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Default San Juan Islands

I am going up to the San juan Islands on the 11th of June to sail for one week. I thinking of bringing a fishing pole. I hear there is some water up there. Can some one give me a few pointers on the fine art of catching. You see I am quite good at fishing. It the catching part that confusses me. I intend to bring some large jigs and bump them off the bottom in hopes of Lin Cod. Any other advice Thanks in advance ; Wayne

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Default Re: San Juan Islands

What's a Lin Cod?
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Jimmy Carl Black
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Default Re: San Juan Islands

Depends on where exactly you will be. From my experience bottom fishing, fishfinders are key. Does the boat have one? I would try to find a local board and do a search there. BTW, what the #$&@ is a lin cod?
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Two Fister
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Default Re: San Juan Islands

We used to always look for a sandbar or rock ledge at the mouth of a small bay on the islands. Motor up to the "upstream" side depending on which way the tide is running and drift along the edge of the dropoff jigging a needlefish, buzz bomb, bottom fish jig, etc. You can catch salmon, halibut, Ling cod, or a whole bunch of other species. Don't forget to bring some crab traps!

You are going to have a great trip. We're heading up in August and I can't wait to get back into the islands up there.
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