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Default Fished Lake Selmac today

I was on the lake in my kayak at the cracka dawn. The fog on the lake was beautiful. For the most part is was glassy but there was a hint of a breeze putting a slight ripple on the east side of the lake so I started tossing a buzzbait along the north east side. I got nothing, not even a swing and a miss. As the sun came up I switched to a spinnerbait and got bit on the 3rd cast. 1st dink of the day but he inhaled it. Just up the shoreline, headed north (towards the paddle boat docks) 2nd dink. I fished until just after 11 and all total, I caught 8 fish, all dinks! My best one was maybe 12".
Everyone tells me that lake holds some big fish. Anyone know where they might be? The shoreline slopes off very gradually so I don't see anything holding the shore. The south side of the lake seems very shallow all over so I just paddled through there. I'm guessing my next plan will be to shake some worms well off the shore and try to find some drop offs. I'm a real big fan of the drop shot and since that lake is pretty clear I think I'll give that a shot.
Anyone have any thoughts?

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Default Re: Fished Lake Selmac today

I fished there sunday with Colby. From dawn til 5, all we caught were little ones, i think he may of got one 2lb. The big ones are hard to come by for me now, the last few trips there. Although i havent fished right before dark, so u might want to try that.
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Default Re: Fished Lake Selmac today

I was out there a week ago and it was same thing for me. I have gotten into good fish out there this year, but not sure whats up lately but its been all small fish since Sept.
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Default Re: Fished Lake Selmac today

Thats weird because the big females should be feeding up. Just keep at them. I have never fished lake selmac but try focusing on isolated wood and make multiple casts and multiple presentations. These big fish really feed, you just got to know what they are feeding on. I usually stick to jigs, spinnerbaits and rattletraps. Match the forage!
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