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Default High rocks report

Well I got myself an new Northriver rod 8' one piece and a 5601c4 ambasodor reel (someone stole my other rod from my truck) This reel rules 6.3:1 ratio and OH so smooth. Had to try it out and figured the clack was close so what the HEY!!!

The water was 2' high but the color was nice 3'+ vis with that nice greenish/blue look that I like. (Fish should be here). So I threw the tackle box at them about 1/2 hour per rig mostly just corkies and yarn with red hooks. greens,yellows,pearl,pink,orange Hell it was a rainbow but still no action.

Heard they were catching up at carver but it was to far to go before dusk.

Man I am out of shape!!

I need to get into some fish soon or my attitude is gonna go to the DOGS.... If anyone knows where they are or has room on a drift e-mail or better yet ICQ me..
(I have never been in a drift boat<--newbie)

But my new rod/reel is nice I love it

Sorry I couldn't give better news but when I get it you all will too... Have fun and catch them fishes peace to all


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