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Default Check This OUT!

Before reading this post, go answer my questions under the topic "educate this brotha" before I leave to go fishing. Anyway back to the above topic: Go to and check out their CLOSE-OUT prices, plus you can purchase online from their website. I kinda feel like a ******* since they have the 11' model that I wanted, but SportCo was sold out last night, so I got the 10' instead. Still though, not some bad prices at all. Figured I would share with my fishermen brethren. Still though, I am very happy with my 10 footer.
Anyways, if I don't post or reply to any threads after this one, then I want to wish y'all a HAPPY NEW YEAR AND MAY THE FISHING BE BETTER WITH THE NEW YEAR....although this year has been pretty kick ass so far for me...and I am a bank maggot to boot. Drink irresponsibly and do not drive...that's my motto. Be safe and may God be with yours and your loved ones this weekend.

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Default Re: Check This OUT!

Thanks 'Yall. I wish that 11 ft. rod were line rated 8 to 17 lb., instead of 10 to 20 lb. med. heavy, so I could get it to use for both steelies and 'nooks.
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Default Re: Check This OUT!

Happy New year

thanks for the rod

Marty M
Marty M
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