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Default Steelheading tips for silty water conditions

Here's one that hasn't been addressed yet....

I live on the Hood River and as some of you know, last fall a glacier on Mount Hood broke loose and spilled copious amounts of silt into the river. It is just now getting some good color but the silt is still causing me some problems. The signature holding water behind boulders and other underwater structure is churning up the silt that is still present on the bottom making these areas really dirty compared to the main current areas. So my question is, are the fish still going to be in these areas, and if so, are they going to be interested in eating my bait. I'm a little worried that the conditions are going to make for some tough fishing compared to years past when all I needed to worry about was water that was too clear.

I would like to hear from some of you that fished streams that were affected by the Mt. St. Helens episode and let me know how you dealt with this similar problem and how it affected the runs and fish behavior.


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Default Re: Steelheading tips for silty water conditions

I fish the Hoh river while it drops and there tends to be a bit of silt in there! i pull lots of plugs in this river and i stay away from plugs w/rattles while it is settling!

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Default Re: Steelheading tips for silty water conditions

i fish the toutle if you have cleaner water mixed with a silty slick fish the clean water. fish will be in the clearest sections so they can breath. if its less than 6" visability use contrasting color and atracting spinglows or spiners.
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