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Default 21 N/R Seahawk F150 Prop Selection

Now that the fuel issue is fixed, it's time to tackle the next problem. The prop. Currently, it has a 19M with a 14" diameter. Usually it's 2 adults on the boat, sometimes 4. Right now, my max RPM is about 5k, with 2 people I get up around 40 mph. Being in Juneau, I do not see open ocean, just the inside channels which is more like large lake chop, instead of swells. I am looking more more top speed, and higher RPM. I have been reading a lot of posts, just haven't found many on the same setup. Any advice from you Seahawk guys? Thanks... On another note, our 1 Yamaha dealer will not let you try out props.

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Default Re: 21 N/R Seahawk F150 Prop Selection

If your local dealers are not helping, check out Prop Gods in Florida on the internet. He will get you to do some detailed tests and sort you out. Absolutely great to deal with.
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