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Default Any lake selmac crappie?

when I first moved to southern oregon several years ago I met a guy who was telling me he did pretty good there in the spring for crappie. I've never been fishing there but have always wanted to catch a few pan fish. anybody fish up there? if so, are there decent numbers of keepable size crappie? I've heard good things about the bass as well. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

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Default Re: Any lake selmac crappie?

I haven't fished it in six years, but I grew up nearby. The crappie fishing was outstanding 15-25 years ago, but they became difficult to find 10-15 years ago and last I was frequenting the lake, I don't believe there were anymore. I also see that ODFW no longer stocks trout in this lake. There are plenty of bullhead and bluegill, and the bass fishing was still great last I was there.
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