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Default Chequamegon Bay Wisconsin trip June 2017

I'm getting pumped for nice Smallies. I honestly am not a big bass fishing guy but a friend had a desire to head east and fish small mouth. A day after confirmation that we both wanted to go we are booked with a guide, flying to Minneapolis, and have the car and motel setup.

I have begun reading about the bay and the management that leads to abnormally large average sized fish 18-19 inch class. They should be in the shallows and depending on weather it sounds like it can be epic fishing.

Anyone have any stories of being out there to get me more pumped up?

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Default Re: Chequamegon Bay Wisconsin trip June 2017

I use to fish it in the spring and then in the fall for salmonids...never for smallies...sorry. Ya know the bay was named way back in time during a very hot and humid morning by the local chief? He said as he looked to the rising sun in the east and his clothes clung to him from the humidity..." She Waam Again" ...he was also one of the bays first local weather forecasters!!! Good luck with the SMBs....I mainly fished the Mississippi and Rum Rivers back there for brother fly fishes for them in the BWC of Minnesota...taking a canoe trip in each year and working hair poppers along the shorelines....I wonder what kind of tackle you will be using? Anyway have some fun.
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