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Tim Dugan
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Default Devils Lake

Going to the coast for a few days, does anyone have any suggestions on bass fishing Devils Lake in Lincoln City.

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Default Re: Devils Lake

We owned a place on D. lake for 20 years. The trout fishing is really good. The grass carp are fun. As for bass, it's tough. In the late 90's we could catch bass off our dock every day, along with perch and bluegill. But once the carp really cleaned the weeds up, the bass dissappeared. I haven't fished it the past 5 years so hopefully things have changed. Good luck.
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hot wire
Ifish Nate
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Default Re: Devils Lake

That lake has some serious issues when it comes to water quality with E. coli and algae blooms.
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Default Re: Devils Lake

My advice is to drive down 101 a ways and fish off the rocks for some SEA bass. Thats probably your best bet for bass around there
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Default Re: Devils Lake

Any report on how you did???

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Default Re: Devils Lake

You can blame the ODF&W and local property owners ( not all ) around the lake for the mess Devil's is in because of the grass carp .... I was part of the group from North West Bass Club that presented info on grass carp that came from Texas saying don't do it .... after they did , and the same thing happened ...

ODF&W said that was a differant area and they would not eat ALL the grass here in Oregon ???

Anyway , Devil's used to be the " CAN'T WAIT TO GO TO IN SPRING " lake on the Oregon Coast ... but no more ...
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