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Default Have you ever heard of a second spawn in the fall?

Any time some one tells you about something about fishing, stop listen remember and then when you are out on the water try to prove the information factual. It is not always easy! If you can not prove it is factual can you prove it's false? You may not even do that! Fish live under water and we do not see all that much of what is going on down there.
I look to Facts I know and what really make the most sense. When I was a guide I talked with thousands of other fishermen and I have heard it all.

Fall spawn may happen, BUT it is not really something that nature ever does! Ask your self what does nature do? Birds have young in the spring when there is plenty of food like bugs and seeds. Ask your self why the Heck would fish spawn in the fall? Soon there will be limited food and the tuff time of year is right around the corner!
Okay let me tell you my thoughts on why Bass and other fish may drop their eggs in the fall. In the spring the water stays cold a long time! The water normally will not get to 60 degrees till late spring. I tell it like this:
The bass live in a refrigerator for seven months a year!
I think that it take some time for the eggs to mature before the spawn. I think that the eggs start to mature in the fall. So that the eggs will be ready as soon as the water warms up next year. A bass metabolic slows way down in the winter. Bass do not grow in the winter or not very much at all. Scales on fish look like rings like a cut log. If the fall last long or we have a warm fall the eggs be more than ready and some bass drop their eggs because they developed prematurely. I could be dead wrong about that but Nature never gives birth in the winter or even late fall. So you need to ask your self WHY. Why would any fish spawn in the fall. One of the only conclusions I could come up with is my theory.

Think about it and let me know what you think!
This is a great time of year to think and talk about Bass and what they do!

Thanks this is giving be a break from the winter of Arduino!
This week I have written over 2000 lines of code :-)

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