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Grass Hopper
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Default Thumper's Passing (Jack Mattice) RIP 3.6.18

It is with great sadness I announce the loss of my father Jack Mattice (THUMPER from

He appears to have had a heart attack and passed quietly while getting a glass of water in the middle of the night.

We are having a celebration of life for my dad, Jack Mattice.

It will be at the Water Resource Center. The address is 4600 SE Columbia Way, Vancouver, WA 98668 the date is Saturday March 24 at 5-8 pm.

This is a potluck event for those it is convenient for and a party so please bring your pictures, stories, and a smile...

For those that do not know him... I am the youngest of three boys, Steve, Pat, and myself (Tom). We grew up in Vancouver Washington.

Dad was a bird hunter and fisherman deluxe. We hunted the Amity Oregon area for years before moving to a Sauvie's Island club around 1980.

While I was in high school dad decided to start a business so we could write off our fishing habit... we first started Angling Research. Our #1 product was the June Bug Spinner. We made and sold thousands of them over a few years... We always said no matter what was catching fish on the river that day... Dad would never use it... when you asked him what he was using he would always have some crazy lure... and you would say WHY? ANGLING RESEARCH MY SON...

We took fishing trips to Diamond Lake, and to Canada for summer trout... then at Age 13 I got my first taste of Alaska... fishing on the Situk in Yakutat... we fished San Diego, Cabo, PV, Kona, Florida and others... As well as the Kenai, Coffman Cove, Ketchikan, and Sitka... but Yakutat became our family home away from home... I spent more time in my adult life with my dad in Yakutat than in any other one location... It is truly the reason I live in Alaska today...

When I graduated from high school my father asked me what I was going to do for the summer. I said why work and save some more money for school... SUPRISE he said.. the boat is in the driveway... I bought you a fishing guides lisc for graduation... I am going to teach you how to market and run a business... On that day North Fork Guides and Outfitters was born... Our home... the Lewis primarily...

A year later Dad became partners with Jim Cowdry in Jetpace Boats... we built our second guide boat and for 2 seasons we guided together... But I had the Alaska bug and when I was 20 I went to work for Dave Duncan and Sons out of Quinhagak... Amazing fishing and times... I still have the backpack dad bought me for that summer... The following year I started a guide service in Yakutat guiding the Situk and on the Bay... I really enjoyed my 2 summers there... Every season ending with my family trip... but at age 22... I decided to go chase bikini's and I opened a rafting business up in White Salmon.

Well as an avid user of the outdoors dad always felt it was important to give back to the resources...

I remember going to Northwest Steelheader's Meetings as a boy... Then dad became the Vancouver Auction Chair for Ducks Unlimited where I am sure many of you remember him running the auctions for over a decade... When Gary Loomis started Fish First Dad jumped right in! and as CCA developed strength in the northwest dad became quite active with them as well... My niece eventually ended up running the auction series for CCA NW for a few years... and dad remained active in CCA to the end... his goal was to insure there would be fish for future generations...

When you go into the CCA office in Vancouver you will see a couple of our family mounts on the wall there... a beautiful 22lb steelhead and a 57lb king from Tillamook!

So, here is the story behind our boat and names... when I turned 18 and graduated from High School... we had a 16' alumaweld center console flatbottom... and it had a 150 merc on it. I used to take my buddies water skiing all the time... for graduation we went to Shasta for a week of skiing and camping... when I showed up to get the boat dad said... notice anything? I said no its really clean buy no why? He said I took the boat to Stevens Marine and had them swap out the 150 for a 200hp... the boat runs out at 62mph now so be careful...

When dad asked Page Stevens to hang the 200 Page said its overpowered Jack... but I will do it on one condition... If you let me name the boat... Dad said ok Sure... Page said that boats a Grasshopper! all its going to need to stay on step is wet grass...

When dad built our second guide boat it was a Jetpace built out like the Duckworth Angler series... it was a 21' center console with the motor moved 2' forward and the console mounted on the motor... it was a 460 Kodiak with a 3 stage pump... I asked dad what we would name it... He said it was originally going to a 351... but since he decided to go with the 460... it was going to be a "Thumper" and Thumper and Grasshopper were born... 1987....

I could write stories for days... but I will leave it at this for now... since I cannot stop crying... but I will look forward to hearing YOUR stories... and hope to see some friendly faces at the Celebration of Life.

Dad was good friends to many, He was always in good spirits and always trying to help others...

Anyhow... thank you for listening!

Grasshopper!~ RIP POPS!

many people have been kind in reaching out and asking if they could make a donation to the celebration or to family... but as with all things Jack... I will say... we are good and do not need any financial support...

But please feel free to donate to your favorite conservation organization... He would be honored to know his passing continued to make a difference...

If the Grass is Wet I'll Take my Jetboat There!

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King Salmon
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Default Re: Thum0er's Passing (Jack Mattice) RIP 3.6.18

Although I never met him, I always enjoyed his posts on here. RIP Thumper.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this time

"Roses are red, violets are purple, sugar is sweet and so is maple surple." - Roger Miller

"Pull a few weeds while you're resting..." - Grandpa

Romans 8:28
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Ifish Nate
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Default Re: Thumper's Passing (Jack Mattice) RIP 3.6.18

Thanks for that Grasshopper. Sounds like a great life and a great dad. He is missed.
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Default Re: Thumper's Passing (Jack Mattice) RIP 3.6.18

Knew him by reputation. Sorry to her of his passing. God Bless
Just one more cast!
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Default Re: Thumper's Passing (Jack Mattice) RIP 3.6.18

your obvious love and respect for your father says everything that we need to know about him.
RIP, Jack, sunny days and big fish forever...
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