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Default bah humbug

Headed out to Hagg Lake to try for bass on Wednesday. Launched the boat and parked the car. Turned the key and zip, nothing. No buzz, no turn over. Brand new battery and an older one. Wiring had been done a short while back but due to work at home and rain, had not been able to get out.

Got my meter and checked the batteries. One dead and one high charge. Hooked all the cables to the good battery. Turned the key, a little bit of sparks. Tightened up the posts tighter, still nothing. Then it turned over for a second then nothing. The kicker motor had been working then it stopped and could not get it going.

So no motors and that 18 footer does not paddle well. Loaded it up and took it to the shop. Mech. says take the kicker off and he does not work on Japanese motors (Yamaha) but he will work on the Johnson. He looks at the wiring and sez, it was set up wrong. Leave it and I will be next in line in a week.

So let the rains come until the motor is working. I will have to try fishing from the bank. Maybe a trip to the Dalles area for smallies or the Willie.

Wrong, the remodeling work wife is having done has now developed a problem. She bought a mirror/medicine chest for the bathroom. Supposed to just fasten to the wall. Oops! Wrong, it is one that has to be set in the wall. So knowing my limitations, I hired a good handyman. He looks at it and said sure, no problem. Well we cut out the wall and it was going well when he went to install the light bar.

The old light was too much to the left and only a small light, so there was a new light bar to put up. He got the wiring ready to hook up and blip, the braker was thrown. He had wired it exactly like it had been but for some reason it would not work.

He said to get an electrician, which was a good idea. He would come back and finish after that. I was OK with that idea and thought maybe some fishing. Wrong again, electrician can only get here on Saturday. Ok I will snivel and accept that. Wife heads to bedroom to get something. Electricity is off in both badrooms. Must be on same line. So I get out the extention wires (heavy duty) and run a line to the bedroom.

So now we have a big hole in the bathroom wall, no electricity (have to use a flashlight to go to the bathroom at night and wife hates that) and there goes my fishing for a few more days. Have to brush teeth, shave and what else in the kitchen as we have no mirror.

And worst of all, No Fishing until it is done. Bah Humbug.
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