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Default Pre Order! GMO Kwikfish for the show only!

In order to guarantee that ifishers get their kwikfish first, (before non ifishers) here is the process. It worked pretty well, even though I couldn't attend the entire show. Thank you, Cosmo!- (Carmen McDonald!)

Ifish members should be first to get their kwikfish!
This is your deal! I've heard comments that just anyone could get a kwikfish at the show, leaving some of the ifishers empty handed! That's not fair- so I'm doing my best to give ifishers first chance.

ifish isn't having a booth at the show. kwikfish winner, "GMO" will be for sale in the RAPALA booth. (All day, all evening!)
Like last year, the RAPALA booth is in Hall A, Booth 119-ish (it's either 119/121/123) right across the aisle from Fisherman's Marine & Outdoor. Just look for the purple ifish lures!

Lots of people like to be signed up in some way, and they like to use credit cards. Guess what!?! You can use credit cards with Paypal without being a paypal member!

Pay now, then bring your receipt to the show, and pick up your kwiks!

The kwikfish will be available during all show hours, but I will be there most every day during daylight hours ONLY (Can't drive at night!).

This will not only guarantee that you don't have to run to our booth first to make sure you get your Kwik, but you can use your credit card, too! Easy Peasy!

NOTICE! Last year some people did not pick up their kwikfish. That left me in a pickle as I had to pay shipping for those people. I will not be doing that, this year. If you do not pick up your kwikfish, I will simply refund your payment. Then, you can take your chances on mail order.

So, try to get someone to pick up your paid Kwik, if you can't do it!

Dont be afraid of Paypal! Just because it says Paypal, it doesn't mean you have to be a member of Paypal. You can use your Visa, AMex, whatever! I just have to pay them a percentage to use the service.

I'll still have cash-Kwikfish if you want to take your chances, later.

I will most likely have kwikfish left over for mail order after the show. For those, it will be first come, first serve once I put up the notice that I'm beginning the after show sale. It will be announced on the front page of ifish, and a sticky will appear on the ifish community page.

So, if you would like, you can pre order your kwikfish here, save your receipt, (or print it out just before the show, or even just SHOW me on your mobile phone~) and pick yours up! We will also have a data sheet with all that have paid.

There are a limited amount of kwikfish, so do this soon if this is how you'd like to do it! When they are gone, they are gone, as always.... but at least you can get them now, and not have to run to the booth, like before.

I hope my coding is correct, and the form works, OK. I tested it, and had no problems. (Again, let me know if you have any difficulty in using this payment method!)

I found some salty dog decals, and will add that to the store, soon.

Have fun, and SEE YOU AT THE SHOW!

Please pick up pre ordered Kwiks at the Rapala booth, only.

Questions, anyone?


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