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Default Columbia Smallies

Headed up for the youth state tournament this weekend . Never fished up there. its on the columbia at hood river. What's your favorite tactics for these bronze-backs? what should i look for to find 'em?

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Default Re: Columbia Smallies

Just my 2 cents,

I found on most of my crankbaits, I change the front hooks to the red ones. I guess this adds color like a gill plate.
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Default Re: Columbia Smallies

Active fishing, the fish are ready to feed are agreesive when you find them. For the tight corner, Id jig a drop shot like you would a jigging spoon after working a spot for a bit.
Tight lines!
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Default Re: Columbia Smallies

Water temp will be critical. Some back water areas may be as much as 4 degrees warmer. Look for any current breaks, flats with current running over them and deep water access close by. The flats can be a timing thing. Crank the breaks and points and mix in a spinnerbait and trap on the flats. If you get bit and reaction baits go cold, drag a tube, small lizard or grub in something similar to green pumkin hughes or dark cinnamon. A spinnerbait can be hot at this time. Try a blue or green glimmer shad with double willow blades. Cover water. Now, if there is a NO HELP rule, you are on your own.
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