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Shake N Bake Sportfishing
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Default Re: Tuna water shaping up

Mark Coleman ran into a few on his commercial boat last week.

He as SW around the 126 line.

They are coming.

I am looking at July 4th for my first run.

Someone should definitely catch on a sport boat by then.

Go get em.

Mike C

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Default Re: Tuna water shaping up

Traditionally, we always got into the first tuna the last week of June in Charleston and the 4th of July weekend was normally on FIRE for sporties. Earliest I've picked fish was June 17th a few years back. I'm sitting back currently as we also used to get a decent South wind somewhere in there that pushed the water into range and that hasn't happened yet this year. Dang North wind machine has been cranking and keeping the water out a bit.

So we really need the wind machine to either turn off or come from the South. Either one will push the good water into range for most sport guys. Looking at the weather charts, that change is starting to happen next Tuesday with the wind/swell calming down and coming from the W/SW. About 3 days after that happens it will be good. So basically the 4th of July should be right on target in Charleston.

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Default Re: Tuna water shaping up

My freezer is empty and I'm eating one of my last jars of tuna for lunch today. I'm taking Tunatinder salmon fishing this weekend. I'll be ready for tuna on the following weekend. My tuna shakes are getting real.
Grady White 306 Bimini "Tuna Tinder"
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Default Re: Tuna water shaping up

I agree!

Originally Posted by adrenaline View Post
good sst, & chlorol shots from 6-18, looks like good tuna water to me off winchester/charleston around & past the 125 line, looks good off g too, possible window fri on the s coast, possibly sooner for the n coast, it's time, who will be the first?
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King Salmon
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Default Re: Tuna water shaping up

A upper level low is expected to camp off the Oregon coast early next week, if that happens that surely will bring Tuna masses in closer for us small boat guy's, there has to be some Tuna in the unattached bubble around the 125 line, somebody just needs to prove it. Altho some Tuna were caught by commercials within big sport boat range, the #'s were not big, currently the commercials are working waaay out.
Ken 21' NR(Maxxum) "Adrenaline"
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