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Default Fresh Tuna!!! Get your canning done!

Hey! This is Jennie posting for Kenny Bushnell aboard the fishing vessel, Willapa, which will be docked and selling fresh tuna this weekend, if you are interested.

This is the finest tuna!! you can buy, as I know he really takes good care of his fish.

You have to tell him ifish or the Salty dogs sent you, or I will be sad.
I'm kidding, but it would be great!

Anyhow, he is docked on the right, about half way down- at the last dock nearest the bay where all the commercials are. Stop by and see Dick's new boat, while you are at it! It's just two or three boats down.

Check out the Delenne. I want that one! it's for sale and it's so pretty!!! Red and white and... OK, Jennie... Stop....

Last week it was 3.00 a pound for whole fish, and I think it would be the same this weekend, but since it's not my gig, I can't say yet. He's way out at sea, right now, so I can't get a hold of him.

I'll probably be there selling fish some of the time. I hope to see some of you, there! Stop by and introduce yourself and take home some tuna!!!!

Text him for more info at the number on the card, above. He'll answer once he gets in cell zone.

So, buy your tuna for canning, then just fish for fun!

Jen (feels weird to use another account!!!)
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