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Default Ifish. What are we doing here? 2003

I seem to get a few complaints about the editing done at ifish. It's mostly from a select group of people, who then share their opinion and it spreads within fishing party boats.

Anyone who wants a board without editing, I have plenty of them to share with you, if you want to me to e mail them to you.

I'd be more than happy to show you how they turn out, (and how long they last!) without editing.

Really ugly! :smile: More fun? Maybe, if that's what you are in to.

Here's the story that I've seen from a select few, over the five years I've been doing this.

We have to consistently edit out the same small group of people. Most people, when edited, say, "Oh! I get it. OK! It didn't feel good, but I guess I understand..." Or even nicer! I've been edited. I know how it feels, but if it is for the better of the group, I go along with it. (kicking and fighting. :smile: )

A certain group of people can't handle it.

Then they get mad, and start firing back. Then, they form a circle of close friends who they get to side with them by telling part of the story, and write us letters that say, "Look how many people think how I do!" :smile: Look, Jennie! Look how many people think you are doing an awful job!

Then... the nasty letters start coming.

Anyway, the story goes on, but it always go exactly the same way. It's as predictable as the days are long.

We moderate to keep this place civil, decent, and with the manners that you don't see around much, anymore. We filter out words that you can hear on television. I don't like hearing some words on television that I hear now. I think it's an insult to our intelligence, and I think it shows how far into the gutter our society has gone.

I also don't like sexual inuendos, nor potty talk on the board. Sure, I may giggle over a joke on these themes in a boat, but on ifish? In print? Nope. And it's my site, so guess what? I can enforce that, and I will.-- and I won't back down. I'd rather quit, and if it started being OK, you can bet that I will quit. It just wasn't in my game plan, and I think that backing down shows that my morals are failing too. They aren't... yet! Thank God for each passing day that I bite my tongue in front of my kids, rather than exclaim something I've heard in their schools, or on TV.

I don't allow advertising. I reserve that for those that sponsor ifish. I feel good and right about that. I sell advertising at good prices. I've been advised to charge much more by marketing companies. I've been told, "Jennie! Wake up!" --but I choose, instead, to make it a good deal for the people on ifish, because I like ifish clients to be happy and very satisfied with what they get for their buck. And, I will continue to be so devoted to them, that I will bend over backwards to show them I care. So, if you get edited for posting a web address that you think is just helping ifish, think about it from where I stand. I'm not picking on you. I'm standing up for someone who paid an honest buck for a service. Think about who pays for the software who runs this board. The sponsors.

So, that's how I stand.

I will continue to do my very best to make the people, however, that are most important to me happy on ifish. The member. Without the members, there would be no ifish, and there would be no sponsors who would want to pay for ifish.

Is ifish fun anymore? I sure hope so. However, fun isn't really what I had in mind when I started it. I mean, groups of people are fun, in and of themselves. However, I started ifish to form a group of people who all have such a passion for fishing and our rivers and streams that we could stand up together as one, and make a difference.

If ifish ended today, I'd feel like Ifish made a serious step towards that goal. We have done trash pickups, salmon tosses, members have posted about meetings and vastly increased their attendance! We have become more aware by reading about our fisheries, as written by the ODFW, and the NW Steelheaders. We have been aware of what is going on around our rivers, streams, and how the Government around us reacts to our presence! We've been thanked, as a group, by serious leaders! Specific members have used this target market to get things done. Ramps fixed, bills passed, hatcheries saved! I'd say we should be proud! Each and every member! Without your input and presence, there would be no ifish, nor any chance at any improvement!

But, are we done? Not in my mind! The increasing membership only makes me giddy and has me laying awake some nights thinking of the possibilities of what could be done! Do you even realize? There aren't as many posting, active members as there are listeners. But, baby, we have people listening! Thousands a day, and we have a message to send out! What will that message be? It's up to you!

Again, I hope that it is fun for you, and yes, it saddens me that someone would question it's value. But, the same advice I gave to Shane, I can listen to, myself. Not everyone is going to "love" ifish. I do see, over and over, how people get way too wrapped up in the relationships and the odd dynamics that the internet delivers them in. It can get pretty crazy! I've been there, too!

However, as I have always said,

"I'm going to pick one thing and believe in it, and work on it, and strive to make it the very best, with all of my heart and soul.
(That one thing, in this circumstance, is www.ifish.net.)
Along the way, I will gain many friends, and a few enemies."

Knowing that I did my very best, and that the decisions I made during this process were the best of my ability, I will remain proud of both friends and enemies.

The day that I stop feeling like I've made the right decisions on ifish, is the day that I walk away. I still feel good about what I do here. I feel like the rules are in line with what it takes to make this place work.

And that, boys and girls, is all I have to say, bout that.

Have a good day--


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Default Re: Ifish. What are we doing here?

Jen, Well said. Don't you just love the self employed life.

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Default Re: Ifish. What are we doing here?

Jen, I'm 1000% behind you, your site and ethics. Keep up the great work and forum. Wouldn't ask you to change a thing, wouldn't stay if you did probably either. Nothing nasty here.

Cheers to you and the mods!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Default Re: Ifish. What are we doing here?

Funny how some don't see ifish as "Jen's HOUSE". Her house, her rules. Don't like it? You know where the door is. [img]graemlins/idea.gif[/img]
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Default Re: Ifish. What are we doing here?

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Default Re: Ifish. What are we doing here?

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