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Default Ifish simplified quick rules! New! Sponsor rules

This is a very simplified set of rules to live by on ifish....your pocket version! This does not replace the AUP that you agreed to when you joined this site....as always go there for the full Monty.

The volunteer moderators at ifish work hard to keep this site fun, peaceful, supportive and focused on fishing and hunting but things do get sideways sometimes and it's impossible for us to review every post. We rely on the ifish community (you!) to alert us to things that need a second look so please continue to help us! Do not assume that ifish management supports or agrees with something questionable that you've read here....in many cases it just hasn't been alerted yet.

Simply follow the rules and we can self moderate the board! Easy!

Step one - Moderate yourself. If your unsure about something your about to post you probably shouldn't post it. Review the AUP and feel free to ask questions.
Step Two - Report problems by those who aren't self moderating by using the alert button , to the left and bottom of each post.

Ifish Simplified AUP
  • BE NICE.
  • Be Respectful. Keep it on topic or start your own thread. Tolerate other opinions and don't question the rules here in the public forums.
  • No name calling, inflammatory posts, threats, or verbal attacks...period!
  • Avoid divisive topics. Discuss things like gun rights/laws, abortion, religion and partisan politics elsewhere.
  • Refrain from discussing illegal activities or vigilante justice.
  • Advertising, links and contact information are for sponsors only. Inquire about becoming a sponsor here.
  • Kids read here and so do wives and mothers. We run a tight ship. No bodily functions, "bathroom talk" or cuss words disguised or otherwise.
  • One link to your non-commercial fishing home page is allowed (in your signature area).
  • Approval is required prior to posting any fundraiser, tournament, etc.
  • Complaints about products, services or organizations require accountability (your entire real name signed on the post).
  • One membership per person, one person per membership.
  • Keep private correspondences private.
  • Fish stories are appreciated. False reports are cause for your removal.
  • Do not mention or discuss banned members on the board.
  • The Classifieds are for one-time private party transactions. Don't set up shop.
  • Proofread! Spellcheck! Re-read before pressing "submit reply."
  • Don't fight with the moderators. You'll lose.
  • Don't like how we run things? Tell us HERE. Don't post it.
Ifish Mission Statement

Ifish.net is an online resource for people that are passionate about outdoor recreation, primarily fishing and hunting, and share a deep-rooted desire to be an active member of the largest community of like-minded sportsman and women. Like its constituents, ifish honors character, integrity and respect above all else. We are purveyors of a new generation of internet forum peacefulness, where collaboration, information and education are the forefront of our existence, and discourtesy is not tolerated. This “community” has built ifish.net by ourselves and for ourselves with the intention of leaving the legacy to future generations of ifishers.


“Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming "Whoo hooo! What a Ride!”

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Default Re: Ifish simplified quick rules! Please Read!

Sponsor Rules

Sponsors are permitted to make one announcement thread per month in the main forum of their choice. (Ifish Community, Salty Dogs, Boat Tech etc.)
This can be any announcement about your business; a sale, a new product, or a special event.

We also have a "sponsor announcements" forum where you can post announcements as often as you like.

Exceptions to the above rules:

1.) A sponsor can start a thread more often if they have a fishing report or fishing photo to share. Valid fishing reports are always welcome.
As a sponsor, it builds trust to post helpful fishing advice to the ifish community and thus, will help your business!
Any fishing report needs to be informative and not be advertorial. (You get exposure from your sponsor tag.)

2.) Contests need to have a product involved, and must be approved before posting.

The ifish.net sponsor tag identifies you as a sponsor so that the moderators and members can know who has permission to make advertising announcements. Please keep that tag active by not editing your “user title”. The special code you see in your “user title” is what makes the sponsor tag active. If for some reason your tag is not showing up, contact the administration immediately.

You may have one other spokesperson for your business if you like, who may post for you in the event you are not available. Your sales person will assign them your personal sponsor tag.
Please let your salesperson know who that is.
They must be a registered member at ifish. Between the two of you, you must follow the Acceptable Use Policy and all posting rules.

Sponsors are welcome to give customer feedback on any post when you can benefit from sharing your knowledge.
For example: If a thread contains a question about a product choice or product application.
Please refrain from posting on other sponsor threads and remain respectful toward one another. We believe that sponsors are far from impartial.
If you run up against a problem, please use the alert button to alert the moderators as soon as possible.

Sponsors are more than welcome to use the classified ad section to post classified ads. This includes individual products or services, such as a boats and equipment. Please use the classifieds section for classifieds that sell specific things for a specific price. Don't use this section to make announcements. All general classified rules apply.

As a sponsor of ifish, you must be respectful of ifish.net, the moderators and administration and follow the Acceptable Use Policy which is always available at the top of each discussion board page.

Have fun!

“Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming "Whoo hooo! What a Ride!”

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