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Default Salt-Cured Chanterelles

Since it is chanty season here is a great way to preserve them for several months.

get a mixing bowl and some non-iodized salt. Pour salt in bowl then toss a few chanterelles in and coat completely. Place coated mushrooms in a large glass jar. Repeat until jar is full then place a canning weight to hold them down. The salt will start to draw the moisture out which is what you want. The water from the mushrooms will eventually cover the mushrooms. After a day you can usually get more mushrooms into the jar once they shrink up a bit. Place jar in the fridge and it will keep for months.

After a couple days you can use them. Pull out mushrooms and rinse then place in a bowl of fresh water for a couple hours. Change the water hourly. After 2-4 hrs you can just eat them as-is or sauté them if you want in a dish. They are pickled and once rinsed in fresh water are really good as is but sautéed works well too.

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