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Default crab pots/rings/cages/hooks

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posted 03-21-2002 12:13 PM
I am looking to buy some good crab gear and need some advice.

Is there a marked difference in amount of crab brought up between rings and pots? When I say pots, I mean the ones that have the full sides, not with the pull up sides. (hope that made sense )

What about the Danielson cages? The price is right, but they look cheap.

Anyways, I appreciate your help, as always!


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posted 03-21-2002 01:24 PM
I like to put pots in, because I like to leave my gear and go fishing. But my guess is that rings are a little more productive if you plan to pull your gear every few minutes.

Danielsen pots are cheap, and I would rather fish the welded rebar pots, but when you lose one, and you will, $100 per pot is tough to swallow. I have 3 round rebar jobs. Double buoyed and weighted lines. I will probably get 3 danielsen jobs too. Weight the doors, weight the pots, double buoy and they fish just as well for one day. I think round gear holds crabs longer once the bait is gone.

Just my 2 cents.

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posted 03-21-2002 01:39 PM
Yes the 3 and 4 foot diameter cages work the best. I call them Crab Motels they check in but dont check out. The Danielson wire boxes work too. You'll only get a few seasons though and they must be weighted to fish in heavy current.

In the Ocean rings really work good. These are two hoops with net that make a basket shape when you haul them up. At that beach south of Tillamook S. Jetty, you can get a limit in 1/2 hour with 3 rings every time. Just soak for 20 min and pull each one. Then go back and pull them again 10 minutes later. Almost always done by then.

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