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I'm sure there has been many topics on this but I wanted to describe my experience using a chamber sealer versus food saver type unit for cooking.

I had been using a vp112 for the last 5 years and loved it. Vacmaster replaced it with the vp200 this month. The vp 200 is about half the weight.

Cons compared to the vp112
The vp200 seems to have a slightly smaller chamber.
The lid doesn't stay open on its own as easy.

Otherwise I love the unit.

It has a marinade function that will hold the vacuum for 20min for an instant marinade. I use this all the time. Best way to haveax marinade! You can't do this with a food saver because it sucks the air and liquid out of the bag.

I'm sure there will be some growing pains since the vp200 is brand new. I was a bit reluctant to be an early adopter but went for it. I paid $550. I think they are totally sold out at the moment. Demand was HIGH!

If anyone has questions about the vp112 v the vp200 let me know.

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