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Default Largemouth food source?

Does anyone know if largemouth eat rough skinned newts? More than once anyway?

They seem like serious bass chow with that slow swimming action.... if the toxicity wouldn't kill them.

Is it effective trying to imitate them?

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Root Hog or Die
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Default Re: Largemouth food source?

As far as I know, garter snakes are the only animal that can eat them without dying.

The only time I recall being able to get a really good observation of bass and the newts together in a pond, it was near Florence and the bass seemed to be completely ignoring the newts.

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Default Re: Largemouth food source?

Eat newt ... and die ...
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Ifish Nate
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Default Re: Largemouth food source?

Bass will eat them but most likely during the spawn when nothing is safe around the beds. But lots of bass just move them off. I do get allot of bass in the spring that look like them! So They probably eat them in the spring.
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Shaun Solomon
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Default Re: Largemouth food source?

Root Hog nailed it. Anything that is not a garter snake that eats one will have at best a horrible day, and at worst will never need another meal. A naïve bass might have a go at them, once. But no, they are not a food source. Several species of frogs and toads and their immature larvae (tadpoles) are likewise toxic.

I can speak from first hand experience that captive bass will initially take, then expel (and subsequently refuse) the tadpoles of bullfrogs, a species not noted as being toxic.
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