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Default October Tuna - LI

We left LI this morning at 8:30 headed for 45 30 x 124 50. The water temp was still running at 57 most of the way there. Just before the 124 50 we finally got to 59 but there were no birds and no jumpers. I wanted to see if we could find a better temp break. We kept going to 125 15. The water was clear & blue but temps were wavering between 59 and 60. Still no birds or jumpers.

At that point it was nearly noon, so we turned back east and threw out 3 fish traps and 2 x-raps. Had a double on right away (boated one) and started trying to build a chum line. Picked up a single a short bit later and I thought the bite was on. I've been wrong before. Over the next three hours we put in 30 pounds of cut herring (couldn't get anchovies) and kept working where we knew there were fish. Nothing doing. If our time line hadn't been so tight I wouldn't have stayed so long in one place, but with no surface indications of anything anywhere else we stayed there.

At three we picked up and headed in. Saw a few jumpers a couple of times. Tried once for 30 minutes to get a bit started on iron, swim baits and the rest of our herring but nothing happened.

We pulled back into the ramp at Garibaldi at about 7:00 pm. In the end, we had a great day and did get two October tuna. that's a first for me. I'll start putting my tuna gear up for the year tomorrow

I hope you all have a great fall and I look forward to hearing about your tuna trips next year. Thanks for all of the great advice and intel.

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