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Default Rod Value, Sabre

Friend has Sabre 6' 1973 up to 50#, all steel. Ocean rod, what's it worth, guides etc like new.

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Default Re: Rod Value, Sabre

That's a piece of fishing history for sure and represents the early days of catching big game standup style rather than from a fighting chair. It's also obsolete in that it weighs a ton, and the action isn't quite right for the way we fish today.

Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be much of a market for old Sabres. Ebay has a bunch of them for under $100.
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Default Re: Rod Value, Sabre

As stated above from a performance standpoint, they hold nothing special. When they closed their doors Penn got the mandrels and designs, when Penn got bought out by Pure Fishing, some of the better designs were picked up by Batson. Unfortunately none of their phenomenal light tackle/freshwater designs survived, just the saltwater stuff.
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