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Default Welcome to the Bass and Panfish Board!

This forum is for the discussion of fishing for bass and other warmwater gamefish. As there is not a hatchery program to supplement the populations of these fish, it is the feeling of many on this board that catch and release fishing is imperative to the survival and success of these fishing opportunities. However, we must also remember that retention IS allowed and jumping on our fellow ifisher brothers and sisters for it is not going to be tolerated and also creates an unnecessary division in this group. Nor will C&E folks be allowed to inflame the C&R folks. It goes both ways.

This is not the place for having "invasive species" discussions, as this is not the intent of this forum. In this same light, going over to the main Community board and jumping on others who do not agree with bass fishing as a sport is also not acceptable. In the end we all must agree to disagree and go about our lives. In the end, we are all here to talk fishing, which includes techniques, methods, reports, and anything else that helps us catch fish. If you cannot abide by these rules, then we ask that you find other waters in which you can wet your line.

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