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Default Crab Pot Rehab (Pic Heavy)

If your pots are starting to look dingy and make a mess in the boat BEFORE being in the water then you are going to want to check out this thread!


You can make this.

Look like this.

What you need are a few tools, a little bit of elbow grease and some time.

Some Stainless wire. I got mine at harbor Freight for very little $. You don't need much.

Some EPDM pond liner from Lowe's or Home Depot. I got mine in the garden center in Home Depot. They usually don't know what they are looking for so you have too look around.
It was on a spool and they cut it off. It was like $10 for enough material to do many pots.

Here is how I cut it.

In a nutshell, you unwind the stainless wire, take the old wrap off, wrap the new on and re-wrap with the same stainless wire.

Start at the top of the pot next to where the crab door is. I also started on the side where the lid to the pot was so I only had to work on one wire wrap around the top.
This made it easy because there was only one wire wrap to worry about and it helped me figure some things out.

I snipped the wire to get started unwinding. If I would have looked a little harder I would have found the spot where it was originally tied.

When you are getting it the top wrap will be off and the wire on the side of the pot will be hanging like this.

Keep working your way around but only undo one side at a time or you might as well rewrap it all.
(See this thread if you need to do that.

After you wrap everything up you then retie the stainless wire.

Here you can see where I needed to splice.

Eventually it will look like this.

Then the hard part. Look for the finishing tie at the crab door. Undo it or snip it and begin the unwinding process.

You will eventually have this. This pictures shows the lid open that is why there isn't any wire underneath.

The hard part of this is that you have to also undo the top and bottom weave to get at the bar.
It gets kinda hairy with all these loose wires hanging around.

Don't fret, it will all go back in place. Just look at it and it will kinda show you where it wants to go. Kinda! Safety glasses would be a good thing!!!

Now the tricky part, putting the crab door back in place. I used some wire to tie off each of the corners of the crab "ramp" in an effort to get it in straight and tight.
Don't pull too tight on the starting side. Just get it snug. I pulled and tugged on the side that wasn't being tied so I could see how close to straight I was.

Just a close up of a tie holding the crab ramp in place. They are temporary.

Once the ramp is back in place, keep moving around the pot. Eventually you will see that the top and bottom need to be snipped off every other loop. That just goes with how it was originally weaved.
Don't worry, the splices will still hold th crabs. They just aren't pretty.

Now you have a good crab pot.

All things considered...I have two more that are getting bad and next time I am going to try and cut all the stainless wire off and redo it myself. It took me about 5 hours to do this.

A big thanks to Bait O' Eggs for the original tutorial that gave me the confidence to try this.

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