute Study Manual Revised Edition 1988 for the American
Fishing Institute
Salmonid Institute Study Manual for American Fishing Institute 1985
Great Fishing Close to Chicago Contemporary Books Chicago 1975
Sport Fishing and Aquatic Resource Handbook Kendall/Hunt Publishing for
American Sportfishing Assoc. 1991
Advanced Sport Fishing Aquatic Resource Handbook – Kendall/Hunt Publishing
For American Sportfishing Assoc. 1997
Great Lakes Circle Tour: Reliving History Along Lake Michigan’s Circle Tour
Route, Amherst Publishing, 1998
Great Lakes Camping, Foghorn Outdoors, Avalon Travel, 2002
He wrote a handbook for librarians on how to promote the Fishing Equipment loaner program that was sponsored by the American Sportfishing Association.

Doug Stange - Minnesota

Doug Stange is Editor-in-Chief of In-Fisherman Publications including In-Fisherman and Walleye In-Sider magazines; plus the Walleye Guide, Catfish In-Sider Guide, Bass Guide and Ice Fishing Guide.
Doug has been a contributor to In-Fisherman since 1977 and a staff member since 1981. He is one of the North America’s most accomplished multispecies anglers. In his tenure at In-Fisherman, he has written about almost every aspect of freshwater fishing.
Doug remains enthusiastic about traditional popular fish species such as largemouth bass, panfish and walleyes, but he has also been an advocate of the pleasure of fishing for less utilized fish such as gar and carp. Doug has also been integral in pioneering modern ice fishing techniques and many other aspects of fishing taken for granted by many of today’s anglers.
Doug’s years of editorial excellence and invaluable efforts in blending fisheries science with practical fishing experience, plus his commitment and dedication to the sport fishing industry, will ensure that the future of fishing is passed on to future generations.

Dick Sternberg - Minnesota

Former President George Bush, an avid fisherman, is also a fan of Dick’s books. He wrote to Dick several times during his presidency and once said, “I love those marvelous fishing books. They are now in my personal office at Camp David, the place I use to “think” fishing after my homework was done.”
Dick has also written a series of fishing books for the North American Fishing Club of Minnesota. The book cover the entire gamut of freshwater fish.
Dick Sternberg’s books have sold an estimated 10 million copies, making him one of the countries top fishing authors and educators.
In recent years, Dick has served as a consultant and/or technical advisor to many Minnesota fishing organizations including the Leech Lake Fishing Task Force, the Walker Area Walleye Coalition, the Border Lakes Association, the Minnesota Alliance and the Green Lake Fishery Project.
In recognition of his many contributions to the sport of fishing, Dick was inducted into the Minnesota Fishing Hall of Fame in 2000. He is one of the 20 original inductees.

Tim Tucker – Florida

Tim Tucker is one of the country’s most published outdoor writers. In addition to being a senior writer for BASSMASTER Magazine and B.A.S.S. Times, his work has appeared in Southern Outdoors, BASSMASTER Tour, BASSMASTER Destinations, Field &Stream, Outdoor Life, American Angler, Fishing Tackle Retailer, Southern Saltwater, Fishing Facts, Florida Sportsman, Bassin’, Florida Wildlife, Bass Fishing, Petersen’s Fishing, Texas Game and Fish, Advanced Bass Fishing, Bass Pro Shops’ Outdoor World, Crappie, The In-Fishermen, North American Fisherman, Bass and Walleye Boat, Remington Country, Tournament Angler News, Aqua-Field Publications and others. Is newspaper contributions include Palm Beach Post, Gainesville Sun, Orland Sentinel, Ocala Star Banner, Lakeland Ledger and Greensboro News and Record.
He is the author of eight books: Roland Martins’ 101 Bass-Catching Secrets (1988), Advanced Shiner Fishing Techniques (1989), Secrets of America’s Best Bass Pros (1990), MORE! Secrets of America’s Best Bass Pros (1991), Doug Hannon’s Fisherman’s Logbook (1992), Diary of a Bass Pro (1992), Bill Dance on Crappie (1995) and Bill Dance on Largemouth Bass (1996). His Tim Tucker Outdoor Production Corporation has published seven books.
Tucker conceived and produced the award-winning Bass Sessions™ Series of instructional audio cassettes featuring the tip names in professional fishing.
In 1991, he promoted the highly successful Bass Sessions ’91, a one-day consumer show that featured America’s top names in bass fishing industry exhibits.
He has won more than 100 awards for his writing and photography since 1982.
Tragically, Tim died in an auto accident earlier last year.

2008 Organizational/Governmental Award

Considered are organizations or governmental entities which have demonstrated and/or performed a valuable service or act to benefit freshwater sportfishing within its jurisdiction or the boundaries of its organization whether local, regional or national.

Salmon Unlimited - Illinois

Salmon Unlimited, founded in 1971, is a non-profit association of fishermen and women. It is now the largest association of its kind in the Midwest.
Salmon Unlimited was organized to maintain a union of individuals engaged in sport fishing in the waters of Lake Michigan and adjoining waters.
Their vision is to achieve the betterment of conditions for those individuals engaged in sport fishing on Lake Michigan by fostering and promoting the general welfare of the lake and the fishery therein.
Their objectives are:
To develop a higher degree of sport fishing techniques through the exchange of ideas, information and incidents of practical experience among the members;
To represent and act in behalf of members before divisions of government and before public and private organizations whose activities affect sport fishing in Lake Michigan with the purpose of protecting these waters against pollution and exploitation by commercial fishing, industry and other organizations;
To monitor and obtain relief from legislation and regulations detrimental to sport fishing and other conditions that may impair efforts of any members to fish the waters of Lake Michigan and adjoining waters.

2008 Special Recognition Award

Recognizes individuals, groups or organizations for their programs benefiting fresh water angling which clearly are not covered by other recognition categories.

George Bayless - Missouri

George was born August 23, 1940 in Hawk Springs, Wyoming. He started fishing at age 5 with his mother and grandmother. His first fishing equipment was a cane pole, braided line, a washer for a sinker and a corncob for a float, fishhook and worms from the garden.
Professionally George was a pilot and was part of a medical team of the United Nations World Health Organization for many years. It was here that he saw the problems with lead and eventually developed ENVIO-WEIGHTS, a lead replacement from landfill steel to make weights, baits and jigs.
After retirement he fished for cancer research and it was during this time that he was able to develop “The Step Above Fishing Systems.” Twenty-two years ago he made a rod, harness and belt for a friend who had lost an arm in Korea. No one was interested in developing it at that time. His cancer research fishing brought him into contact with many people and he found the opportunity to mass-produce the equipment.
George started a company called RGM OUTDOORS to distribute ENVIO-WEIGHTS and the handicap fishing equipment to work with and support the independent tackle shop.
George also writes a monthly newspaper article for small town weeklies called Grandpa and the Kids, a mythical grandfather and two mythical granddaughters and their outdoor adventures.

Lew Morrison - Wisconsin

Born on a Dane County farm near Oregon, Wisconsin in 1885; he died in Brookfield, Wisconsin, August 4, 1977, at the age of 92.
Lew was national dry fly casting champion five times (1926-30) and held the world accuracy record for four years. Lew also held all-around casting championships in Wisconsin, Michigan and Ohio during the 1930’s.
Lew’s column “Out in the Open” appeared in The Sentinel for 20 years. He also was a regular performer at The Sentinel Sports Show for two decades and conducted many other exhibitions and casting classes around the state.
In addition to Lew’s achievements as a fly and bait caster he was noted for his efforts in teaching casting and fishing skills, especially to young people.
In 1968, Lew was honored at a large testimonial dinner in Milwaukee at which Dr. Tanner of Michigan, known as one of the “fathers” of the Great Lakes Salmon program, was the main speaker. Lew was one of the early advocates of salmon stocking in the Great Lakes.

Harry Renfro - Indiana

Harry was “the” promoter and educator of fishing, then the champion of a multitude of outdoor sports, in Indiana and elsewhere.
Harry’s yen for making anglers of children was remarkable. He never saw a person he didn’t want to help in the outdoors.
Harry’s love for the young is graphically illustrated by the youth fishing clinics (staged on the second Saturday of his show each year) and his gifts to youngsters a great variety of angling paraphernalia.
He was as much at home with an exhibitor from afar as he was with a show patron (who seldom recognized him). The common man was his bowl of soup.
It would be difficult to find a more important person to fishing in Indiana.

Jean Sliwa - Illinois

Jean’s passion for fishing came at an early age. However, she could not really get into the sport because her father was afraid of water. So when she was old enough to drive she pursued the sport of fishing on her own. Some years later she met her husband to be, Cass, and took the golf clubs out of his hands and replaced them with fishing rods. The two of them ran a service station for 33 years before Cass passed away.
Jean has been a member of Salmon Unlimited since its beginning in 1971. Jean and her husband Cass became involved almost from the beginning by joining various committees that the organization had.
During the late seventies Jean and her husband assumed the title of Committee Coordinators, which in effect was how the organization functioned. She has held many offices within the organization and continues to be the back bone of Salmon Unlimited.
Her most recent accomplishment was the “Spend a Buck Save a Coho” program that raised funds, so that the state of Michigan could come close to their normal planting of coho in 2008 and 2009. The final tally for this effort was $49,651. Lake Michigan anglers owe Jean a world of thanks of this accomplishment.

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Default Re: National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame

Quite the honor! Thanks for all you do!!

Peace, Tom
I'm wishin' we were fishin'
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Default Re: National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame

Go Oregon! Good Job.
Politics, industries, and our environment can make or break our fishing. We must be active, organized sport fishermen who will not be known for what we gave up or lost, but for what we did to prevent it.
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Default Re: National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame

It's good to see Denny in there. I had the pleasure to hang out with him and this is a much deserved honor. His passing was a great blow to me. He was one of the first guides in Oregon. I would sit all night listening to his stories about how he made money as a kid trapping and how he moved out to Oregon and started guideing. They don't make them like Denny anymore. Thanks pard!
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Default Re: National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame

Originally Posted by Hawgkiller View Post
It's good to see Denny in there. I had the pleasure to hang out with him and this is a much deserved honor. His passing was a great blow to me. He was one of the first guides in Oregon. I would sit all night listening to his stories about how he made money as a kid trapping and how he moved out to Oregon and started guideing. They don't make them like Denny anymore. Thanks pard!
Picked up a 49.5 lb striper with Denny fishing in the Coos River a couple of decades ago. He sure knew how to catch those big uns.
Get Me Out of Here and Let's Go Fishing!!
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