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rob allen
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Default Silver lake report

Fished Silver lake Friday first off thanks to the Cop who realized we weren't causing any problems by sleeping in my truck at the boat ramp and didn't hassle us even though your not supposed to park there overnight.

Secondly the report..

We fished from near first light Friday morning through til about 5pm. We started back at the channel on the Far side of what used to be Streeters. MY frind caught a small bass on his first cast on the outside edge of a pad field on a spinnerbait. Further back in the channel he got a couple more small spinnerbait fish. From there we moved out tofish timber point. We started there in the vegitation then moved towards the visible wood structure. I got a couple bites on a 5" senko but they bit like small fish pecking at it and my buddy hooked one breifly in a shallow crankbait. All of the fish were off visible structure so we concentrated on the submerged stuff with crankbaits and caught a couple more small fish. From there we moved to a rockpile across the lake where we got one more small fish then we went back into the channel just past ther resort , got nothing there so we fished all the way around the island with the houses and got a couple more small fish off the rock wing dams on crankbaits. From there we went to the main channel across from the boat launch to escape the wind. Back there we flipped but I switched from a jig and pig to a texas rigged sweet beaver thinking that the fish might have seen to many jigs recently, plus since the bite was tough I thought the smaller bait might be more appealing. In the next hour I got 5-6 bites but all from small fish. we got 10 bass or so but they were all small the biggest was 12 inches. We couldn't get a decent bite for nothing. I know there have been a number of large fish caught recently but we couldn't even find a keeper.
I kinda think we should have stuck with the main lake inspite of the wind and just flipped the brush and vegitation all day, spend our time really picking the cover apart, we might have only gotten a couple bites but maybe they would have been decent fish.. What do you guys think???

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Ryan Pultz
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Default Re: Silver lake report

either way sounds like a great day on the water. rp
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Default Re: Silver lake report

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